Leith Children’s Athletics

Any questions or queries, please email us at leithharriers@gmail.com or you can visit the Leith Join page

Leith Winter Kids Cross-Country 

EXCITING NEWS ~ Leith Kids Cross-Country Training Squad!!

Where: Chingford Park Grounds, North Road, North East Valley
When: 4pm to 4.30pm
Beginning Monday 29 April, Leith are offering a FREE Cross-Country training squad for approximately 20 children in school years 5 to 8.  The squad will meet every second Monday for term 2 for base training and skill work. We would like to welcome students in High-School years 9 and 10 in term 3. In term 3 we will meet weekly to build from this, with preparation for inter-school cross-country events in mind. See the full list of dates in the table below:
Any questions or queries, please email us at leithharriers@gmail.com

If you wish for your child to be apart of this please complete the registration below. 
Leith Kids Cross-Country Training Squad Registration Form

Table of Dates

Term TwoTerm Three
Monday 29 April 2024Monday 22 July 2024
Monday 13 May 2024Monday 29 July 2024
Monday 27 May 2024Monday 5 August 2024
Monday 10 June 2024Monday 12 August 2024
Monday 24 June 2024Monday 19 August 2024



Leith Children’s Summer Athletics

Where: Chingford Park Grounds, North Road, North East Valley
When: Monday 5:30-6:45pm
What: A six-week block in term 4, 2024 and a four-week block in term 1 2025
Sessions are run by coaches from the club following an Athletics New Zealand programme
These include:

Get Set Go

This programme is for tamariki between 3-8 years and it builds enjoyment around being active through play and sport. It involves educational and developmentally appropriate activities to develop basic movement skills, providing tamariki with a fun way to get moving!

Run Jump Throw

This programme is for tamariki ages 6-11 years. Tamariki will learn foundational athletics skills while focusing on participation and enjoyment to develop confidence in their abilities. Skills are taught using modified equipment and games, which will support tamariki to begin competing in athletics events if they wish.




Age 6 & Under (born 2018+)
Social = TBA

Age 6 (by the 31st Dec 2024)
Competitive = TBA

Age 7-14 (Born between 2010-2017) 
Social = TBA
Competitive = TBA

The membership fee runs until the 31st of March 2025. Further information on the membership fee is found here >> Leith Harriers Join Us
Click on the membership portal to sign up your tamariki. You are welcome to come to the opening night in October (time/date TBA) to try it out before signing up.
Please contact us if you have any difficulties with enrolling your child/children. If you do not have access to the internet, we can organise enrolment differently.
The membership fee allows tamariki to compete at the Caledonian Ground on Saturday mornings if they wish, and the Colgate Games which are being held in Dunedin in January. Further information on competing in those events is found on the Athletics Otago website >> Athletics Otago Be Involved Children’s 6-14 years

Health and Safety

A parent or caregiver is required to stay for each session due to health and safety requirements. We encourage you to join in with the fun!
Please note that the toilets are around the back of the clubrooms, and we will not always have access via the clubrooms so we would ask that you accompany your child/children if they wish to use the toilet.
There is a stream running along the back of the clubrooms and this is out of bounds to all children during the athletics sessions. Please keep an eye on your toddlers.
For any further questions or information please email Leith Harriers
We look forward to seeing you out there!