Peninsula Relay, Saturday 21 September 2019
Otago Peninsula

The Start and Finish is at Portobello Domain which is children friendly. It is a beautiful area and could include a post-race Group run along the cycleway or even better The Pyramids to Victory beach or meet at Sandymount or Alans Beach? MTB is also highly recommended in this area. Take the Ferry to Carey’s Bay?

This is our last big Local Winter event for the year. We would like us to go all out, and bring in as many people as possible.

For full Details on this event >> Peninsula Relay 2019

Contact Chris Sole if you wish to enter

Closing date for entries is Tuesday 17th September

The Leg Profiles (climbing/Descending/flat/tarmac/gravel) Should you wish more information,
Leg 1   4.3km undulating flat (Hoopers inlet) from Portobello Domain to start of Sandymount Road intersection.
Leg 2   3.2km Killer Hill Climb from sea level sandymount rd to Highcliff road
Leg 3   5.4km Downhill from intersection of Sandymount road back to Portobello (tarmac)
Leg 4   4km similar to 1, undulating but this time along the other side to Alans Beach road.
Leg 5   5.6km circular loop, start and finish at same point, Papanui inlet and Hoopers-Alans beach rd, undulating
Leg 6   7.0km undulating from Hoopers/Papanui Inlet with Weir Road climb, down to harbor, back over hill into Portobello

Leith Teams

 Senior Men no 1 Team Captain Nathan Hill
1 Hamish McKinlay
2 Jason Palmer   
3 Nathan Hill (Captain)
4 Oliver Despatis
5 Liam Chesney  
6 Nic Bathgate 

Senior Men no 2 Team Captain Bradley Goodall   Non Registered Competitive Team
1 Bradley Goodall 
2 Harjinder Chander  
3 Casey Pearce
4 Clifford Kelway-Pope
5 Harry James
6 Jamie Gardner

MM35+ No 1  Neale McLanachan Team Captain
1 Luke McKinlay (MM35+) 
2 Danny Baillie (MM50+)  
3 Mark O’Neill (MM35+)
4 Andrew Lonie (MM35+) 
5 Neale McLanachan (MM35+) Team Captain
6 Simon Leaning (MM35+)

MM35+ No 2  Team Captain Glenn Thompson (Registered Competitive Team)  
1 Mark O'Donnell (MM35+)
2 Nolan Hill (MM35+) 
3 John Bayne (MM50+)
4 Donald Bate (MM50+)
5 Glenn Ferguson (MM50+)
6 Glenn Thompson (MM35+) (c)

 MM35+ No 3 Team Captain Steve Tripp Non-Registered Competitive Team
1 Steve Tripp (MM50+)
2 Marc Boulle (MM60+)
3 Dave McLean (MM60+)
4 Stu Hodges (MM50+)
5 Peter Hughes (MM60+)
6 Lee Flowers (MM35+)

Current (Leith) Women Teams: SW no 1:  Claudia Team Captain (all registered)
1 Viviane Dalphin 
2 Rebecca Dalphin 
3 Claudia Sole (Team Captain)
4 Rebekah Hill
5 Gaya Gnanalingam
6 Lydia Pattillo

Women 35+ Siobhan Team Captain Non-registered Competitive Team
1 Orlaith Heron (MW35+)
2 Lucy Broughton (MW35+)
3 Susan Craig MW50+
4 Janice Ashton (MW50+)
5 Lucy Marr (MW35)
6 Siobhan McKinlay (MW35+)

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