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17th Leith Harbour Free 5/10km, Thursday 31 December 2020

28 runners and walkers took part in the last run of the year which was on Course One.  For more results and details visit the Leith Harbour Free website.  

Leith Harbour Free 5/10km, 8am Course 2, Sunday 29 November 2020

For more results and details visit the Leith Harbour Free website.  

Queenstown Marathon, Sat 21 November 2020

Queenstown, New Zealand

This also included the Otago Marathon and Half Marathon Championships

It is set between the backdrop of the world renowned Crown and Remarkable mountain ranges, and takes in the best highlights of the Queenstown Lakes region on hard packed cycle trails, this is truly a flat out beautiful course.  For full details and results visit Queenstown Marathon

Leith had a number of athletes competing in this event. 

Tadhg Ryan Charlton was the first Leith athlete to complete the marathon.  He finished in 3 hours 5 minutes 15 seconds placing 26th overall and seventh in the Men’s 20-29 age grade.  Lucy Marr finished in 4 hours 16 minutes 41 seconds to be 27th in the W40-49 grade and 511th out of 1373 runners.  Harjinder Singh Chander, running in gumboots, finished in 4 hours 49 minutes 16 seconds.   There may have been more Leith athletes competing and we will have their results here too as soon as we have got them.  As yet, we have no idea who won titles in the Otago Marathon or Half Marathon as there were no club designations.

New Zealand 24 Hour Champs, Sat 14 November 2020


New Zealand Road Champs, Sat 7 November 2020


For full results go to New Zealand Road Champs Results 2020 

Cross Recreation Centre Balclutha Half Marathon & 10KM, Sun 1 November 2020

Cross Recreation Centre, Balclutha

For results click on title above or you can visit the event’s Facebook Page Cross Recreation Centre Half Marathon

Leith’s Ray Knox finished third in the Cross Recreation Centre Balclutha Half Marathon in the Male Veteran 46-60 grade in 1:36:53 (overall twelfth place). Harjinder Chander also of Leith Harriers, running in gumboots, finished third in the Male Senior 18-35 grade Half Marathon in 1:49:18 (20th overall). Results are still provisional, so this report may require updating. – report by Marc Boullé – Tuesday 3 November 2020

Leith Harbour Free #15, Thurs 29 October 2020

Start 6pm, Course 1, Dunedin
For results go to Leith Harbour Free website


Alpha Street Reserve, Cromwell

For full results >> Cromwell Half Marathon, 10km & Teams Relay Results 2020

Otago Road Championships, Sunday 18 October 2020

9 Kitchener Street, Dunedin

Starting at Watercooled Sports, it is an out and back course, following the cycleway with the 5km event turning at Vauxhall and the 10km event turning at the Cove.

The 10km event incorporated the Otago 10km Road Championships.

Weather cool with mild Southerly winds, ideal for running fast times.

Visit the Hill City-University Athletics Race Website for full details.

Six weeks of total rest key as Bathgate returns in style – ODT Online Article by Wayne Parsons – Monday 19 October 2020

For full results >> Otago Road Championship Results 2020

Race report by Marc Boullé – Sunday 18 October 2020

Leith athletes fared very well in the Otago Road Champs on Sunday morning.  Nic Bathgate won the Senior Men’s Otago 10km Championship title in 33 minutes 52 seconds after a fierce tussle with Ariki’s Michael Walker and also Joel Carman with some others also threatening.  Nic is also the current course record holder (33:22) made use of his knowledge of the course in achieving this title win.  Tadhg Ryan Charleton finished seventh Senior Man in 35 minutes 35 seconds which was a personal best time.  Olivia Gold won the Senior Women’s bronze medal in personal best time of 39 minutes 29 seconds.  Lydia Pattillo finished seventh in the Senior Women’s in 42 minutes 42 seconds. 

NZ Road Relay Championships, Sat 3 October 2020

Feilding, New Zealand

Full Results are available

Peninsula Relay, Sat 26 September 2020

The Start and Finish was at Portobello Domain on the Otago Peninsula. There were six legs to run.

For full details and results >> Athletics Otago Results
It was a handicap format event.

A spreadsheet compilation of Peninsula Relay time rankings on each leg for all runners from all clubs – by Leith’s Tadhg Ryan-Charlton

There will be more photo collages and stuff added to the race reports during Sunday and Monday. 

Race report by Marc Boullé –  Sat 26 September 2020 

The five Leith teams enjoyed a great sunny day out on the Peninsula with some impressive team and individual performances. Leith placed 3rd and 4th across the line on handicap and achieved 2nd and 3rd fastest time honours. Thanks to all those involved in organising the teams, the marshals, the team captains, the athletes themselves and the supporters.  No Leith teams were disqualified or made ineligible for any reason including times, so congratulations to the team captains and all involved in setting the teams up for the relay.  Thanks to Tadhg Ryan-Charlton for compiling the time rankings of all our runners on each leg and providing with a spreadsheet of these results.  Leith’s Susan Craig, Owen Craig, Greg Johnston, Chris Sole and Margaret Knox were all out there doing their thing marshalling, setting up the course, time-keeping, organising things etc to help make this another successful fun event.

The Leith Senior Men’s team of Hamish McKinlay, Harjinder Singh, Sandor Toth, Luke McKinlay, Mark O’Neill, Tadhg Ryan-Charlton finished third across the line on handicap in 1 hour 54 minutes 32 seconds achieving also third fastest time. Hamish McKinlay also achieved best time overall on the 4.3km Leg One of 16 minutes 3 seconds. Mark O’Donnell achieved third best time overall on Leg One of 17 minutes 25 seconds. Sandor Toth achieved third best time of 17 minutes 51 seconds on the 5.4km Leg Three. Luke McKinlay achieved third best time of 15 minutes 23 seconds on the 4km Leg Four.  Tadhg Ryan-Charlton was Leith’s fastest runner on the 7km Leg Six achieving fourth fastest time of 25 minutes 34 seconds.

The Leith Master Men’s 35+2 team of Steve Tripp, Dave McLean, Don Bate, Lee Flowers, Peter Hughes, Nolan Hill finished fourth on handicap in a time of 2 hours 18 minutes 36 seconds.

The Leith Master Men’s 35+1 team of Mark O’Donnell, Danny Baillie, Andrew Lonie, Julian O’Hagan, Richard Campbell, Simon Leaning finished sixth overall achieving second fastest time of 1 hour 51 minutes 53 seconds. Danny Baillie achieved second best time on the tough uphill 3.2km Leg Two of 14 minutes 35 seconds.  Julian O’Hagen achieved second best time of 15 minutes 7 seconds on the 4km Leg Four. Richard Campbell achieved second best time of 20 minutes 5 seconds on the 5.6km Leg Five.

The Leith Senior Women’s No. 1 team of Olivia Gold, Sophie Smith, Gaya Gnanalingam, Claudia Sole, Meriam van Os, Lydia Pattillo finished seventh overall in 2 hours 12 minutes 12 seconds.

The Leith Masters Women, Masters Men Mixed team of Gisela Sole, Marc Boulle, Rach McKinney, Janice Ashton, Christine Montgomery, Siobhan McKinlay finished ninth in 2 hours 37 Minutes 41 seconds.  See team photo and Rachel McKinney’s wonderful article “Peninsula Relay Recollections”  below:

Peninsula Relay Recollections
by Rachael McKinney

A glorious spring morning in Dunedin set the scene for a fun day out running around the Otago Peninsula with a like-minded bunch of locals in the 2020 Athletics Otago Peninsula Relay. A Six-Leg handicap relay around some of the most scenic parts of an already ridiculously scenic part of the world. I was lucky enough to be nominated for Leg Three in the Leith Mixed Masters team.
Leg Three is a 5.4km mostly downhill effort on tarmac that gave me a chance to look good on Strava for anyone not looking too closely at the elevation. Some of my teammates weren’t so lucky which became obvious following them around the course as they tackled some of the uphill and undulating gravel tracks that pass for roads in that part of the world. Add to that a bit of headwind – pretty much a constant if you are a runner in this part of the world – and it made for an interesting afternoon of racing.
Dunedin has a surprising number of running clubs given its size so there was a decent turn out of teams – both competitive and social – but it’s a small place and in reality we’re all one big bunch of runners in different coloured singlets cheering each other on.
First up for Leith Mixed Masters was Gisela Sole who set off straight into a steep uphill on the 4.3 km first leg of the race. As a handicap the idea is that slower teams head off first so that by the time the final runners hit the finishing straight all the teams are racing within metres of each other for a thrilling climax.
In reality it never quite works out like that, mostly because guessing how long you are going to take – especially if you’ve never run the course before – is more of an art than a science. That said, some of the other early runners headed off at a pace that seemed to suggest those tackling the final leg for their teams would only be taking it at brisk walk. But since Leith Mixed Masters were more likely to break hips than records it really didn’t matter.
The initial plan had been to take two cars round the course, but that was quickly abandoned after Gisela set off and I couldn’t get her car to start, only to realise later that it had started but I didn’t know because hybrids don’t make any noise! In the end up it worked out better as we all bundled into (captain) Siobhan McKinlay’s car and followed our runners around as a team, cheering them (and anyone else we recognised) as we went.
Marc Boulle was nominated for the second leg and as the only bloke he put the ‘’mix’’ to Mixed Masters. He had rather optimistically done some calculations for the team on what time we should each be finishing our leg if we were within spitting distance of our guesstimates.
A deceptively short but punishing 3.2km, Leg Two rises from sea level to the highest point in the race, and after we cheered him off it was quickly back in the car and up the hill to the start of Leg Three. There are no Portaloos at an event like this so there was just time to warm up, disappear into the bushes for a comfort break, and get back to the start before Marc appeared at round the bend at the top of the hill, putting in a stellar effort to stay near his estimated time.
After a Covid-Busting hand slap to ‘pass’ the baton I set off. A downhill run is always a downhill run until it’s not and while the general direction was down there were a couple of wee rises in there that slowed things a little. Still, I managed to hold the pace more or less to come in under my admittedly generous estimated time and end up back at the race start to hand over to the Leg Four runner, Janice Ashton, who kicked off her 4km with another uphill climb.
It was a great effort from Janice who also snuck in under her predicted time, despite the hills and headwind.
As we approached the pointy end of the race the runners began to bunch a bit as the handicaps more or less did their job and our final two runners geared up for the two longest legs. By now the weather had taken a typical turn and a chilly windy was blowing in the wrong direction. Leg Five, an undulating circular 5.6km loop was despatched with perfectly timed precision by Christine Montgomery who took as long as she said she would, before handing the baton to team captain Siobhan who added the final leg to the long list of other things she did to get everyone over the line in this event (thanks Siobhan!).
Leg Six is a 7km undulating slog with an uphill climb into the wind made even more difficult for being the last as well as longest, and Siobhan brought the team home in style.
One of the great things about being a runner is that we all put in the same effort whether we finish first or bring up the rear, and it’s the effort that give us the buzz; by the end we were all buzzing. We had a great day out as a team of six, and Leith had a great day out as a club with some decent results from the other teams in the club. We also had a great day out as a bunch of runners, photobombing the Caversham team photo at the end and cheering on the other clubs from around Dunedin during the race, and I guess that’s also why we run. See you next year!

Rotorua Marathon, Sat 26 September 2020

Government Gardens, Rotorua

Locals romp to historic victories:  Visit website for details >> Rotorua Marathon

Leith Harbour Free #14, Thurs 24 September 2020

Start cnr Magnet and Neptune Streets, Dunedin Cycleway, Dunedin
Course 1
For results go to Leith Harbour Free website

Leith Harbour Free #13, 8am Sun 6 September 2020

Start/Finish: Kitchener Street, next to Watercooled Sports, Portobello Road Cycleway, Dunedin
Please note that Watercooled Sports is not involved in any way with this event which is organised by the Leith Harrier & Athletic Club, Dunedin
We tried out a new course and reports are that people were pleased with the course, except for the wind
For details and results go to Leith Harbour Free website

The Port Road Race was cancelled, Sun 13 September 2020

Port Chalmers to Dunedin. 

The Port Road Race was cancelled due to to road conditions and concerns for the safety of athletes.

Leith Harbour Free #12, Thurs 27 August 2020

Start corner of Magnet and Neptune Streets, Dunedin Cycleway, Dunedin
For results go to Leith Harbour Free website

South Island Half Marathon, Sun 2 August 2020

Lake Hood, Ashburton, New Zealand

The South Island Half Marathon was held on Sunday 2nd August 2020 at Lake Hood Ashburton. This beautiful lake hosted the South Island Half Marathon and 1/6 Marathon. Held in the beautiful Lake Hood catchment, the run saw runners run around the lake and experience amazing water views throughout the run. Then some of the most amazing home and garden settings and reserves in the South Island.  For more details and full results please go to South Island Half Marathon

Race report by Marc Boullé –  Sunday, 2 August 2020

Leith’s representative in the half marathon Sophie Smith finished fourth in the Women’s 20-39 grade in 1 hour 35 minutes 1 sec.  She finished 33rd overall in a large field of 204 finishers.  This was a great effort from Sophie who had run so well in the Barnes Cross Country in Dunedin the week before.

Leith Harbour Free #11, Thurs 30 July 2020

Start corner of Magnet and Neptune Streets, Dunedin Cycleway, Dunedin
For results >> Leith Harbour Free website

Leith Harbour Free #10, Thurs 25 June 2020

Start corner of Magnet and Neptune Streets, Dunedin Cycleway, Dunedin
Thanks to everyone who came out and ran the 10th Leith Harbour Free. Conditions were less than favorable to say the least!
Still some great performances from all the athletes and also a big thanks to the marshals for braving the elements.
For updates and results go to Leith Harbour Free website

Virtual Athletics New Zealand Race Series Ekiden Relay Champs, May 2020

New Zealand

For full results: Results

Race report by Marc Boullé –  May 2020

The Leith Senior Team of Nic Bathgate 12.2K (0:41), Harjinder Singh Chander 10K (0:52), Lydia Pattillo 10K (0:41) and Sophie Smith 10K (0:42) competed in the May Virtual Athletics New Zealand Race Series National Ekiden Relay Championships finishing in 11th place with a combined time of 2 hours 44 minutes. The Leith Masters team of Siobhan McKinlay 10K (0:49), Mark O’Neill 10K (0:37), Steve Tripp 12.2K (0:57) and Rach McKinney 10K (0:50) finished in 15th place in the Masters 35-49 category with a combined time of 3 hours 13 minutes.

Leith Harbour Free #9, Thurs 27 February 2020

Dunedin Cycle Way 

For results >> Road Results

NZ Masters Games Half Marathon, Sat 8 February 2020


Race report by Marc Boullé –  Saturday 8 February 2020

Well done to all the athletes in the Masters Games Half Marathon this morning in windy conditions.
Nic Bathgate finished 2nd in 1hr 15min 16sec which is a new personal best. Nic had an almighty duel with Men’s 40-44 grade runner Lee Calderon (first in 1hr 15min 14sec) from Christchurch as soon as the gun went. Nic did most of the hard work in the final 5km leading into the wind and was only narrowly beaten at the end by just 2 seconds. It was a great race to watch!  Nic won the Men’s 30-34 grade title with Lee winning overall and also the Men’s 40-44 grade title.
John Bayne had a fine race finishing 4th overall in 1hr 30min 55sec and first in the M55-59 grade in 01:30:55.
Susan Craig ran a great race in 2hr 21min 58sec.

NZ Masters Games 7.5km Hill Run, Thurs 6 February 2020

Organised by Leith Harriers

Event started opposite 16 Rockside Road, Glenleith
Event finished at the Bull Ring, Whare Flat Road

Leith had two athletes competing here, with Lydia Patillo and John Bayne both winning their grades.  With Lydia also overall Women’s winner.

Women 30-34
1 Lydia Pattillo 0:49:34

Men 55-59 
1 John Bayne 00:46:40

NZ Masters Games 5km Run, Wed 5 February 2020

Bayfield Park, Dunedin

Huge congrats to Nic Bathgate for winning the Masters Games 5km Road race today in a time of 17.04! Susan Craig and Dave McLean also ran extremely well with Susan running a speedy 27.48.

Leith Harbour Free #8, Thurs 30 January 2020

Dunedin Cycle Way 

For results >> Road Results