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Results: The Three Peaks


Results: Three Peaks 2014 Provisional results (.pdf 102KB)
There are still some minor mistakes in the results which we are working on - so please treat these results as provisional only
If any competitors are aware of any errors, please let us know as soon as possible.


Previous Results

Leith Harriers Three Peaks Results Index 1999 to 2014


Reports Archive
Leith Harriers Three Peaks reports index 1999 to 2014


Race Records (longer new course - post 2009)


Grade Name Year Time (H:MM:SS)
Open Men Dougal Thorburn 2010 1.55.44
Open Women Sarah Chisnell 2010 2.19.56
Masters Men 35 Norman Dunroy 2010 2.04.33
Masters Women 35 Louisa Andrew 2010 2.31.46
Masters Men 50 Chris Sole 2011 2.19.29
Masters Women 50 Sally Nicholl 2010 3.11.17
Mens Team O'Sullivan
2010 2.06.12
Womens Team Deborah Lynch
Grace Fursdon
2011 2.42.45
Mixed Team Victoria Beck
Matt Bixley
2013 2.21.11