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Athletics New Zealand Cross Country Champs, Saturday 7 August 2021

Chisholm Links, 16 Tahuna Road, Tainui, Dunedin 9013
Cross Country race run on the tough undulating Chisholm Links Golf Course in Dunedin

For full results >> Cross Country Results 2021

Weather conditions:  Mostly cold and sunny with the occasional rain squall from the south west which brought brief strong and bitterly cold rain and hail showers. The main 10km race was run in a window of fine sunny but cold weather

Ground conditions: Mostly firm grass with a few patches becoming muddier and more slippery as the day progressed.   

Leith’s Janus Staufenberg features prominently for Otago in the Senior Men’s 10km

Leith’s Janus Staufenberg was one of Otago’s leading contenders for a podium finish in the Senior Men’s 10km race with Hill City-Uni’s Oli Chignell the favourite to win the race for Otago a second time.  Janus featured prominently over the first two laps, but then by half-way Oli started to stretch the field as he applied the pressure.  Oli drew further and further away from the chasing pack which had started to break up as the pace and tough course took its toll. Oli won going away in 31:45.  Auckland’s Matthew Taylor had also stolen a march on the rest of the chasing runners winning silver in 32:04.  Canterbury’s Christopher Dryde triumphed for the bronze medal in 32:23.  Janus Staufenberg held on bravely to finish ninth in 33:05. 

Leith Athletics athletes do their bit for Otago

Highlights for the Leith athletes with some just missing out on bronze medals: Orlaith Heron, well known ultra trail running exponent, finished fourth in the Women 35-39 grade 6000 Metre Run in 28:32; Christine Montgomery fourth in the Women 50-54 grade 6000 Metre Run in 29:09; Danny Baillie fourth in the Men 50-54 grade 8000 Metre Run in 31:20.

We will have some photo collages of Leith athletes available soon on this page!

Thanks to the Chisholm Golf Links for allowing us to use their magnificent golf links course for this event.  Thanks to the organisers, the athletes and their supporters and all who assisted in making this a truly fantastic event on the annual NZ running calendar.

Results for Leith Athletes:.  

Event 10 Men Senior 10k Run CC
9 # 419 Janus Staufenberg 22 Otago 33:05
33 # 420 Julius Staufenberg 20 Leith Harriers 37:11

Event 7 Men 18-19 8000 Metre Run
20 # 376 Leo Staufenberg 18 Otago 29:11 

Event 7 Men 35-39 8000 Metre Run
6 # 191 Nic Bathgate 36 Otago 29:41 

Event 7 Men 40-44 8000 Metre Run
8 # 196 Neale McLanachan 43 Otago 31:22

Event 7 Men 45-49 8000 Metre Run
6 # 194 Andrew Lonie 48 Otago 30:28

Event 7 Men 50-54 8000 Metre Run
4 # 226 Danny Baillie 52 Otago 31:20 

Event 7 Men 55-59 8000 Metre Run
11 # 227 Donald Bate 59 Leith Harrier 37:17 

Event 4 Women 35-39 6000 Metre Run
4 # 276 Orlaith Heron 37 Otago 28:32 

Event 4 Women 50-54 6000 Metre Run
4 # 297 Christine Montgomery 54 Otago 29:09

Otago Cross Country Champs, Sunday 18 July 2021

Chisholm Links, 16 Tahuna Road, Tainui, Dunedin 9013

Cross Country race run on the tough undulating Chisholm Links Golf Course in Dunedin. Run under the auspices of Athletics Otago, organising clubs are Leith Athletics and Civil Service Harriers

Weather conditions: Cold, with light winds and intermittent rain.  The going was slippery in sections.  

For full results >> Cross Country Results 2021

Leith’s Janus Staufenberg wins the Senior Men’s title

Leith’s Janus Staufenberg leading from the first lap won the Senior Men’s Otago Cross Country title for the third consecutive time on Sunday in 32 minutes 52.22 seconds around the 10km (5 x 2km lap) course. He achieved a six second win over Caden Shields who is from the Don Greig Racing Stables in Christchurch.  Caden competed for line honours the whole way and finished strongly in 32 minute 57.2 seconds. Another leading contender for line honours and third to finish was Canterbury University’s Daniel Balchin in  33:16.0.  Both Caden and Daniel were not competing for the Otago title.  The Otago Silver Medalist was Russell Green of Hill City-University who finished fourth in 34:25.6.  Hill City-Uni’s Oliver O’Sullivan finished in fifth place completing the podium for the Otago runners.  He was just a narrow 3 seconds behind Russell in 34:28.7.  There was a bit of confusion due to some frontrunning Canterbury Uni senior men runners opting to only run the 6km distance, but once they had finished, the field became a bit clearer as to who was actually in contention for line honours and Otago honours

The Senior Men Team’s Race was won by Hill City-University (Russell Green, Oliver O’Sullivan, Kirk Madgwick, Logan Slee) 23 points.  Second on 47 points was the Leith team of Janus Staufenberg, Julius Staufenberg, Tadhg Ryan Charleton and Corey Lewis


Tadhg Ryan Charlton, who sadly leaves this week to return to his homeland, Ireland and a new University in Belfast, completed a year in Leith Colours. His first race, the 2020 Otago XC Champs, he finished 12th in 40:50. And on Sunday, in his last race the Otago XC Champs and on the same course, albeit muddier and slipperier, he finished in 38: 30.3.  All the best Tadhg, and may your research and running continue to flourish. We will miss you indeed and thank you for your contribution leading, training, participating and inspiring others. Tadhg hands over the Leith Men’s Captain tag to the very capable Richard Campbell, who helped the MM35-49 Team win at the Otago XC Champs on Sunday.

Hill City-University’s Margie Campbell wins the Senior Women’s Title

Margie Campbell of Hill City-University won the Otago Senior Women’s 10km Cross Country title in 41:25.4 followed by club mate Liliana Braun in 41:58.3.  Caversham’s Kristy Eyles in 43:24.5.  Leith’s Lydia Pattillo toughed it out all the way to finish fourth in 46:18.5

Leith’s Nic Bathgate wins the 8km Men 35-49 Title leading his team to victory

Nic Bathgate ran well to win the Otago Master Men’s 35-49 (8km) title in 29:42.  He had to hold out second placed Ben Wreford (RTIM) 30:23 and third placed Craig Iversen (INVG) 30:35. Tim Bolter (HCYU) won the Otago Silver in 30:52 finishing fourth overall while Andrew Lonie of Leith had a great race to complete the Otago podium in overall fifth place in 31:13.  The Leith team of Nic Bathgate, Andrew Lonie and Richard Campbell (sixth in 31:21.9) won the team’s title with 12 points. Second team was Hill City-University on 22 points and Leith 2 team of Chris Bisley 8th, Neale McLanachan 9th, Simon Leaning (12th) was third with 29 points

Leo Staufenberg of Leith get’s a podium third in the 8km Men Under 20

Leith’s Leo Staufenberg finished fourth overall and third among the Otago athletes in 29:14.  Jacob Weston of Hill City-University won the Otago Title in 27:43.0 with club mate Reuben Beard second in 28:57.5.  Benjamin Britton (Queenstown Athletic) finished third 29:12.4

Robbie Johnston has a comfortable win in the Men 50-49 8km Race

Robbie Johnston of Hill City-University dominated this grade winning in an excellent time of 30:37.8.  Second was Ariki’s Glen Mcskimming Ariki 34:03.5 and third was Caversham’s Dave Sharp in 35:57.8.  Leith’s Don Bate finished ninth in 41:02.3 with club mate Andrew Robinson in tenth in 43:03.6 

Hill City-University’s George Hamilton dominates the 6km race

George Hamilton won this race in convincing fashion earning the Men Under 18 Otago Cross Country title in an excellent time of 20:55 for the 6km.  He was followed in by his club mates Jake Owen 22.29 and Matthew Bolter 23.44.

Highlights from other grades in the 6km field: Becky De La Harpe of Caversham won the Women Under 20 grade in 25:45; Hill City-Uni’s Shireen Crumpton won the Women’s 50+ grade in 26:56; Claire Anderton of Caversham won the Women’s 35-49 grade in 27:51; Phil Napper of Ariki won the Men’s 65+ grade in 28:15;  Leith’s Dave McLean battled gamely around the course hampered somewhat by what appeared to be a damaged arm or shoulder from a fall in a time of 34:56.  He finished fourth in the Men’s 65+ grade

5km – Women Under 18

Hannah Prosser UNA won this race in an excellent 19:31.  However, the Otago title went to Zara Geddes of Hill City-University who finished in 20:07 to take second place overall.  She was the first Otago athlete in an exciting race for the coveted title against Ariki’s Catherine Lund who finished a narrow third overall in 20:07.  Lund took the silver medal whilst Anna Carswell of Hill City-University finished fourth overall taking the Otago bronze medal in 24:26

Highlights from the 4km

The grades contested in the 2-lap 4km race were the Boys and Girls Under 16.  The first four places in the Boys Under 16 were very keenly contested and were taken by non Otago affiliated athletes.  North Otago’s Angus Loe and St Pauls James McLeay had an exciting battle for line honours with Loe winning narrowly in 14:28 from McLeay who finished just 4 seconds back in 14:32.  Not too far behind in third place overall was North Otago’s Camden Burge in 14:50 just beating Queenstown Athletic’s Jude Deaker (14:51) by one second.  Harry Summers of Caversham who finished fourth overall in 15:47 was the first Otago athlete and so won the title

Kimberley Iversen of Athletics Invercargill won the Girls Under 16 race in 16:39 with Siena Mackley of Queenstown Athletic second in 17:02.  Georgia McHutchon of Taieri finished third overall in 18:14 and being the first Otago athlete won the title. Anya Rhodes of Hill City University fourth overall in 19:26 secured the Otago silver medal

Thanks to all the officials, Leith helpers, timekeepers, and the athletes themselves who made this such an awesome event.

Ariki Club Cross Country, invite to Leith and HCU, Saturday 10 July 2021

Rotary Park, Dunedin

Handicap format of Cross Country (5km and 2.5km options). Invite from Ariki (HCU also invited). True undulating tough cross country course held at Rotary Park, Dunedin. 

For full results >> Cross Country Results 2021

Leith Report by Marc Boulle

Leith had five athletes competing: Richard Campbell, Christine Montgomery, Don Bate, Stu Hodges and Marc Boullé with Greg Johnston assisting with the timekeeping.  The weather was gnarly up on the hill with strong bitterly cold squally south westerlies blowing.  With most of us wrapped up warm for the race, we were off. We had to do 4 x 1.25km laps. Stu was off first at 6 mins 30 secs, then Marc was off at 7:15, Don Bate off at 10:30, Christine off at 11:30 and finally Richard was off at 16:00.  The course was a tough one, with a steep slippery camber on the first downhill about 150m from the start then after circuiting around a small forest at the valley below, we headed back from whence we came to negotiate a short tough uphill, then a straight then slight uphill then around the water tanks to head onto the main fields for a downhill run to the far south end of Rotary Park, then back into a forest, with some gnarly roots to avoid, then around another forest, a small uphill then back downhill to the start/finish to begin the next lap, and so it went on for four laps.  Most of the underfoot was grass, not much mud of any kind.  Stu who crossed the line in first place in 34:27 (actual time 27:57) managed to hold out the fast finishing Don Bate who crossed in 3rd place (2nd Leith) in 35:05 (actual time 24:35).  Christine was the next Leith runner to finish crossing in 35:39 (actual time 24:09) in 9th place overall (3rd Leith).  Richard Campbell had a fine run, and was the fastest Leith runner with an actual time of 20:03 (3rd fastest overall).  He finished 12th across the line (fourth Leith) in 36:03.  Marc finished last in the whole field and was the last Leith runner crossing in 38:08 with an actual time of 30:73.  In all there were over 20 athletes competing in the 5km.  Thanks to Greg Johnston who assisted with the timekeeping.

Afterwards we all gathered in the warm Ariki club rooms at the Guthrie Pavilion for a superb table of refreshments.  We thank Ariki for putting on such a fantastic cross country event in trying conditions.  This run will have served as excellent training for the upcoming Otago and National Cross Country Champs.


Southern Field Days Site, Waimumu Road, Gore

We thank Southland Harriers for inviting us to participate in the Southland Cross Country Champs
A traditional Cross Country Run with flats, hills, forestry, creeks and mud!
Distances from 3km for Juniors to 9km for Open and Master Runners

For full results >> Cross Country Results 2021

Leith had a couple of athletes participating in this awesome cross country event.

Leith’s Janus Staufenberg led from start to finish over the 9km course in a fantastic display of cross country running. He was first across the line in 34 minutes 16 seconds. Leith’s Don Bate said it was one of the best cross country courses he had run on and we must definitely get our club members to compete in this event next year- a bus load of Leith athletes.  Don Bate also had a great run finishing third in the Masters Men 50-59 grade in 49 minutes 49 seconds.

Check Don Bate’s wonderfully informative report below:


2021 Southland XC Champs report by Don Bate

On Saturday 3 July over 100 runners were welcomed to the Southern Field Days site at Waimumu (12k south of Gore) on an ideal crisp calm morning, with no ice and subdued sun glowing through thin cloud. Start/finish was situated under cover in the Agri Centre, I must say a very impressive shed of truly enormous proportions.. rugby field size!
The 3k course is a real classic, with everything you’d ever want (maybe, not want?!) to test all your XC skills..
From the start is 50m indoor gravel, 500m easy flat paddock, a 300m grassy uphill slog, and a straight-line downhill at the perfect gradient for maximum sprinting.. my favourite bit! At the bottom of the hill things get interesting.. 1k of muddy pine forest trail including several smelly quagmires where at least one shoe (that I heard about) still remains.. a slippery ditch jump, a creek jump onto gravel, and a cold stream crossing with steep embankment which with skill (luck?) could be scrambled up no hands. Leaving the forest we dance over 500m of fist-sized stoney paddock which would rule out bare-foot running (even for Chris! -actually most of this course would be XC-shoe essential). Final 500m is furrowed pasture that screams Field Day plowing competitions, and a haybale hurdle thrown in, before flat tracking into the Agri Shed to complete lap 1.
The course is tops, one of the best! Congrats to Janus who led the pack from start to finish. I was the only other Otago runner and I’d highly recommend marking this event on next year’s calendar.. we should take a bus load, and give Fiordland Athletics (team winners yet again) a dose of healthy competition!
Apparently the first and last k changes each year, so next time we may encounter a new set of challenges.
Finally, a big shoutout to Southland Athletics for a very well run event, a well marked memorable course, complete with a true southern hospitality prize giving function.. hot pumpkin or vegetable soup, BBQ, carrot/banana cake, orange juice, spot prizes.. all in sit-down comfort of the heated shearing shed! Rate 10/10. Honestly, we’ve gotta all go next year, this one’s a goody

Edmond Cup, Saturday 26 June 2021

Wingatui Race Course, 285 Gladstone Road North, Mosgiel 9092

Run under the auspices of Athletics Otago
Organising Clubs: Hill City University and Athletics Taieri
Steeplechase style of cross country run around the Wingatui Race Course. Distances ranging up to 5km

For full results >> Cross Country Results 2021

For some more photos visit Leith Facebook

Oli Chignell leads Hill City-Uni to victory in the Edmond Cup 5km

There was some fantastic cross country competition out at the Wingatui Race Course today, with Hill City-University’s Oli Chignell winning the Open Male Individual Winner Edmond Cup for the fifth time in 15 minutes 7 seconds in an awesome display of cross country running in muddy slippery conditions.  Canterbury University’s Daniel Balchin finished not far behind in second place in 15 minutes 49.8 seconds.   Third was Hill City-Uni runner Oliver O’Sullivan in 16 minutes 7.8 seconds.  The Hill City-Uni team of Oli Chignell, Oliver O’Sullivan, Kirk Madgwick, Jared Monk, George Hamilton, and Jake Owen won the prestigious W F Edmond Challenge Cup for the first 6 man team title with 28 points. Note that runners contribute to the team titles with points based on placings not times.

The Hill City-Uni young guns were out there again today putting in some impressive performances having run superbly for Otago Boys High School at the recent Otago Secondary Schools Cross Country Champs. George Hamilton of Hill City-Uni had an excellent run after a successful Otago Secondary School’s cross country win where he had won the 6km – Boys U19 – Male grade.  His time today was 16 minutes 50.2 seconds and he was 6th across the line in winning the Male U18 grade.  Second in the Male U18 grade was Jake Owen of Hill City Uni in 17 minutes 24.6 seconds (Jake in early June won the Otago Secondary Schools XC 4km – Boys U16 – Male grade).  Third MU18 was Matthew Bolter of Hill City Uni in 18 minutes 10.5 seconds. Matthew had finished a narrow second to Jake Owen in the Otago Secondary Schools XC Champs 4km – Boys U16 – Male grade.  The first Male Under 20 runner (winning the J W Geddes Cup) was Ariki’s Grayson Westgate who finished 12th overall in 17 minutes 36.6 seconds (Grayson Westgate running for John McGlashan College in the Otago Secondary Schools XC Champs had finished an impressive second in the  6km – Boys U19 – Male grade).  Second (and 14th overall) in this grade was Hill City Uni’s Josh Hou in 18 minutes 2.1 seconds and third (15th overall) in this grade was  Jedidiah Thompson-Fawcett of Hill City Uni in 18 minutes 6.9 seconds.  Defending champ, Leith’s Nic Bathgate was the first Male Masters 35-49 runner finishing in 17 minutes 24.1 seconds.  He was 8th overall.  Ariki’s Xaviour Walker was second Male Master 35-49 runner, with Leith’s Andrew Lonie a very close third in 18 minutes 26 seconds. Ariki’s Glen McSkimming won the traditionally competitive Male Masters 50+ grade in 21 minutes 5.9 seconds.

Under 18 runner Zara Geddes of Hill City-Uni first female to finish the 5km

First runner to finish was the Female Under 18 runner Zara Geddes of Hill City Uni who finished 23rd overall in 19 minutes 11.3 seconds winning the Jenny Hughes Trophy for Open Female Individual Winner.  She led the Hill City-Uni female team of Zara Geddes, Sophie Hicks, Megan Foster and Kara Bryant to the Open Female title winning the Gough Family Trophy with 16 points. Zara Geddes had earlier in June and running for St Hilda’s Collegiate won the Otago Secondary Schools XC Champs 3km – Girls U16 – Female title.  Sophie Hicks of Hill City University was the first senior woman to finish winning the Senior Female title in 19 minutes 26.8 seconds, she was second female overall and 25th overall in the field.  Leith Athletic’s Lydia Pattillo earned a fantastic second place in this grade finishing in 21 minutes 21.1 seconds.  Caversham’s Laura Bungard was not far behind in third place in 21 minutes 34.1 seconds.  Kristy Eyles of Caversham was the first Female Masters 35-49 runner finishing in 20 minutes 25.4 seconds.  Leith Athletics Christine Montgomery had a comfortable win in the Female Masters 50+ grade finishing in an excellent time of 22 minutes 59.2.  Megan Foster of Hill City University Female Under 20 runner finished in 20 minutes 40.4 seconds and  Female Under 16 runner Anya Rhodes of Hill City University finished in 24 minutes 38.5 seconds. 

Leith’s small contingent fared well!

Leith Athletics did not have many runners out there today, but small numbers did not mean small performances.  Defending champion, Nic Bathgate, who finished 8th overall, was the first Leith runner to finish and he also was the first Male Masters 35-49 runner finishing in an excellent 17 minutes 24.1 seconds.  Andrew Lonie was third in this grade in an excellent 18 minutes 26 seconds. Glen Chisholm was the next Leith runner to finish.  He was 11th overall and 8th in the Senior Male grade in a superb 17 minutes 35.3 seconds. Christine Montgomery had a comfortable win in the Female Masters 50+ grade finishing in an excellent time of 22 minutes 59.2. Lydia Pattillo earned a fantastic second place in the Open Female grade finishing in an excellent 21 minutes 21.1 seconds.  Siobhan McKinlay finished 6th in the Female Masters 35-49 grade in 25 minutes 14 seconds.  The evergreen Dave McLean was Leith Athletics sole representative in the Male Masters 50+ grade where he ran a time of 27 minutes 17.9 seconds.

Caversham’s Harry Summers wins in an exciting finish in the 2.5km race

The 2.5km race was an exciting and keenly contested affair.  First across the line was Harry Summers (MU16) of Caversham in 9 minutes 16 seconds. Just 2 seconds adrift in second and third were Charlie Light (MU16) of Hill City-Uni in 9 minutes 18 seconds and Jethro Ware (MU18) also with the time of 9 minutes 18 seconds.  First Male u14 runner was Caversham’s Henry Hodgson in 10 minutes 24 seconds who finished fifth overall.  Ariki’s Melanie Button (FU16) who finished eighth in 10 minutes 42 seconds was the first female across the line.  The U14 Female runner Kotomiyo Cowell of Ariki was next to finish in 10 minutes 47 seconds.

Barnes Cross Country, Sunday 13 June 2021

Dunedin Rugby Football Club grounds, Victoria Street, Dunedin

Run under the auspices of Athletics Otago

Organising Clubs: Ariki and Caversham

For results >> Results 2021

The J G Barnes Cross Country Races are handicap races for runners held over distances and courses approved by the Cross- Country Committee.
Entry to all races is open to everyone, both Club and non-Club Members.
There are open 5km, 3.75km and 1.25km races which are handicapped by the Athletics Otago handicapper, with male and female runners competing together in these events.
The U14/U16 race were held at the same time as the Open 3.75km race
The Under 12 race was one lap of the full course 1.25km.
The Under 8 race was a fun run with entry on the day over about 400m.

Race Reports

The weather was rainy, cool not too cold, and there were many muddy areas where the runners had to watch their footing.  Spikes were definitely needed around many of the sharp corners and steep downhill sections. Leith Athletics had athletes competing in both the 3.75km and the 5km.  

Leith Athletics Report on the 3.75km Race

Leith Athletics had two runners in the field of 31 runners.  Siobhan McKinlay was off 5 minutes 30 seconds, whilst Gaya Gnanalingam was off 6 minutes.  They set about their task of catching those in front of them and keeping those behind them at bay. It was a tough ask as it seemed the handicapping favoured some of the faster younger runners.  The wet muddy conditions probably were more suited to the younger runners.  In the end, Siobhan managed to keep Gaya behind her finishing across the line in 18th place in the handicapped time of 24 minutes 24 seconds (actual time 18:45). Gaya finished across the line in 28th place, handicapped time 25:16 (actual time 19:16).   

Leith Athletics Report on the 5km Race

Leith Athletics had quite a few athletes competing in this race.  By this time the going was even muddier in parts due to the number of runners who had already traversed the course.  Janus Staufenberg was the marquee runner in this field of just over 50 starting runners.  He finished with fastest time of 16 minutes 48 seconds.  Janus who had started at the back of the field with Hill City-Uni’s Sam Bremer with a handicap of 13 minutes 30 seconds set about catching the rest of the field but in the end ran out of distance and had to be content with a 7th place on handicap crossing the line in 30:18.  He was also the first Leith runner to finish. Eva De Jong (off 6:30) was the next Leith athlete to cross the line, finishing in 27th place in the handicapped time of 30:53 (actual time 24:23).  Corey Lewis (off 10:30) then followed in 34th place crossing in the handicapped time of 31:06 (actual time 20:36). Next was Christine Montgomery (off 6:30) in 37th place finishing in the handicapped time of 31:10 (actual time 24:40). Glen Chisholm (off 13:00) followed in 48th place in a handicapped time of 31:54 (actual time 18:54). Next was Tadhg Ryan Charleton (off 13:15) who was the last Leith athlete to finish, crossing the line in 50th place in the handicapped time of 32:16 (actual time 19:01).  Jack Divers unfortunately was not feeling well and had to withdraw with one lap to go.  Leith had 6 runners completing the 5km.  

Leith Cross Country Relays, Saturday 15 May 2021

Dunedin Pony Club, Three Mile Hill

The Leith Cross Country Relays known as “The Ponydales” is an annual cross country teams relay event held usually on the grounds of the Dunedin Pony Club, Three Mile Hill, Dunedin. It is organised by the Leith Harrier & Athletic Club and is open to all Otago Athletics Clubs affiliated to Athletics New Zealand. Open to registered and non-registered runners.

Lovelock Relays, 1.30pm, Saturday 1 May 2021

University Oval, Logan Park, Dunedin

Provisional Results  >> Hill City-University Results link

Hill City-University dominant at relays >> ODT Online article by Jeff Cheshire Monday 3 May 2021

This iconic event to honour Jack Lovelock winner of the 1500m gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics is organised by Hill City University Harriers Club. 

Leith Athletics were out in force at the 2021 Lovelock Relays on Saturday.  We had 13 teams and 60 athletes taking part

Leith Athletics Senior Men # 1

The Leith SM#1 team of Liam Chesney (4.18), Leo Staufenberg (4.22), Corey Lewis (4.55), Austin Carter (4.21), Finbar Chesney (4.43) and Janus Staufenberg (4.00) ran exceptionally well after having slipped to third place behind the HCU SM#2 team with Janus putting in a superb effort to catch the HCU runner to bring the team home in second place in 26 minutes 39 seconds, with just 2 seconds to spare.  His time was the second fastest by just one second.

Leith Athletics Master Men # 1

The Leith Master Men’s # 1 team of Glen Chisholm (4.40),  Andrew Lonie (5.05), Gallien Chanalet-Querry (5.03),  and Danny Baillie (5.02) defended their title in convincing fashion posting a final time of 19 minutes 50 seconds which was faster than last year’s time by 22 seconds. The second placed team Ariki MM # 1 was about 50 seconds behind.

Leith Athletics Senior Women # 1

The Leith Senior Women #1 team of Stephanie Balas (5.20), Ruby McSweeny (5.23), Caitlin O’Donnell (5.41) and Sophie Hicks (5.27) ran brilliantly to finish second to the strong HCU team in a very good time of 21 minutes 51 seconds.

Leith Athletics Master Women #1 

The Leith Master Women #1 team of Siobhan McKinlay (6.26), Christine Montgomery (6.11), Rach McKinney (6.43) and Gaya Gnanalingham (6.12) had a fantastic race finishing second in 25 minutes 32 seconds.

Leith Athletics Senior Women # 2

The Leith Senior Women # 2 team of Lydia Patillo (5.41), Suzie White (5.47), Cassie Hart (6.09) and Rachael Shields (5.47) also had a great run to finishing fifth in 23 minutes 24 seconds.

Leith Athletics Senior Women # 3 

The Leith Senior Women #3 team of Catherine Carr (6.20), Faith Araba (6.52), Claudia Sole (6.40) and Hilla Fukofuka (7.52) really looked they were enjoying themselves out there, which is what it is all about.  They finished in 27 minutes 44 seconds.

The Leith Athletics Master Men # 3 

The Leith Master Men #3 team of Steve Tripp (5.40), Mark O’Donnell (5.19), Simon Leaning (5.30) and Don Bate (5.34) upstaged the Leith Master Men # 2 team (by just 2 seconds) to finish fourth (corrected) in 22 minutes 3 seconds. Note: this report was from the provisional results and there is a query on the finishing time of this team. We will have updates on this as more info becomes available.

The Leith Athletics Master Men # 2 

The Leith Master Men #2 team of John Bayne (5.08), Luke McKinlay (5.21), Chris Bisley (5.20) and Glen Thompson (6.16) had a ding dong battle with Leith MM2 team eventually finishing in fifth place (corrected) just 2 seconds adrift in 22 minutes 5 seconds.  Note: this report was from the provisional results and there is a query on the finishing time of this team. We will have updates on this as more info becomes available.

The Leith Athletics Senior Men #2 

The Leith Senor Men #2 team of  Richard Campbell (4.45), Sandor Toth (5.16), Harjinder Chander (4.59), Andrew Robinson (5.04), Hamish McKinlay (5.09) and Glen Chisholm (4.50) put in a good team effort in a tough grade, finishing in 30 minutes 3 seconds.

Leith Athletics Master Men # 4 

The Leith Master Men team of Marc Boulle (7.21), Dave McLean (7.22), Murray Jensen-McCloy (6.44) and Chris Sole (6.25) consisting of some of the club’s 60+ runners assisted by youngster Murray, ran well to not finish last (well, ok, second to last) in a credible time of 27 minutes 52 seconds.

We also thank our lap scorers – Here is our lap scorer Peter Hughes as part of the team