Winter Harriers Season information and reports

Leith's Lovelock Relays Trials to be held this Saturday 21 April 2018 from Leith Harriers Club Rooms at Chingford Park, North East Valley.  There will be a short club run afterwards .  Meet at 1.30pm to start at 1.45pm for the Mile race and the children's race will start at 2pm.  We would love to see current members and new members there.  All are welcome. Please bring a plate.  See below for full details on our club runs.

We have an exciting line up of club runs and race events lined up for the coming months.  Club runs cater for runners of all ages and abilities and are a great way to get to know your fellow club members while enjoying a run together.  Check Leith Facebook for latest news on harrier events.

Leith Harriers winter season extends from April to October with club runs and walks from Chingford Park (or at other venues combined with other clubs) usually meeting at 1.30pm to start at 1.45pm on frequent Saturday afternoons - see our calendar for latest updates and map on our join page.  We have packs to suit your pace. Please bring a plate for refreshments afterwards.  Tea and coffee will be available.  Our club rooms are opposite the sports fields at Chingford Park, North Road, North East Valley.  Shower and toilet facilities are available.   All are welcome and we would love to see new members at our regular club runs and walks.

Combined Clubs Run, Hill City University, Ariki, Civil Service, Leith, Logan Park, Saturday 14 April 2018

Hill City-University, Leith, Ariki and Civil Service joined forces to enjoy a very pleasant afternoon of running and walking based from the Hill City-University clubrooms, Logan Park. The fast pack having completed a weights and speed session finished off with a good climb up the Big Easy and back. Prominent in this group were Sam Bremer, Ben Wardhaugh and Josh Baan. An enthusiastic medium fast pack set off to conquer Signal Hill via the Big Easy. The majority headed off back down the steep Timms Track. A few took a longer route ably led by Shireen Crumpton along the Water Tank track, eventually reaching a point where it intersected with the Big Easy. They were Brent, Richard, Alex, Dwayne and Sarah, plus three impressive members of the younger brigade George, Jake and Matheson. Peter Hughes led the medium pack up to the plateau. At this point the pack split with some going further up the hill and the others to Ravensbourne and back along the Cycleway. Runners noted as being in good form included Ron McLay-Barnes, Rob Homan, Jane, Alyssa Patel, and Cilla Dickinson. In contrast the slow pack led by David Mackle kept to the flat. They followed the waters of the Leith from the stadium, through the university to the start of Ross Creek and back via the road. Runners prominent in this group included Cliff Kelway-Pope, Wayne Allen, Melissa Halley, James Park, Keith Weatherston and Lachlan Crumpton. The children took off in the wake of NZ 5000 metres gold medalist Ollie Chignall, who challenged them with an ascent of the St. Abbs Place stairs. This was followed by a downhill track run and a lap of Logan Park. From here the adventure run varied, one group doing speed drills and the other running over to the start of the Big Easy, followed by a run at their own pace back to the clubrooms. Making the most of this opportunity were Ella, Summer and Emma. A very sociable walking group led by Greg Johnson ventured up through the tracks to the Northern Cemetery, returning through the gardens and university. Showing good fitness levels on this occasion were Kevin Blair, Bruce Cowan, Geoff Gardyne, Alan Moir, and Allan McKernan. Report Authorised by Bruce Beath 

Harrier Season's Opening Club Run, Chingford Park club rooms, North East Valley, Saturday 7 April 2018

For the opening run of the 2018 winter season runners and walkers were greeted with a lovely sunny and warm autumnal day. The faster running group headed up Blacks Road and on reaching Opoho Road turned left and continued going uphill to the Signal Hill lookout. From there they traversed part way down the Big Easy tracks before turning off and heading down the track to Ravensbourne, returning to the clubrooms via Logan Park and North Road. Prominent in this pack were Hamish McKinlay, Ray Knox, Danny Baillie and Mark O'Donnell. Peter Hughes lead a slower group of runners down North Road to the Gardens, around the University and Logan Park and then up through the Northern Cemetery before heading back along North Road to the clubrooms. Tom McKinlay and newcomer Janet Rhodes were prominent in this pack. Susan Craig and Michael Walker wanted to run a shorter distance so turned back prior to the loop around Logan Park. Meanwhile Jim Flynn ran a solo effort down to the Gardens corner having turned up slightly late, not realising that club runs are now departing from venues at the slightly earlier time of 1.45pm. Greg Johnston and Kevin Blair enjoyed a walk around the streets and Botanical Gardens and Margaret Knox took the younger club members Zac Baillie and Alexia Rhodes around the Chingford Park tracks.  Report by Margaret Knox


For more on this iconic event, visit  Port Road Race Website or Facebook Port Road Race

Leith Report

Leith's Sharon Lequeux achieved a second placed finish overall on handicap at the Port Chalmers to Dunedin Road Race held on Sunday.  She also won the Women's grade on handicap and third fastest time with her actual time being 52 minutes 50 seconds.  Her overall time placing was ninth which is very impressive. Andrew Lonie was also impressive finishing with second fastest time of 47 minutes 22 seconds and fourteenth on handicap.  Not far behind him was Hamish McKinlay with third fastest time of 49 minutes 18 seconds and eighth on handicap.  Susan Craig started off go and finished 25th on handicap in an actual time of 1 min 24.06 seconds.

Leith Results

Port Road Race By Handicap
2   Sharon Lequeux LEIT Female 1:14:50 52:50 +22:00
8   Hamish McKinlay LEIT Male 1:16:18 49:18 +27:00
14  Andrew Lonie LEIT Male 1:17:22 47:22 +30:00
25  Susan Craig LEIT Female 1:24:06 1:24:06 +0:00

Port Road Race by Time
2  Andrew Lonie LEIT Male 47:22
3  Hamish McKinlay LEIT Male  49:18
9  Sharon Lequeux LEIT Female  52:50
28 Susan Craig LEIT Female 1:24:06

Otago Half Marathon Championships (The Shoe Clinic Hill Free Half Marathon), Sunday 8 October 2017, Outram

Leith's Sharon Lequeux won the Otago Half Marathon Open Women's title at the Shoe Clinic Hill Free Half Marathon held at Outram on Sunday in a time of 1 hour 32 minutes 43 seconds finishing tenth overall.  Christine Montgomery won the Masters Women Over 50 title in 1 hour 37 minutes 38 seconds finishing 19th overall.  In the associated 10km run, Michael Walker won the Masters 35-49 grade in 38:26.6 finishing seventh overall.  Clifford Kelway-Pope finished 22nd overall in 46:23.9.  For full results go to The Shoe Clinic Hill Free Half Marathon

The 2017 New Zealand Road Relay Champs were held in Rotorua on Saturday September 30th, 2017.

The Leith Team won the Senior Men's C-Grade seven-lap National Road Relay held in Rotorua on Saturday in 4 hours 4 minutes 45 seconds.  The Leith team of  Neale McLanachan,  Stuart Hodges,  Hamish McKinlay, Ray Knox, Andrew Lonie, Nathan Hill and Glen Ferguson came first out of the seven finishers and first out of the four senior men's teams.  There were great individual performances with Neale McLanachan, Hamish McKinlay, Nathan Hill and Glen Ferguson finishing with fastest times on their laps while Ray Knox and Andrew Lonie finished with second fast times on their laps.   The Leith Social Team of Glenn Thompson,  Corinna Thompson, Susan Craig,  Margaret Knox, Peter Hughes and  Tom McKinlay ran very well and finished tenth of twenty teams in its grade in 3:36:10 run over 6 laps. Thanks to all team members and to the organisers of the Leith participation in this iconic event.

Hughes Memorial Handicap Road Races, (5km Main Race), Saturday 16 September, 2017, Dunedin

A small field gathered for the Hughes Memorial 5km Road Race on Saturday afternoon starting from the old High Tide restaurant in Kitchener Street.  Due to the small number of entrants the race was an open non-handicap event.  Results: 1. Ray Knox MM50 22:34   2. Christine Montgomery MW50 23:24  3.  Stu Hodges MM50 24:06  4. Cliff Kelway-Pope SM 28:05.

Cadbury Dunedin Marathon (Otago Marathon Champs), Sunday 10 September 2017, Dunedin

This year the Cadbury Dunedin Marathon incorporated the Otago Marathon Championships for senior and master grades.

For details on the event and results for 2017  Cadbury Dunedin Marathon

Leith's athletes featured prominently in the results:

Leith athletes competed for the senior and masters grades Otago Marathon Championships which were incorporated in the Cadbury Dunedin Marathon on Sunday. Jason Palmer finished fourth in 2hr 50min 4sec winning the Otago Marathon Senior Mens title. Sharon Lequeux finished twenty first overall in 3hr 17min 5sec and was fourth senior woman and second in the senior womens Otago Marathon Championships. John Bayne won the Otago Marathon Championships Master Mens 50+ title in 3hr 24min 58sec. Dave McLean (Mens 50+) finished second in 3hrs 55mins 31secs. In the non-championship half-marathon, Danny Baillie was third in 1hr 17min 10sec and first master mens 40+ runner. Glen Ferguson was just a second adrift in fourth place in 1hr 17min 11sec finishing as second master Mens 40+ runner. Sophie Smith finished second in the senior womens grade (third open womens grade) in 1hr 28min 39sec. Young Hamish McKinlay finished in 1hr 29min 28sec. In the quarter marathon Michael Walker had a great run finishing second in 44min 54sec. Cliff Kelway-Pope finished sixth in 49min 20sec.

Otago Road Champs, (includes Race Walk Champs), Saturday 19 August 2017, Course - perimeter of Forbury Park Race Course, Victoria Road, Dunedin

Christine Montgomery won the Master Women's 50+ age grade 5km Otago Road Championship title on Saturday in 20min 49sec. The event was held around the perimeter of the Forbury Race Course and the weather was calm, cool and cloudy. Jason Palmer finished second in the Open Men's 10km Otago Road Championship in 34 minutes 7 seconds with Cliff Kelway-Pope finishing sixth in 41 minutes 42 seconds. Sharon Lequeux finished fourth in the Open Women's 10km in 41min 26sec. Michael Walker was the sole competitor in the Men's 35-49 age grade 10km finishing in 40min 7sec. Ray Knox finished fourth in the Master Men's 50+ grade 10km in 43min 14sec with Peter Hughes finishing sixth in 49min 39sec.

For full results - Otago Road Champs Results 2017

Peninsula Relay Saturday 5th August, 2017,Otago Peninsula, Start/Finish in Portobello

Format was a handicapped relay event starting and finishing in the Portobello Domain and consisting of 6 legs.  The first team started at 12.30pm. 

For full results: Athletics Otago Peninsula Relay 2017 Results 

Leith Harriers had two teams competing in the Peninsula Relay on Saturday. The weather was cold but sunny and a strong north-easterly wind was blowing. The Leith Mixed Team took full advantage of their handicap to finish eleventh across the line, holding off their more fancied Leith Men's team which finished fourteenth on handicap. The mixed team of Susan Craig, Louisa Andrew, Stu Hodges, Alan Funnell, Nolan Hill and Sophie Smith achieved a time of 2hrs 29mins 51secs. The Leith Men's team of Neale McLanachan, Cliff Kelway-Pope, Glen Ferguson, Michael Walker, Hamish McKinlay and Danny Baillie were the third fastest team with a time of 2hrs 11min 6secs.

OTAGO CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS Saturday 15 July 2017 Waikouaiti Race Course, Waikouaiti

Glen Ferguson won the Men's 50+ grade 8km Otago Cross Country Championship held out at the Waikouaiti Race Course on Saturday.  His time of 31min 21sec in sunny but soft and wet ground conditions overcoming a strong field of 13 runners was impressive.  Hamish McKinlay won the Men's under 20 grade 8km in 0:33:36.  The Leith Men's 35-49 grade team was impressive in winning the teams event over the same distance. The three man team of  2nd Andrew Lonie 0:31:39,  3rd Neale McLanachan 0:32:48 and 5th Michael Walker 0:34:55 earned Leith 10 points to win the event.  Caitlin O'Donnell won the Women's Under 18 grade 4km in 0:20:18 and Sophie Smith won the Women's Under 20 grade 6km in 0:26:06.  Louisa Andrew was third in the Women's 35-49 grade 6km in 0:28:44.  Glen Chisholm was the first Leith senior men's runner, finishing 6th in the main 10km event in 0:39:34.  Congrats to all Leith runners who competed in this event and also to all those who helped in setting up and taking down the course and officiating on the day.

For the full results go to Athletics Otago Cross Country Championships results

Edmond Cup Cross Country Races, Saturday 1 July 2017 Wingatui Race Course, Mosgiel

The Edmond Cup took place on Saturday in wet and soft conditions with Leith's Open A team finishing third in the Open 5km event. Highlights for Leith were: Hamish McKinley's win in the Men's Under 20 grade; Christine Montgomery's win in the Women's 50+ grade; Andrew Lonie's third place in the Men's 35-49 grade; Caitlin O'Donnell's win in the Women's Under 18 grade. Glen Chisholm was the first Leith athlete to finish in the Open 5km event. He finished in 18min 19.2sec. Andrew Lonie was just seconds behind him in 18min 22.8sec. Hamish McKinley at 19min 12.8sec was the third Leith athlete to finish. Michael Walker, Mark O'Donnell and Cliff Kelway-Pope made up the rest of the third placed Leith Open A Men's team.

For full results go to Edmond Cup Athletics Otago Results

Barnes Cross Country, Sunday 11 June 2017, Dunedin Rugby Club Rooms, Kettle Park, Victoria Street

For full results, please go to Athletics Otago Barnes Cross Country Results 2017

Ray Knox won the Barnes Handicap 5km Cross Country Race on Sunday at the rugby grounds at Kettle Park. Leith had a remarkable day, with Hamish McKinlay second, Andrew Lonie third and Glen Chisholm fourth. Off a handicap of 3 minutes, Knox held off the fast finishing field to add this race to his list of winning achievements in harrier running over the last 25 years or so. Young Hamish McKinlay off a handicap of 6 minutes 15 seconds was just 12 seconds back and finishing fast for a well-earned second place having held off third placed finisher Lonie who had been off a handicap of 7 minutes. Leith also took the six person team prize with the first six Leith runners counting: Knox (1st), McKinlay (2nd), Lonie (3rd), Chisholm (4th), Cliff Kelway-Pope (9th) and Mark O'Donnell (19th). Glen Chisholm had fifth fastest time of 18min 44sec. In the Women's 3.75km handicap race, Christine Montgomery finishing third off a handicap of 4min 15sec spearheaded Leith to second place in the team's event. Louisa Andrew 5th, Mel Aitken 12th and Susan Craig 16th completed the Leith team. Aitken achieved third fastest time of 15min 58sec.

Christchurch Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10km, Sunday 4 June 2017

Danny Baillie finished  third in the Master Men's 40-49 grade in the Half-Marathon in a time of 1hr 18min 43sec and ended up placing 24th overall.  Susan Craig also ran the Half-Marathon finishing in 02:03:15.

Ross Creek Club run, Sunday 28 May, 2017, 9am, John McGlashan College, Cannington Road End

A small group of runners met at the Cannington Road end of John McGlashan Sportsfields sportsfields at 9am.  Tom McKinlay , Luke McKinlay, Peter Hughes, Stuart Hodges and Christine Montgomery went for a quiet jog around mountain bike tracks and Ross Creek for just over a hour.  A run enjoyed by all

Joe Cowie Memorial Handicap Races, Saturday 27 May 2017, 1.45pm, Forbury Park Race Way, Victoria Street, Dunedin

Feature event was the 5km Handicap Race on a 1km circuit around the Forbury Park Race Way.  This is in honour of  Leith's Joe Cowie and was previously a 3-miler race (4.83km). 

There were near perfect conditions for the twelve Leith runners who turned out to take part in the handicapped races for the Joe Cowie Memorial Cup at Forbury Park Race Way on Saturday. A slight head wind down the back straight didn't make much of a dent on the times of the 5km runners with Susan Craig (off go) placing first in a time of 26:49 with Hamish McKinlay (off 10.30mins) 2nd at 29:03 and Mark O'Donnell (off 10.30mins) 3rd at 29:23. 4th was Cliff Kelway-Pope (off 10.30mins)  at 29:26 with Danny Bailey (off 13.30mins) 5th at 30:38 and Andrew Lonie (off 12.45mins) 6th at 30:46.  Other runners on the day were Michael Walker, Glenn Ferguson and Ray Knox. Danny Baillie had fastest time of 17mins 8secs.  Undertaking the 2km run were Caitlin O'Donnell (1st at 8:13), and Jim Flynn (2nd at 16:44).  Well done to all those who took to the track.  Summary Report by Susan Craig 
See results for full list of handicaps and actual running times

Combined Club Runs and Walks, Saturday 20 May 2017, 1.30pm, Hill City University Club Rooms, Logan Park

Hill City University have kindly invited all clubs for combined runs and walks from their club rooms at Logan Park on Saturday.  Leith report will be out soon.

Leith Club Run, Sunday 21 May 2017, 9am, Bayfield Park, Andersons Bay Inlet

Leith report will be out soon

Combined Leith and Caversham Harriers Club Run & Walk, Saturday 13 May 2017, 1.30pm, Caversham Harriers Clubrooms, Middleton Road

Caversham Harriers invited Leith to join them for club runs and walks from their club rooms in Middleton Road on Saturday afternoon.  The Leith members that attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the various routes in that area and we thank Caversham Harriers for their renowned hospitality.  The conversations and refreshments afterwards were awesome and well appreciated.

Leith Club Run, Sunday 7 May 2017, 9am, John McGlashan College - Cannington Road end

A friendly bunch of runners met and headed for Ross Creek. Ray Knox, Margaret Knox, Clifford Kelway Pope, Pete Hughes, Susan Craig, and Stu Hodges continued around the tracks for 9km. Christine Montgomery, Danny Baillie, Nick Wooliscroft, Tom and Hamish McKinlay all ran up Flagstaff. It was perfect T-shirt weather even on the tops. Hamish ran in socks most of the way. One of the runners continued over Swampy and Cargill.

Lovelock Relays, Saturday 6 May 2017, University Oval, Dunedin

Leith had a very enjoyable day out at the Lovelock Relays held on a grass track at the University Oval, commemorating 1936 Olympic gold medalist Jack Lovelock's 1500m win in Berlin. Thanks to Hill City University Athletics Club for organising (healthy food options were particularly appreciated). The Leith team of Danny Baillie, Andrew Lonie, Alan Funnell, Michael Walker won the master's men relay in 20:06 (2nd was Hill City in 20:20). The team of Pete Hughes, Tom McKinley, Nolan Hill, Mark O'Neill finished in 23:16. Three Leith teams enjoyed the social grade: Cliff Kelway Pope, Mark O'Donnell, Hamish McKinlay, and Jim Flynn finishing in 29:09; Luke McKinlay, Sophie Smith, Meg Skilton, and Margaret Knox in 25:17; Caitlin O'Donnell, Louisa Andrew, Susan Craig, and Christine Montgomery in 25:29. Leith Kids running were Marko Farella, Frankie McKinlay, Archie McKinlay, and Terrance Farella. Well done all.

Leith Club Run, Sunday 30 April 2017, John McGlashan College, Cannington Road, Dunedin

A small group of hardy Leith runners met at the John McGlashan, Cannington Road end of the Ross Creek tracks at 9.00am to head off on a Sunday run. This was reminiscent of 25-30 years ago when it was the meeting place for Leith runners to meet for Sunday runs every week. Mark O'Neill, Pete Hughes, Christine Montgomery and Ray & Margaret Knox enjoyed a run through the various Ross Creek running and mountain biking tracks despite the fact that there were frequent heavy rain showers during their run. Other club members were competing at the Gore Half Marathon and 12km event and the newly established Orokonui Sanctuary 18km running event. Well done to Susan Craig in the Gore 12km. She was the first woman in her age group in very cold and wet conditions

Leith Club Mile Races - Lovelock Relay Trials, Saturday 29 April 2017, Chingford Park Club Rooms, North East Valley, Dunedin

Once again a small group of runners participated in this event. Neale McLanachan strode out well in the later stages of the race to win comfortably. In a close tussle for second, Cliff Kelway-Pope's superior speed in the finishing straight ensured that he stayed in front of Michael Walker who was finishing strongly. Christine Montgomery ran well to be the first of the women to finish.
Full Results:
1 Neale McLanachan  5.25 
2 Cliff Kelway-Pope   5.49 
3 Michael Walker   5.51
4 Mark O'Donnell   6.07
5 Christine Montgomery  6.31
6 Louisa Andrew   7.04
7 Margaret Knox   

Leith Club Run, took place on Saturday 22 April 2017, 1.45 pm, Chingford Park Club Rooms, North East Valley, Dunedin

A small group gathered at the Clubrooms on a pleasant Saturday afternoon for a run and walk. The runners headed down to the Botanical Gardens and then did the Park Run Course before heading back to the clubrooms. Prominent in this pack were Mark O'Neil, Susan Craig, Cliff Kelway-Pope and Michael Walker. It was great to welcome Helen a visiting runner from Melbourne to this group. Margaret joined Greg for a pleasant walk around the Quarry and surrounds.

Leith Club Run, took place on Saturday 8 April 2017, Chingford Park and Sunday 9 April Three Peaks Mountain Race, Dunedin

On Saturday afternoon at Chingford Park, a small number of members went for a run while others tidied up the clubrooms and marked out the course in preparation for the club organised Three Peaks race held on Sunday. Christine Montgomery, Cliff Kelway-Pope and Corrina Thompson enjoyed a run in the Forrester Park and Bethune's Gully area and Glenn Thompson did a solo run to the top of the Mount Cargill tracks before returning to the clubrooms. Special thanks to Alan Funnell for the huge effort he put into organising such a successful Three Peaks race on Sunday. Thanks must also go to all of our sponsors, the landowners over whose land the course travels and all of our volunteers who assisted in ensuring that the day went smoothly. Leith members also featured prominently with Danny Baillie and Neale McLanachan finishing first and second in the 11km Race to the Summit.

Opening Leith Club Run, Chingford Park, North East Valley, Saturday 1 April 2017

Leith members met at Chingford Park for the opening Saturday club run of the season. Glenn Thompson, Danny Baillie, Peter Hughes and Penny Easton were joined by Hereward Swire visiting Chris Sole for the Three Peaks race next weekend. They all headed up Mt Cargill via Bethune's Gully with one continuing on to the Burns-Swampy-Flagstaff route. The rest headed back through the cloud to the clubrooms.

Port Road Race, Handicap format, Port Chalmers to Dunedin, Sunday 29 February 2017

Under 20 runner Hamish McKinlay was the first Leith athlete to finish in the annual Port Road Handicap Race on Sunday. Running off a handicap of 28min 50sec and running an actual time of 55min 52sec over the tough 12.3km undulating course from Port Chalmers to Dunedin he finished in fourth place just on two and a half minutes from the winner. Next Leith member across the line in 12th place in 1hr 27min 32sec was Men 35-49 runner Neale McLanachan, off a handicap of 41min 15sec and achieving second fastest time of 46min 17sec in his grade and fifth fastest overall. Men 50+grade athlete Ray Knox was the third Leith runner across the line in 16th place in 1hr 28min 19sec. His handicap was 28 minutes and his actual time was 60min 19sec.  Andrew Lonie was next to finish on handicap.  He finished 20th on handicap, 9th on overall time with 51min 19sec.  Susan Craig finished 24th overall on handicap and third in the Women 50+ grade.    

Leith Harriers Winter Windup and Presentations, Saturday 15 October 2016, Filadelfio's Restaurant, Dunedin

Club Break-up Saturday night saw club members converge on Filadelfio's at the Gardens for the winter break-up and prize-giving.   After members had enjoyed the variety of scrumptious food on offer the presentation of trophies got underway.  President Margaret Knox congratulated everyone in attendance for the successful year that was had by the club with the highlight being two teams competing at the NZ Road Relay Championships in Rotorua at the beginning of October.  Of note here was Glen Ferguson running fastest Masters Men 50 time for his leg.  Multiple trophy winners on the night included father and daughter duo Mark and Caitlin O'Donnell, Jason Palmer, Christine Montgomery, Hamish McKinlay, Susan Craig, Glen Chisholm and Glenn Thompson.   At the conclusion of the prize-giving members were asked to keep a look out and complete the club online survey and volunteering rosters that were to be circulated to members.  Members were also encouraged to give summer track and field athletics a go at the Caledonian Ground.  The Leith Harrier & Athletic Club once again thanks Filadelfio's for their hospitality in making their venue available for our prize-giving.

National Road Relays, Rotorua, Saturday 1 October 2016

Leith had two teams entered in this popular national event.  The Leith Men's team was entered in the A Grade 62.5 km 7 Stages event and finished 11th in 3:47:24.   Team members in lap order were: Neale McLanachan, Alun Williams, Glenn Thompson,  Glen Chisholm,  Andrew Lonie,   Glen Ferguson and  Jason Palmer.   The Leith Social team was entered in the Social - Corporate grade 45.2 km 6 Stages event and finished in 7th position in 3:17:53.  Team members in lap order were:  Hamish McKinlay, Christine Montgomery, Susan Craig, Peter Hughes, Stuart Hodges and Alan Funnell.  A full report will be out later on Monday.  Well done to all those who participated and who organised the Leith Harriers team effort for this event.  For a full report by Alan Funnell and team reports by Alan and Jase - check out  Harriers 2016

New Zealand 24 Hour Championships held at AUT Millenium on Saturday 1 October 2016

 The New Zealand 24 hour Champs were held in Auckland on the weekend.  Leith had John Bayne and new member Greg Yee running in this gruelling race.  Their mental toughness was really tested over the last couple of hours with torrential downpours hitting Auckland as they were pushing to the finish.  Bayne ran 209.2km and finished first in an exceptional run.   Yee came 6th and ran 166.4km.  Hats off to these guys who did the club proud.

Leith Winter Windup and Prizegiving, Saturday 15 October 2016

We are holding the Prizegiving at Filodelphios again as it worked well last year.  We need to know numbers to pass onto the restaurant.  Please let Louisa Andrew know asap if you are coming. It is $20 per adult for a set menu.

Hughes Memorial Handicap Road Races, High Tide Restaurant, Kitchener St, Saturday 24 September 2016, 1.45pm

Congratulations to Michael Walker on his fine run to be first across the line in the event and thus winning the Hughes Road Race trophy.  Second across the line was Mark O'Donnell followed by Glen Ferguson.  Fastest time went to Ferguson.  Full Results and for a full report Harriers 2016

Cadbury Dunedin Marathon (Otago Marathon Champs), Sun 11 September 2016

Leith athletes competed well in this event on Sunday.  For full results, visit Cadbury Dunedin Marathon.
For a Leith report Harriers 2016

Otago Road Championships, Forbury Park Race Course, Saturday 20 August 2016

Leith's Caitlin O'Donnnell wins Girls Under 15: 3km.  Mark O'Donnell finishes third in the Men's 35-49: 10km.

For results Otago Road Champs Results, Athletics Otago

Pukehiki Club Run & Walk Saturday 13 August 2016

The peninsula turned on a cracker day for the Pukehiki club run. Due to Alan having a niggle, Dave McLean took the group, including Mark ONeill, George Armstrong, Michael Walker and Cliff Kelway Pope. Cliff turned back early due to a lingering injury. The rest ran through the Peggy's Hill farm to the bottom of the Bacon track, then up to Highcliff rd where Michael started the climb up the road. The remaining three had a quick trip up harbour cone before also heading back up the road to Pukehiki. The walking group of Greg Johnson, Susan Craig and Christine Montgomery took the Paradise track down to Boulder beach and back up Braidwood rd to complete the circuit. A great time was had by all.

Athletics New Zealand Cross Country Championships, Auckland Domain, Saturday 7 August 2016

Mel Aitken won the Women's 35-39 grade 6000m championships.  Neale McLanach finished sixth in the Men's 35-39 grade 8000m Champs.  
Read more Harriers 2016

Peninsula Relay, Saturday 30 July 2016, Portobello

The Penisula Relay on July 30th was a 6 lap race which started and finished at the Portobello Domain. It is a handicap race. Laps vary from 3.2 to 7k long. 
See Results  Peninsula Relay 2016 Results

Chingford Challenge 4 Ed, Sunday 31 July 2016, Chingford Park, North Road, North East Valley

Sunday 31 July 2016
Despite the inclement weather conditions, there was a great turnout for this worthy event and we thank everyone who contributed in any way by competing, officiating, organising, donating and spectating.
Venue: Chingford Park, North Road, Dunedin.  In the format of a 2 hour teams' cross country race around the grounds of Chingford Park.  The aim was to see how many laps you can do in the 2 hours.   Teams of 1 to 4 people of any age.  All proceeds are for the treatment of Ed Stevens.  See Leith Harriers 2016

Otago Cross Country Champs & Leith Cross Country Champs, Saturday 23 July 2016, Waikouaiti Race Course

A small but successful Leith Harriers contingent fronted up at the Otago cross country champs at Waikouaiti on Saturday. The course was dry and fast and the sun was shining. First up for Leith was Caitlin ODonnell in the Girls under 15 3km race. Caitlin had a great run and was the clear winner in her grade. The next race was a mass start of all of the Senior, Masters and Social runners who were all running different distances. There were a couple of standout performances from our athletes. Christine Montgomery had a blinder and easily won the masters woman title. Well I said easily but Christine really pushed hard and there was nothing easy about it. Neale McLanachan also performed exceptionally well in the masters men and was rewarded with a second place, only a few seconds off first place. New member this year Hamish McKinley also had a great run to come third in a competitive grade. The ever green Chris Sole had a solid run to gain a second placing in the Masters men 50 plus grade. All of our other runners also did the singlet proud but finished outside the placings. A big thank you to all of the members that helped to set up, marshall and pull down the course. 
Report by Alan Funnel
See Otago Cross Country Champs 2016 Results

Edmond Cup Steeplechase, Saturday 9 July 2016, Wingatui Race Course, Mosgiel

The Leith Men's team had a very successful day finishing third at the Edmond Cup Cross Country Open Men's 5km race held in cold but fine weather at Wingatui Race Course on Saturday.  The team of Glen Chisholm (17:10.0) 6th, Neal McLanachan (17:39.2) 11th, Glenn Thompson (18:55.5) 19th, Mark O'Donnell (19:08.0) 21st, Alan Funnell (19:09.7) 22nd and Chris Sole (20:31.5) 29th, finished on 108 points to the winning Hill City University team's 38 points and the second placed Caversham Team's 67 points.  Although she was Leith's sole representative in this event, Christine Montgomery ran very well to finish third in the Open Women's 5km race in 21mins 29.9secs.  Montgomery was also first Master Women 35-49 across the line.  Caitlin O'Donnell was also in great form in winning the 2.5km Women's Under 15 race in and excellent time of 10mins 27.7secs. 
See Edmond Cup 2016 Results

Barnes Cross Country Races, Sunday 26 June 2016, Kettle Park, Dunedin

For Results >> Athletics Otago Results

Leith had a good showing at the Barnes Cross Country on Sunday. On a different course this year due to one field being out of commission, and in wet. windy conditions Leith members put in some good efforts.

In the men's race the first Leith member was Neale McLanachan who ran 17.49 for the 5km finishing 5th for the race. Then in quick succession were Stu Hodges, Glen Chisholm, Mark O'Neill, Alan Funnell and Ray Knox. The rest of the Leith men ran well and were not far behind. Leith men were second in the teams race.

Our Leith juniors also had good races in the wet and wind. Caitlin O'Donnell finished second in her race and had the fastest time. Hamish McKinley came third across the line and was second fastest in his race.

In the woman's race new member Nicola Chisholm had a fairly rough initiation to harrier racing when the conditions really packed up, but had a good first up race to finish seventh.

Balclutha Half Marathon, Sunday 19 June 2016
incorporating the Otago Half Marathon Champs.

Leith Athletes achieved a remarkable double at the Balclutha Half Marathon on Sunday.  Jason Palmer won the Otago Half Marathon Champs Open Men's title in 1:10: 25 and Mel Aitken won the Open Women's title in 1:22:29.  Not to be left out of the action, Stu Hodges came second in the Otago Half Marathon Men's 50+ champs in 1:40:36.  For full results see  Balclutha Half Marathon Results on Athletics Otago website

Ponydales Sat 28 May 2016

The "Ponydales" Leith Cross Country Relays
Date: Saturday 28 May 2016
Venue: Dunedin Pony Club, Three Mile Hill Road


Map for Ponydales Cross Country

Hill City University won the Open Men's relay race on Saturday by just over two minutes from its nearest rival.  Running in cold rainy conditions, the team of Kirk Madgewick, Jared Monk, Oli Chignell and Sam Bremer led from start to finish to defeat the defending champions Caversham Harriers whose number one team put up a brave effort in finishing second. The Caversham number two team finished third.

 Hill City University also won the Open Women's title. The team of Jean Kozyniak, Bella Bloomfield, Shireen Crumpton and Sabrina Grogan led from start to finish to beat the Hill City University number two team by just under two minutes.  The Caversham Harriers team finished third.

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 Thanks to all the officials, competitors and spectators for making this a great day of cross-country running.