NZ Cross Country Championships

Harcourt Park, Upper Hutt, Wellington, Sunday 4 August 2019

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Leith’s Andrew Lonie had a fantastic run at the 2019 NZ Cross Country Champs in Wellington on Sunday. Representing Otago he achieved a podium bronze medal in the Master Men’s 45-49 grade and finished 32nd overall in the very competitive field of 101 competitors in the Master Men’s 35+ grades. He ran into form at just the right time and ran an excellent time of 28 minutes 45.3 seconds for the 8km distance. We hope to have his say on his run posted here soon as well as Chris Sole’s who was up there supporting the Leith athletes representing Otago. Well done, Andrew, all that training and dedication has definitely paid off.

Bronze Medalist Andrew Lonie had this to say about his day at the National Crossies

Having not been 100% for National Cross last year, I had unfinished business so planned the trip back to Wellington early in the year. Luckily the build up had gone well this year, underpinned by Tues night fartlek and Signal Hill commute runs, with no winter bugs. After the Grenada Park bog last year the course had moved (for the sake of the officials, supporters, and 2WD coffee vans more than the runners) to Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt – as Geoff Anderson said to me ‘think Woodhaugh’ – although also think crumpled up into a bit of a roller coaster with a split level Barnes-like sportsfield section bolted on the side (obviously suited Geoff as he bagged the MM60 Gold!). Looked slower than Otago XC so the key would be not to gun the first 2k lap. Firm grass/mud/woodchip/only occasional fine gravel so perfect for barefoot – I only saw one other runner in the whole event do that though – he took his shoes off mid race!

The small Otago team performed very well with several podium finishes across the grades. And also was great to see some other Leith and ex Otago athletes do well – Mel Aitken probably had an easy training day for her, competing in both Masters (Gold) and Senior, and Dougal Thorburn won the MM35 title on a low mileage. The combined Masters/U20 Men’s race @ 8k was last of the day. I was very lucky to have Chris there for the few hours beforehand and on the sidelines, made me feel a lot more relaxed and confident about the race.

The only time I slipped in bare feet (not badly fortunately) was on the start line – of course where acceleration is maximum! Despite holding back I still went through 2k in 7 mins, slowed to 7:10 in the second lap and was rewarded by being passed by a whole lot of runners! Hard to get into a rhythm where you could steadily build the intensity, due to the size of the field (96) all the corners and hills. But there was one straight on the sportsfield where you could, and laps 3 and 4 felt strong and managed to hold my own well. I would have liked the finishing straight to be longer for the sprint finish, managed to pick one up before the line before struggling to decelerate in the chute/crowd of officials – those bare feet again! Happy with the result of MM45 Bronze and @ 28:46 a bit quicker than Otago XC, on what seemed a slower course! There are some blimmin quick U20s and Masters in Wellington and further afield though – I think I finished 32 overall in the race and about 2:30 off the winning time!


Otago Cross Country Championships

Waikouaiti Race Course, Sat 20 July 2019


Teams Races 1) Senior Men’s First Four Count 2) All other grades, First Three Count.

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Red-Letter Day for Leith Club
Sports article by Wayne Parsons, ODT Online Mon 22 July 2019

Leith’s Excellent Day – Out at Waikouaiti Race Course

Senior Men’s Race (5 x 2km) 10km

Janus Staufenberg ran an excellent time of 32 minutes 30 seconds to win the Senior Men’s Otago Cross Country Champs 10km Race held around the Waikouaiti Race Course over a 5 x 2km course on Saturday afternoon. He led the team of Staufenberg (1st Otago), Nic Bathgate -3rd (2nd Otago) in 35:30, Jonah Belk – 7th (6th Otago) in 37:41 and Hamish McKinlay – 10th (9th Otago) in 39:12 to a fine team victory clinching the W L Hooper Shield (Senior Men Winning Team) and the Fairmaid Challenge Trophy (Senior Men Individual Winner). The conditions underfoot were generally firm despite some rain having fallen. The rain and wind was minimal during the actual racing although the sun never materialised. Temperature hovered around 10 degrees Celcius. Janus initially was in a trio of Daniel Balchin (Canterbury University, non-counting for Champs) and Men’s U20 runner Russell Green from Hill City University but eventually broke away from Balchin to take a slight lead. Balchin over the last two laps was unable to close the gap and Staufenberg held on for a fine win. New Leith runner Nic Bathgate meanwhile, who initially preferred to sit back of the leaders in the chasing pack, worked hard all the way finishing in third place but second in the Otago Championships.

Janus Staufenberg writes about his experience of the race

“Having not competed in the Otago champs before I was unsure what to expect heading into the race. The course and the competition made for a hard race. After a fast first lap and finding my rhythm I set upon working the steep hill each lap, the hill I’m sure we all enjoyed so much. I was able to break away from my competition by the last lap and had to make sure to hold strong all the way to the end knowing Daniel was chasing me down. What a great day it was for a run and the support from Leith on the course was unreal. It really gave you that extra gear. Can’t wait for the next race, and seeing everyone out there giving it their best.”

Senior Women’s Race (5 x 2km) 10km

The Leith Senior Women put in an excellent effort in winning the Jubilee Cup for the Senior Women Winning Team. Sharon Lequeux finished in 4th Place overall but clinched the Otago Champs Bronze Medal for being the 3rd Otago Registered runner across the line in 44:17, Lydia Pattillo – 5th (4th Otago) in 44:54 and Sophie Smith 6th (5th Otago) in 46:41 were thrilled to win the team title. Gaya Gnanalingam providing well needed support in case any in the front faltered was 7th (6th Otago) in 50:18.

Masters Men 35-49 (4 x 2km) 8km

The Leith Masters Men dominated this grade providing Leith Harriers with a trifecta of podium finishes to win the team title. Glen Chisholm led the way with a first place finish in 28 minutes 26 seconds. Second was Andrew Lonie in 29:03 and third team member in third place was Neale McLanachan Leith in 29:20. Although only three team members count on points the finishing places of support runners still counts in lowering the points scored by other clubs’ teams. So Leith provided fantastic support, so much so, that leith also attained the second place team title: the team of Simon Leaning – 5th in 32:09; Mark O’Donnell – 7th (6th Otago) in 34:10 and Mark O’Neill – 8th (7th Otago) in 34:34 finished as second team. Supporting these teams in the overall team placings statistics were Phil Page – 9th (8th Otago) in 34:43 and Michael Walker – 10th (9th Otago) in 40:44.

Women Under 18 – 5km

Another fine effort from the Leith Harriers athletes, Rebecca Dalphin won the Hill City University Trophy as first Women U18 Individual Winner in 22 minutes 28 seconds and Caitlin O’Donnell finished second in 23 minutes 12 seconds. We did not have a third runner, so were unable to compete for the team title.

Masters Men 50-64 (4 x 2km) 8km

Maintaining his great form, Danny Baillie won this competitive grade in an excellent time of 30 minutes 01 seconds to lead the rest of the Leith team of Steve Tripp – 7th (6th Otago) in 35:33 and Ray Knox – 9th (8th Otago) in 37:25 to a narrow 2 points second in the team placings. The team was ably supported in the placings by Lachie Ashton – 10th (9th Otago) in 37:37.

Masters Women 50-64 (3 x 2km) 6km

Christine Montgomery won this grade convincingly in 27 minutes 13 seconds showing continual improvement in form. As sole Leith competitor in this grade she was unable to also compete for a team title.

Men Under 20 (4 x 2km) 8km

Nathan Hill ran well to finish third in this grade in 28 minutes 01 second. Again as sole Leith athlete he was unable to compete for a team prize.

Masters Women 35-49 (3 x 2km) 6km

Siobhan McKinlay ran a fine race to clinch a podium finish of third in 28 minutes 51 seconds. Again being a sole Leith athlete she was unable to compete for the team prize.

Master Men’s 65+ (3 x 2km) 6km

Showing the youngsters how it’s done, Dave McLean ran a steady pace to finish third in this grade in 34 minutes 14 seconds. As can be seen Dave puts everything into the run, leaving nothing out there. Congrats old chap, we hope to get some other 65+ runners out there supporting you in a team effort.

After the race, Dave had this to say “I would like to thank Chris for his efforts in trying to put an over 65 team together for the Otago XC Champs at Waikouaiti in the weekend. Sadly, I was the only volunteer so I ended up running as an individual instead. Having been off running for a while, I may not have been quite as fleet-footed as I have been in earlier years, but still managed a good little trot around the course. It was most enjoyable, especially finishing, but I was not quite fast enough to catch Caversham’s stalwart thoroughbreds, Ken Fahey and David Stott. A good run was had by all.”

Thanks to Everyone who made this a memorable day

Thanks to everyone who made this a memorable day for both athletes and spectators alike. To all those who helped in setting up and taking down the course, to the officials who did the time keeping and other vital duties, to the marshals from Leith and Civil Service, to the enthusiastic spectators and to the athletes themselves. Also thanks to Club President Chris Sole and the club captains for getting the teams together and motivating our club members to take part in this iconic event and providing magnificent support to the runners during the racing. Margaret Knox, Greg Johnston, Alan Funnell, Peter Hughes, Kevin Blair, Marc Boulle, Stu Hodges, Kevin Murphy, Gisela Sole and family, the Athletics Otago officials and various athletes were performing multiple tasks in ensuring the success of this event. Also to Sebastian Sole for taking some wonderful photographs of the action, many of which you can see above.

Ariki Rotary Park Cross Country

Combined clubs, Rotary Park, Highcliff Rd, Sat 13 July 2019

Hill City University and Leith enjoyed the hospitality of Ariki Harriers for a handicapped 5km Cross Country race at Rotary Park, Highcliff Road. Initially meeting at Ariki’s club rooms at the Guthrie Pavilion, Bayfield Park then with Ray Knox and a small group running from there up to the course at Rotary Park with others opting to drive up there, the scene was set for some keen cross country racing. The new course was challenging and varied with many hills and at one stage some tree roots to negotiate – it was an ideal cross country course and definitely gets the Cross Country Foundation tick. The weather was ideal with a cool breeze, overcast but no rain and the going was dry, so thankfully no mud to splash through, although some there would undoubtedly have relished muddy conditions. The course was run over 4 x 1.25 km laps for a full distance of 5km.

Most of the field ran well to their handicaps. The Leith contingent of Stu Hodges, Christine Montgomery, Ray Knox and Marc Boulle were competing against each other in a Leith race within a race. Marc Boulle was the first off at 4 minutes but only managed to survive two laps before calling it quits. Stu Hodges was next off at 10 minutes finishing in 35 minutes 58 seconds (actual time 25:58) and he managed to hold off the fast finishing Christine Montgomery who was off 12 minutes 30 seconds. Christine finished in 37 minutes 21 seconds and was the fastest Leith runner with a time of 24 minutes 51 seconds. She had to take a break along the course which cost her probably one minute. Next to finish was Ray Knox, off 11 minutes 30 seconds. He was passed by Christine along the way and he finished in 37 minutes 43 seconds with third fastest time of 26 minutes 13 seconds. Other Leith members present in various capacities were Margaret Knox, Greg Johnston and Jim Flynn. Leith thanks Ariki Harriers for a really enjoyable cross country run and for the refreshments and socialising back at the Guthrie Pavilion afterwards.

Edmond Cup Cross Country Races

Wingatui Race Course, Mosgiel, Saturday 29 June 2019


Edmond Cup XC Wingatui Saturday 29th June 2019 grassed Horse Racing Paddock: 2 laps =5km
Race Results >> Webscorer Results Edmond Cup 2019

Bragging rights but no trophy for Edmond Cup race winner
by Wayne Parsons (ODT Online, Monday 1 July 2019)

The Leith Men’s team bring the trophy home after a 14 year wait

It was the year 2005 since Leith last held the Open Men’s W F Edmond Cup Trophy, awarded to the first 6 member team in the main Open race at Wingatui. The 2019 Leith Men’s team pulled out all the stops to win this one. The Leith Men’s team of Glen Chisholm (1st), Andrew Lonie (3rd), Nathan Hill (4th), Danny Baillie (7th), Harjinder Chander (15th), and Simon Leaning (18th) won the Open Men’s W F Edmond Challenge Cup for the team title with 48 points. Glen Chisholm had a magnificent run to lead the Leith Men’s team to victory winning the Open Men Individual Winner Edmond Cup for first Otago registered runner . His time was 17 minutes 10 seconds for the tough 5km course and he finished second overall and was the first Master Men’s 35-49 runner. Andrew Lonie also had a great run finishing fourth overall and was second MM35-49 in 17 minutes 27 seconds. Nathan Hill who finished fifth overall was the first Men’s Under 20 runner in 17 minutes 29 seconds winning the J W Geddes Cup – Men U20 Individual Winner. Danny Baillie finished eighth overall and was the first Master Men’s 50+ runner in 17 minutes 45 seconds.

Lydia Pattillo finished second in the 5km Female grade race in 21 minutes 42 seconds. She was the first Senior Woman to finish. Christine Montgomery won the Women’s 50+ title in 21 minutes 58 seconds finishing fourth overall. Siobhan McKinlay finished seventh overall in 24 minutes 6 seconds.

After her great run, Lydia Pattillo gives us her account of the race

Another Dunners Stunner greeted us for Wingatui, promising good surface conditions and fast times! Being the first “proper” cross country I have personally done for many years I had no expectations for the day but was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. The first quarter lap for me proved all about not rolling an ankle in the deep (and scarily hidden) divots caused from what looked like some serious horse gallops. For me this was where I was reminded of why I hadn’t done a “proper” cross country for many years, thinking “gosh, how will I survive this?”. Fortunately for me my sanity returned near the first steeple where conditions under foot improved and I realised I would indeed be fine. The back straight was the easy part for all on the much firmer and smoother surface where all Leith members sped up significantly as a result of Chris Sole’s unrelentingly motivational support! Chris could be heard right across the entire venue so we all got a grasp of where everybody was in the race regardless of where on the course we were… thanks Chris! The final quarter lap was where only the truely brave attempted the water jump (no injuries to report that I heard of) before we all came into the home straight and enviously ran past the finishing younger age groups, to set off on surviving lap 2.

Andrew Lonie reflects on Tuesday Night’s Training, Edmond Cup XC Race today and in the Past

Running barefoot at pace on grass for 15-20 minutes in a way felt like a repeat of a Tuesday night session with a good proportion of the crew there – no 1 min rests in between though. It was fantastic to win the men’s team trophy as reward and result for the hard work of the group and Chris’s ultra-encouragement over the past several weeks. The quartet I was running as part of (Nic, Glen, Jonah and myself) ran at a solid pace and I was happy to stay with it for most of the race, and then not fall too far off it – or any steeples – by the end! The race also brought back memories of Edmond Cup races, as far back as 2003 when a strong tide of Leith runners also swept down the finishing straight as today, and Cliff Donaldson’s recollections of the Edmond Cup from the 1950s when he and other Leith runners, including the National Cross Country champion, did so well. Just great to be out running in the sun in a midwinter sky, with such a great bunch of people!

Edmond Cup – a poem by Donald Bate

Well today we ran an awesome race
On a track named Wingatui
Conditions perfect for a rapid pace
Ground firm and not too gooey
It seemed whoever made this course,
In grass I saw much proof:
Obviously liked to race a horse..
Some holes were left by hoof

A bank, a ditch, and a pair of steeples
To bound or duck beneath
Were swarmed by hoards of running peoples
From Cav and Uni and Leith

I think that ditch was the testy bit
(A few did chicken out)
You really had to fully commit..
No second thoughts or doubt

Equine vaults and jumps so wide
Such things did make us tired
er But looking at the positive side
At least we don’t carry a rider!

Around we went the circuit twice
Chris yelling out support
With training schemes and good advice
We didn’t come up short

Go you champions our men had won
The Edmond Challenge team prize!
From the starter’s gun we all had fun
This love of running never dies

A message from Donald…….May I take this opportunity to say, as a visiting runner from Nelson/Marlborough I want to thank Leith Harriers for your warm welcoming atmosphere, very pleasant company and particularly those great group training sessions Chris! And this Edmond Cup cross country was quite unlike any I’ve done before and happily unforgettable, a fitting final event before I return home! Sincere thanks also to Athletics Otago organizers and volunteers. See y’all again in September!

Glen Chisholm reflects on his run

Where is everyone? On the start line I look to my left, right, behind and those making a final dash for the starting box. Where are all the Hill City Uni lads and potential winners? Do we mere mortals standing in the front actually have a chance to win the Edmond Cup? I surged hard off the line to ensure I held good position leading into the first mound, all the expected suspects were present and correct, with Jonah Smith, Andrew Lonie, Nic Bathgate, Alistair Richardson, Nathan Hill and Alex Dodds forming a group (sorry if forgetting someone!). Panic almost set in as we started to realise one of us could win, half expecting a flurry of guys who turned up late to tear past us……..but it never happened.

Showing his years of experience, Lonie took charge and pressed on round the first bend, dragging us with him. What tactics to employ here? I know I should conserve as much as possible but what if I slacken off and let the likes of Jonah slip away, which I have been guilty of so often. I decided to mark the front as best I could without giving too much away. Lonie continued to surge at will, prompting immediate responses from Jonah and myself. Down the finishing straight to complete the first lap, the steady effort increased as young George Hamilton broke off the front to claim the junior title, leaving the rest of us to venture another lap with the field whitling down to Lonie, Jonah, Bathgate and myself. Hands were starting to be shown as we made the first turn but were quickly stalled as the wind cautioned us to wait. The tempo increased rounding the top right hurdle, no one wanting to be caught off guard with the likely back straight attack to come.

As expected it came from the man I feared most, the man who had been banking incredible training, the man racking up PB’s on the track over the past month, and with a hard flat surface presenting itself just 1500m from home he took his chance, stretching us wide until we could hold no longer. “Just hold to the top jump Glen, just hold!”…but I couldn’t and I broke quicker than a dinner plate on tiles, slipping 5, 10, 15, 20 metres off the back. We hit the long stuff nearing the final gap jump where Lonie finally relented, leaving it in the hands of Jonah and myself to reel Bathgate in.

Heading into the final straight the gap remained, “don’t let him win” I called out to Jonah a few metres ahead (why do I even have the energy to speak?), prompting a surge, dragging me with him. It felt like Bathgate was 100s of metres ahead and a pointless task to try catch him, so the attention turned to ensuring a victory against Jonah and with my mind finally relenting and letting me switch to top gear I took off, passing Jonah and to complete amazement I was reeling Bathgate in! “OMG I’m going to catch him”……20m turned to 15, then 10, 5 and Bathgate took the tape for a well-deserved win as we ran out of real estate!

While disappointed, I was stoked for Nic, what a great run. Disappointment in myself for being so weak down the back straight, all I had to do was survive a few hundred metres and we would’ve been in the thick long stuff which suited me so well. A perfectly timed attack from Nic, which even though expected, I had no answer to follow. Chris put this to me very frankly post-race: “why did you let him go?” A question for me to stew over for some time to come. Claiming the trophy was a hollow feeling, the man who won did not take the spoils, and the man who took the spoils did not win. Or is that being glass half full and in actual fact we both won? Well Nic Bathgate did anyway! It was such an awesome experience to compete in such a prestigious race, it is not often the eternal battler gets such opportunities.

New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country Champs

Timaru, 15 and 16 June 2019

Rebecca Dalphin and her sister Viviane Dalphine enjoyed the Cross Country Champs
Here is their account of their experience:

Over the weekend of the 15th and 16th of June the National Cross Country Championships (For secondary Schools) were held. Viviane and I travelled to Timaru to compete. It was by far the biggest event I had ever competed in, with my race having over 100 girls, and Viviane’s had just under 100. The course was very nice to run, especially with the inclusion of quite a few hills, and some hurdles. We ran both days, in the individual race, followed by the Otago team relay the next day. The weather was surprisingly sunny both days, although the frost early on Sunday made the race at 9 a little more challenging, but still very fun. And I was so focused on the race on Saturday that I didn’t notice it was drizzling! Over the course of the weekend Viviane came 14th in her individual race, while I came in the middle of the field, and in the team event the Otago Junior team (Viviane’s) came 8th, while mine (Senior Otago team) came 10th. In all the races were extremely fun, with a good course, and I’m sure Viviane and I will be keen to compete in next year’s race.

Barnes Cross Country, Handicap Races

Kettle Park, Victoria Street, Dunedin, Sun 9 June 2019


Full Results >> Cross Country Results

report by Marc Boullé

The Leith Harriers Men won the Open Men’s team prize over the 5km course. With six runners to count for the team prize: First Leith finisher was Andrew Lonie who finished third, in quick succession were Neale McLanachan (fourth), Luke McKinlay (fifth), Chris Sole (sixth), Hamish McKinlay (eighth) and finally our sixth runner was Simon Leaning (nineteenth). This was a strong team showing. Glen Chisholm (Masters 35-49, time 18:22) was the fastest Leith runner finishing with seventh fastest time overall. Not to be outdone, the Leith Women put in a great effort finishing as second team in the 3.75km course. With three team members to count: Gaya Gnanalingam (fourth), Siobhan McKinlay (fifth) and Christine Montgomery (eleventh). Suzie White (Under 20 runner) was the fastest Leith Woman finishing with fourth fastest time of 16:48. Viviane Dalphin running as UNA Under 16 runner was fastest over the Women’s U18 grade 2.5km race in 10:26 finishing fourth on handicap. 

Leith Cross Country Relays (Ponydales)

Saturday 18th May 2019, 3 Mile Hill, Dunedin Pony Club


For photos and updates visit Leith Facebook

Full Results >> Cross Country Results

Sutcliffe, Madgwick set up HCU’s third win in a row (ODT Monday 20 May 2019)

Hill City University dominates the Open Grades

report by Marc Boulle 

Hill City University Open Mens No. 1 team won the Open Men’s 4 x 4km Leith Cross Country Relays on Saturday. The team of Matthew Sutcliffe (2nd fastest time 14:10.4), Kirk Madgwick, Joel Carmen and Russell Green (fastest time 14:09.7) put in a superb team effort to hold out the Leith Open Men’s No. 1 team by just under a minute in 57:38.8. The Leith team of Nathan Cochrane, Nathan Hill, Liam Chesney and Janus Stauffenberg put in a brave effort to finish second in 58:38.6. The Leith Open Men’s No.2 team finished third. Ollie O’Sullivan finished with third fastest time of 14:17.4 in the fourth placed Hill City University Open Men’s No. 2 team.

The Hill City University Open Women’s team of Rebekah Greene (fastest SW 8:14.6), Taryn McLean (fastest MW35 09:07.7), Laura Bungard (fastest HSG 08:33.6) and Kirsty O’Sullivan achieved a comfortable win in the Open Women’s 4 x 2km race in 25:55.9. The Caversham Pumas team of Heather Evans MW35, Lehana Reeves, Becky de la Harpe HSG and Heather Evans put in an excellent effort to finish second in 37:50.5. The Leith Open Women’s team of Sophie Smith, Gaya Gnanalingham, Erin O’Brien and Claudia Sole finished third in 40:57.6

Leith’s Masters Men’s 35-49 team of Danny Baillie (fastest MM35 15:41.2), Andrew Lonie (third fastest MM35 15:51.8), Neale McLanachan and Glen Chisholm (second fastest MM35 15:41.8) had a runaway victory in the Master Men’s 35-49 grade 4 x 4km relay in an impressive time of 1:03:43.4. The Ariki team of Aaron Porter, Mike Horne, Eddie Smith and Brent Halley MM50 put in a brave effort finishing a clear second in 1:10:51.0. The Leith No. 2 team finished third in 1:15:35.8

Hill City Uni Masters Women 35-49 team of Georgie Pakeho MW35, Cilla Dickinson (2nd fastest MW50 10:45), Sarah Rhodes MW35 Aly Craigie (second fastest MW35 09:59) won the MW 35 grade 4 x 2km relay comfortably in 41:19.3. Caversham Cougars were second in 48:37.3 while Leith finished third in 48:45.2 where Leith Masters Women 60+ runner Jocelyn Springthorpe was second fastest MW60 runner in 14:56.4

The Ariki High School Boys team of Ben Lund (2nd fastest HSB 7:44.8), Nathan Harrison (fastest HSB 7:41.1), Grayson Westgate (third fastest HSB 07:58.7) and Thomas McCracken put in a great team effort to win their 4 x 2km relay in 31:53.3. Both the Hill City Uni High School Boys teams finished second and third respectively.

The Leith High School Girls team of Caitlin O’Donnell, Viviane Dalphin (3rd fastest HSG 08:48.3), Rebecca Dalphin and Rebecca Hill held out the Hill City Uni HSG (2nd) and the Ariki HSG (3rd) teams to finish first in the 4 x 2km relay in 38:02.6. Ariki’s Catherine Lund finished with second fastest HSG time of 8:42.9

The Hill City University Intermediate School Boys team of Magnus Pakeho, Lachlan Crumpton (fastest time 09:52.1), Alex Walker and Archie Rhodes finished their 4 x 2km relay race in 44:45.8. The Hill City University Intermediate School Girls team of Lila Rhodes, Heidi Parker, Alice Hancox and Anya Rhodes (fastest time 09:02.4) finished the 4 x 2km relay in 44:47.6

The Ariki Masters 60+ team of Phil Napper (2nd fastest MM60+ 09:22.2). Dalise Sanderson (fastest MW60+ 11:59.2), Gene Sanderson and Alan Nicholls (3rd fastest MM60+ 09:40.1) had a great team run finishing first in the 4 x 2km relay in 41:38.3. Caversham Tigers team of Alistair McAlevey, Stu McCormack, Ian McDonald and Ken Fahey showed what a committed team effort can do by finishin second in 44:34.1. Caversham Jaguars showed the depth Caversham have in this grade by finishing third in 48:36.5. The Leith MM60+ team finished fourth with the Barefoot Mountain Goat and Leith Club President Chris Sole taking out fastest MM60+ time of 9:02.1

The Ariki Green Primary Schools team of Kotomiyo Cowell (fastest time 2:56.7), Maddix Adamson, Riley Horne (3rd fastest time 3:03.6) and Riley Horne won the 4 x 650m relay in 12:37.8. Second was Leith Blue team of Alexander Bork, Roman Meijerink, Tim Niblock and Zac Baillie in 13:15.1. Third was Leith Green team of Georgie Winneke, Lewis Marr, Frankie McKinlay and Archie Mckinlay in 13:22.1. Jesse Willis of the Leith Black team which finished 6th had the second fastest time of 3:02.5

The social 4 x 2km relay race was as always a keenly contested affair with a couple of teams having only one runner running all four laps. It was also great to see the triathletes representing the Dunedin Tri Club out there having a go. The St Pauls Turkeys team of Buddy Small, Buddy Small, Sam McDonald and Lachie Baird won this race in 31:23.3. The Tim Bolter Hill City Uni MM team with Bolter running all four laps finished second in 32:24.0 which was a magnificent effort. The Hill City University MM team of Richard Fogarty (third fastest MM50 8:56.6), Phil Morris MM60, Mike Wakelin MM and Stephen Bloomfield (fastest MM50 08:41.3) finished third in 36:08.2. Russel Lund running for the Ariki Green team (6th) was second fastest MM50 runner in 8:42.2 while Sue Cuthbert running for the same team was fastest MW50 runner in 10:25.9. Karin Drummond running for the ninth place Athletics Taieri team was the third fastest MW50 runner in 10:45.8. Barbara Patrick running for the 13th placed Hill City Uni team was the second fastest MW60+ athlete finishing in 12:57.7. Another highlight was Hill City Uni’s Eric Sharpf running all four laps in 40:46.5.

Ponydales Challenge

There were two runners doing the Ponydales Challenge which was run for the first time this year at short notice with runners starting with the first race at 12.45pm and continuing to do as many laps as they choose until the end of the day’s events, so hopefully we will see others take up this challenge next year. Harjinder Chander of Leith ran 12 x 2km laps completing 24km over a tough cross country course whilst Andrew Glennie of Caversham completed 9 laps for a distance of 18km. Well done guys and it was great to see you out there doing your ultra distance training as part of the Ponydales Challenge.

Thanks and a hearty well done to all those involved in this event: the participants, supporters, helpers and organisers. Every year we endeavour to make this event better than the year before and if there are any improvements that we can make, please let us know! We wish all the athletes all the best for the rest of the season which has some exciting events lined up.

Lovelock Relays

University Oval, Saturday 4th May 2019

Full Results >> Cross Country Results

See the ODT article by Wayne Parsons on this race where there is a great report on Leith’s tussle with Hill City University in the Senior Men’s race
>> Hill City University claims fourth double in a Row – ODT Monday 6 May 2019

report by Marc Boullé

Leith’s Senior Men’s No.1 team of Hamish McKinley, Nathan Hill, Olivier Despatius, Julius Stauffenberg, Liam Chesney and Janus Stauffenberg, who achieved fastest time of 4:03, ran exceptionally well to finish a narrow second in 26:29 to a very strong Hill City University SM1 team which finished 6 seconds ahead in 26:23. Leith were leading the race by the end of the second and third changes but Hill City Uni SM1 managed to take the lead by end of fourth change and keep it till the end despite a fastest time effort of 4:03 from last change runner Janus Stauffenberg. In the earlier races: Leith’s Master Men’s No.1 team of Danny Baillie, Andrew Lonie, John Bayne and Neale McLanachan was impressive in winning its grade. Baillie had set a blistering pace of 4:42 (fastest grade time) for the first 1500m and the team increased its lead with each change runner to achieve a comfortable win in 19:32. The Leith MM2 team finished fourth, with the Leith MM3 team also running well. The Leith Senior Women’s team of Siobhan McKinlay, Rachel Ohlsen, Gaya Gnanalingham and Suzie White finished third and the Leith High School Girls team of Rebecca Dalphin, Vivienne Dalphin, Caitlyn O’Donnell and Rebecca Hill put in a tremendous team effort to win its race. The Leith children also enjoyed some fine running in the children’s one-lapper race.

See President Chris Sole’s report below:

Thank you for your participation on Saturday: either running, time-keeping, lap counting, encouraging, just turning up and being there, helping find people who wish to take part. Thank your friends who may have long past Club Connections but were there. Small things done well, produce extra-ordinary results. Teams perform greater than each part often because people believe and care for one another. You are the backbone, the muscle, the spark, the light. What wonderful Leith participation, performance, pleasure. Each person gifted the remaining team members the opportunity to run. This is special and precious. It is one of our visions: to offer a platform for the Community to participate in a safe, friendly, empowering environment. Running should be fun, challenging, inspiring. Joy is enough.” 

Lovelock Relays Trials (Club Mile)

Chingford Park, Dunedin, 2.15 pm Sat 27 April 2019

The club mile took place on Saturday in mild and wet conditions on the grass field opposite the Chingford Park clubrooms.  Senior Man Hamish McKinlay won narrowly by just over two seconds from Masters Mens runner Neale McLanachan in 5 minutes 10.2 seconds. Harjinder Chander (SM) was third in 5 minutes 20 seconds.  The evergreen Mens 60+ runner Chris Sole finished fifth in 6 minutes 32.6 seconds while Masters Women 50-59 runner Christine Montgomery was sixth in 6 minutes 41.7 seconds. Masters Woman 35-49 runner Siobhan McKinlay finished seventh.  We also welcomed back our Canadian import Gaya Gnanalingam who also enjoyed a return to harrier running in Dunedin.  See full results below or go to cross country results for all race results:

Placing Name Grade Time
1 Hamish McKinlay  SM   5:10
2 Neale McLanachan  MM35-49   5:12
3 Harjinder Chander  SM   5:20
4 Andrew Lonie  MM35-49   5:22
5 Chris Sole  MM60+   6:32
6 Christine Montgomery  MW50+   6:41
7 Siobhan McKinlay  MW35-49   6:46
8 Gaya Gnanalingam  SW  7:15