Peninsula Relay, Saturday 21 September 2019
Otago Peninsula

The Start and Finish is at Portobello Domain which is children friendly.

This was our last big Local Winter event for the year. Thank you to all those people who made this another fantastic event for Leith

For full results on this event >> Peninsula Relay 2019 Results

Report Summary

Leith again did well and scooped fastest team trophy.  The Leith SM No. 1 team of Hamish McKinlay, Jason Palmer, Nathan Hill (Captain), Oliver Despatis, Liam Chesney and Nic Bathgate was the fastest team crossing in third place on handicap in a time of 1 hours 41 minutes 22 seconds, but were disqualified from the handicap third place honours because they all ran so fast that the team's overall time was above the 4% threshold.  However, the team can be proud of its achievement.  We have a nice photo above of most of the members of the Leith teams, and will have a collage of photos here on Sunday sometime with team reports from the captains.

The Leith MM35 No. 1 team of Mark O Donnell MM35+,  Danny Baillie MM50+,  Glenn Thompson MM35+,  Andrew Lonie MM35+,  Neale Mclanachan MM35+ and Simon Leaning MM35+ won the Peninsula Relay on handicap.  A tremendous team effort.  The overall team time was 1 hour 51 minutes 15 seconds.

In the social team results the Leith MM35 No. 3 team of Rob Davies,  Marc Boulle MM60+,  Tom McKinlay,  Stu Hodges MM50+,  Peter Hughes MM60+ and Lee Flowers MM35+  finished third on handicap in a time of 2 hours 25 minutes 21 seconds.

And the Leith SM2 Team of Bradley Goodall, Harjinder Chandler, Casey Pearce, Cliff Kelway-Pope, Harry James and Jamie Gardiner achieved fastest in the social grade of 1 hour 56 minutes 15 seconds.

The Leith Senior Women's team of  Rebekah Hill, Rebecca Dalphin, Claudia Sole (Team Captain), Viviane Dalphin, Gaya Gnanalingam and Lydia Pattillo were the second fastest women's team running the course in 2 hours 16 minutes 46 seconds.

Other notable achievements Fastest Leg Times All Teams were:  Leg 1 Hamish McKinlay SM 16:25; Leg 2 Jason Palmer SM 14:10; Leg 3 Nathan Hill M20 15:47;  Leg 4 Olivier Despartis M20 13:13; Leg 5  Liam Chesney M20 18:06; and on Leg 6 Nic Bathgate SM was second fastest All Teams in 23:41.

We would like to thank all those who ran and volunteered to help marshal and do other necessary tasks to make this a successful event. 

Team Reports

Leith MW35 Team
by Siobhan Buckingham

It was great to have such high numbers running for Leith in this event and to be able to field a Masters Women team. Unfortunately, our Leg 1 runner Megan Balchin had to withdraw amongst the slew of runners with calf injuries. Luckily for us, Orlaith Heron stepped in and ran a blistering pace in Leg 1 (18.24 mins) after already bagging a Parkrun PB earlier in the day, putting the team well ahead of the field and of the team’s estimated time of 2 hr 44 min. New Leith member, Lucy Broughton powered through her Leith debut running up the Leg 2 killer hill (21.51 mins). We look forward to many more outings for Leith from this tough runner. Susan Craig took over for the downhill on Leg 3, maintaining the team lead (28.33 mins).

Unfortunately, a mix up in timing meant Janice was late back from marshalling when Susan arrived back at Portobello for the changeover to Leg 4. Janice managed a quick clothing change and set off without a warmup, running strongly for a time of 30.08 including the delay at changeover. Some lessons learnt here for next year, ideally it would be great if we could find some marshals who are not running also.

 Janice handed over to Lucy Marr for Leg 5 who put in an awesome hard effort in what was becoming a very warm afternoon (28.46 mins). Lucy handed over to Siobhan McKinlay for the final and longest Leg 6 (33.20 mins) to bring the team home, giving a final total team time of 2 hrs 41 mins 2 secs. The team was 8 th team to cross the line (6 th out of the Social teams). Despite the day’s stresses the Leith MW team all put in a great effort, ran well, provided great vocal support for each other and all the other teams and had a fun day out on the sunny Peninsula. Thanks team, looking forward to next year!

Leith MM35 no. 3 team
by Marc Boulle

The Leith Master Men’s 35 No. 3 team with a few personnel changes finally made it to the start line. We were competing in the social grade. We were off 19 minutes from Go. So we had a bit of catching to do as well as the task of keeping the chasing bunch at bay. Rob Davies was our first runner and he set steadily into the first couple of hills, to come flying down the hill to turn right at the intersection of Alan’s Beach Road and Hooper’s Inlet Road. From there he set a blistering pace on the loopy flat passing a bevy of runners for the first changeover at the Hooper's Inlet Road/Hooper's Inlet Cul-de-sac intersection. He caught the normally functional team captain Marc Boulle who was hanging out behind a bush, completely by surprise. Marc had to finish with the bush and sprint to the changeover doing the 100m sprint in about 10 seconds to start the second leg up the "Hill without Pity". Rob’s time for the first leg of  4.3km was an excellent 20:45.

Marc lied to Rob when he said he would make up the 10 seconds lost, even more so when he realised there was no place to hide on that road, not even a decent bush. After an endless and pitiless climb which seemed to be 30km rather than 3.2km, Marc handed over to an incredibly patient Tom McKinlay at the top of Sandymount Rd, who after having been woken up, then sprinted down High Cliff Road for the start of the quad destroyer leg to Portobello. Marc’s time for his leg was incredibly slow, no, painfully slow would be a better description, at 25.33. To make up for Marc’s woeful non-effort, Tom kept up a relentless pace down that hill passing a number of runners and finishing with a flourish at Portobello Domain to hand over to the fourth leg runner Stu Hodges. Tom’s time for that leg was 20:34 which was pretty damn fast.

Stu set about tackling the hills at the start of his leg and by the time he reached the intersection of Alan’s Beach Road and Hooper’s Inlet where he made a sharp left turn, he was well into his stride. He kept it steady on the loopy flat all the way to the Alan’s Beach Road/Cape Saunders Road intersection for the handover to runner number five, Peter Hughes, who, yes, you have guessed correctly, was nowhere to be seen. Stu stood there looking mystified until we told him that the anointed one was on his way and to just be patient as he had just been doing some admirable marshal duties, and was not to be hurried. Sir Peter duly arrived about 30 seconds later and like all lords did not even apologise to Stu. The unflappable Stu took it quite well, just as he is always expected to do. Stu’s time for his 4km  leg was 19:58, which was pretty much decent.

Sir Peter set a steady pace up the first hill on his way to the 5.6km loop back to where he had just started, to hand over to our last runner Lee Flowers for the start of the sixth leg. Sir Peter's time for the 5.6km leg was 28:25, another decent time. It was almost like deja vu seeing the outgoing runners returning - in fact quite confusing to our normally functional minds. Lee did mention that our team effort reminded him of "Keystone Cops". Who were we to argue? So with thoughts of "Keystone Cops" in his head he started off on the last leg to Portobello with immense trepidation not knowing what lay ahead of him. Lee was a revelation on the last leg of 7km almost breaking the 30 minute barrier in 30:06. Lee brought the team into third place in the Social Grade. All in all an excellent performance from the team overall to finish in 2 hours 25 minutes 21 seconds having had an actual predicted time of 2 hours 30 minutes – a difference of 3.5%, which was 0,5% under the handicap disqualification threshold of 4%. Marc did mention afterwards that he purposely went slow on his lap to enable his team to not be disqualified – indeed a very worthy sacrifice of one’s ego, to be sure. Well done team, and thanks to all of you for making yourselves available for this event and to all helpers and officials and of course Chris Sole for the magnificent effort at getting these teams together, gifting him another grey hair or two. We have got to mention here the magnificent weather, sun all day, with a fresh cool breeze and the most breathtaking scenery that one could ever wish for on a running event.


See Details about course below: 

The Leg Profiles (climbing/Descending/flat/tarmac/gravel) Should you wish more information,
Leg 1   4.3km undulating flat (Hoopers inlet) from Portobello Domain to start of Sandymount Road intersection.
Leg 2   3.2km Killer Hill Climb from sea level sandymount rd to Highcliff road
Leg 3   5.4km Downhill from intersection of Sandymount road back to Portobello (tarmac)
Leg 4   4km similar to 1, undulating but this time along the other side to Alans Beach road.
Leg 5   5.6km circular loop, start and finish at same point, Papanui inlet and Hoopers-Alans beach rd, undulating
Leg 6   7.0km undulating from Hoopers/Papanui Inlet with Weir Road climb, down to harbor, back over hill into Portobello

Leith Teams

 Senior Men no 1 Team Captain Nathan Hill
1 Hamish McKinlay
2 Jason Palmer   
3 Nathan Hill (Captain)
4 Oliver Despatis
5 Liam Chesney  
6 Nic Bathgate 

Senior Men no 2 Team Captain Bradley Goodall   Non Registered Competitive Team
1 Bradley Goodall 
2 Harjinder Chander  
3 Casey Pearce
4 Clifford Kelway-Pope
5 Harry James
6 Jamie Gardner

MM35+ No 1  Neale McLanachan Team Captain
1  Mark O'Donnell (MM35+)
2 Danny Baillie (MM50+)  
3 Glenn Thompson (MM35+)
4 Andrew Lonie (MM35+) 
5 Neale McLanachan (MM35+) Team Captain
6 Simon Leaning (MM35+)

MM35+ No 2  Team Captain Glenn Thompson (Registered Competitive Team)  
1 Steve Tripp (MM50+)
2 Nolan Hill (MM35+) 
3 Dave McLean (MM60+)
4 Donald Bate (MM50+)
5 Glenn Ferguson (MM50+)
6 Glenn Thompson (MM35+) (c)

 MM35+ No 3 Team Captain Marc Boulle (Non-Registered Competitive Team)
1 Robert Davies (MM60+)
2 Marc Boulle (MM60+)
3 Tom McKinlay (MM50+)
4 Stu Hodges (MM50+)
5 Peter Hughes (MM60+)
6 Lee Flowers (MM35+)

Current (Leith) Women Teams: SW no 1:  Claudia Team Captain (all registered)
1  Rebekah Hill
2 Rebecca Dalphin 
3 Claudia Sole (Team Captain)
4 Viviane Dalphin
5 Gaya Gnanalingam
6 Lydia Pattillo

Women 35+ Siobhan Team Captain Non-registered Competitive Team
1 Orlaith Heron (MW35+)
2 Lucy Broughton (MW35+)
3 Susan Craig MW50+
4 Janice Ashton (MW50+)
5 Lucy Marr (MW35)
6 Siobhan McKinlay (MW35+)