How much does it cost?


Are there any prizes, certificates, marshals, drink stations, aid stations, bag drops, or tail markers?


Where do I register?

First timers, please register online here before the race. If you do it several hours or more before your first race, that makes it easier for us.

I'm not sure I'm going to come, can I register just in case I run the next race, or sometime far into the future?


Can I run without registering?

We'll consider you as any other path user, and you won't be included in results.

What is my bib number?

After you are registered, your number will appear here. The process is partly manual, so it may take some time after you register. In any case, there is a board with the numbers at the start+finish. If you can't see your number, ask us and we'll sort it out.

What if I register online, only seconds before the race?

We'll sort it out while you're running - we'll have your bib number at the finish line.

Can I just turn up without registering?

Yes, you can, but it slows everything down and creates extra work.

I've already registered, e.g. for a previous race, should I register again?

No, please just register once.

Can I change my emergency contact or other details?

Yes, in this case you can register again, and we'll sort it out. In future we may have a login where you can change details.

What are the hazards?

No roads will be closed. You will be running alongside an active road and crossing a railway line. It is your responsibility to look for trains or cars before crossing the railway line, or any roads, and cross only if you judge it to be safe. Other people, prams, lime scooters, bikes and dogs may be on the course. Running is a physically active sport. You should always seek advice from your GP before taking up a strenuous physical pursuit such as this.

What side do I run on?

Please keep left and give way to others.

How far is it?

You can choose to either run 10k (5k out and 5k back) or 5k (2.5k out and 2.5k back).

Where is the race?

The start and finish is always at the corner of Neptune and Magnet Streets. There is a map here. Both distances run out on the cycle path. The turnaround for the 5k is marked by an orange line painted across the path. The turnaround for the 10k is the end of the cycle track - touch the pole just after the sealed path ends.

What day and time it the start of the race?

This varies. As soon as we know the next race day and time, we put it at the top of this page here.

What distance do the pacers run?

Only the 10k. If you're running the 5k, you're welcome to stick with the 10k pacer until the turn around.

How fast will the pacers be?

We sort this out just before the race - we'll try to accommodate you. We won't have pacers slower than 60min. If you want a pacer faster than 40min for the 10k, send us an email to at least a couple of days before the race and we'll try.

Is there a cutoff?

We'll wait for you for 90min.

Can I walk?

Of course you can walk part of the distance. In the 90min that we wait, you may be able to casually walk the 5k, but walking the 10k is only for race-walkers. You can race-walk and we'll include you in the results as a runner.

Can I decide to change from 10k to 5k during the race?


How do you know whether I've run the 10k or 5k?

Please tell us at the finish if you've run the 5k.

Can I run some other distance?

Yes, but you won't be included in the results. Please don't go into the finishing chute.

Can I use a wheelchair?

Yes. Please check out the course beforehand - e.g. getting across the railway line. We'll decide what to do about results - chat to us at the end.

Can children run?

Yes. Children under the age of 16 years old are the responsibility of their parents or guardians who need to be accompany them at all times before, during and after the run.

Where are the results?

They should appear within a couple of hours after the race. There will be a link here.

How do I report an error in the results?

Email me at

How do I volunteer to help?

Email me at

Who is organising the run?

Leith Harrier and Athletic Club Inc.

Can I be removed from the email list?

Yes, ask us in a reply to any email you receive from us.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Email me at