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The 2022/2023 Track and Field Season has now ended


Leith Lovelock Relay Trials, Tue 18 April 2023

Caledonian Track, Logan Park, Dunedin

Over 40 athletes from non-club members, Leith club members and other club members gathered together for Chris Sole’s Tuesday training session.  This included a first up 1500m hand timed time trial over 1500m.

These results are provisional as Chris had to hand time

The times immediately below were done at different venues and dates 

  • Grayson Westgate 4:19 (note: Grayson did this a few weeks ago in a separate time trial)
  • George Parker 4:56 (Auckland)
  • Sandor Toth 5:08 (Wed 19/04)
  • Lydia Pattillo 5:26 (Wed 19/04)
  • Ash Dustow 5:49 (note: Ash did a 1500m race on the track on 25 March 2023 in 5:49)
  • Stephanie Wilson 6:00 (estimated)

Results of actual time trial which took place on Tuesday evening

  1. Luke Geddes 4:34
  2. Ben Mitchell 4:37
  3. Dan Hayman 4:40
  4. Liam Turk 4:48
  5. McKay Watson 4:49
  6. Mica Goldsmith-Lonie 4:57
  7. Lars Winther 5:06
  8. Sandor Toth 5:08
  9. Florence Reynolds 5:12
  10. Bryan Staunton 5:15
  11. Eliza Rothery 5:16
  12. Corey Lewis 5:18
  13. Harrison Shaw 5:22
  14. Olivia Sutherland 5:27
  15. Colin Tocher 5:30
  16. Chris Clark 5:32
  17. Aly Craigie 5:35
  18. Alex Parks 5:35
  19. Claudia Sole 5:39
  20. Alice Cuthbert 5:42
  21. Anna O’Byrne 5:43
  22. Nina Batucan 5:50
  23. Conor O’Kane 5:50
  24. Jacques Brown 5:53
  25. Don Bate 6:05
  26. David Liddell 6:12
  27. Olivia Blackie 6:12
  28. Ella Redmond 6:19
  29. Ian Morrison 6:22
  30. Riley Homan 6:27
  31. Ross Gatenby 6:28
  32. Anna 6:50
  33. Masha Mikhisor 7:17 (bit late!)
  34. Dalise Sanderson 7:19
  35. Vanessa 7:39
  36. Wayne Stephenson 8:06
  37. Lynne Kerr 10.33

Otago Senior Interclub Track & Field Meeting, Sat 25 March 2023

Caledonian Ground, Logan Park, Dunedin

1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

Leith’s Master Men’s 65-69 super athlete Ash Dustow represented Leith in the last Senior Interclub Meeting of the 2022/23 Track and Field Season.  He ran in the 1500m and put in an amazing time over the distance.  In his first track season for over 30 years he ran the distance in an excellent 5 minutes 49.50 seconds. He finished first in his grade (Men 50+) and third overall in his heat.

Other results to note was Hill City-University’s Junior runner Matthew Bolter, who having put in the hard yards in his training, came within less than half a second of breaking the 2 minute barrier in the tough 800m track event. His time was an excellent personal best of 2 minutes 0.49 seconds. You can’t get much closer than that.

Leith Grade Results

Event 6 Men 50+ 1500 Metre Run Open
1 # 638 Ash Dustow 57 Leith 5:49.50

Leith Heat Results

Event 6 Men 12+ 1500 Metre Run Open
3 # 638 Ash Dustow 57 Leith 5:49.50

Jennian Homes New Zealand Track & Field Championships, 2 to 5 March 2023

Newtown Park, Wellington

For full details on this event >> Jennian Homes New Zealand Track & Field Champs 2023

Leith had Don Bates representing the club as an official.  He helped prepare the long jump pit on the day prior to the event taking place and then he officiated over the next 4 days of the event.  This was an admirable duty he performed.   Without people like Don and others volunteering their services at these track and field events they would not be able to take place.  Well done Don.

There were some fantastic performances from the 52 strong Otago contingent and they can all be viewed in the results

Otago Senior Interclub Track & Field Meeting, Sat 25 February 2023

Caledonian Ground, Logan Park, Dunedin

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

Ash Dustow represented Leith Athletics on Saturday in the 3000m.  The weather was fine and sunny with a strong easterly headwind in the home straight.  He was running in the Men’s 65-69 grade finishing in 12 minutes 28.53 seconds. Unfortunately, he was disqualified due to him stopping to tie the lace on his shoe and in doing so he stepped off the track on the inside.  However, his time was really good and he was still cheerful at the end

1:30pm 2km/3km Steeples
2:00pm Long Hurdles
2:20pm 800m
2:40pm 200m
3:10pm 3000m
3:30pm 100m
3:50pm Relays as requested

1:15pm Triple Jump, Javelin
2:15pm Pole Vault, Shot Put
3:15pm Long Jump, Hammer
3.50pm Discus

Otago Senior Interclub Track & Field Meeting, Sat 18 February 2023

Caledonian Ground, Logan Park, Dunedin

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

New Leith Athletics member Yvonne Mitchell (shown running the 400m in the picture) enjoyed her first time out competing at the Senior Interclub Track and Field on Saturday afternoon. 

The weather was hot with a strong easterly headwind in the home straight.  She competed in the 100m and the 400m sprint races finishing first in the Women 20-34 grade in both of them. 

Her time for the 100m was 15.81 seconds (wind -0.6) and for the 400m her time was 80.09 seconds.



Leith Grade Results:
Event 2C Women 20-34 100 Metre Sprint Open
1 Yvonne Mitchell 98 Leith 15.81 -0.6

Event 4B Women 20-34 400 Metre Sprint Open
1 Yvonne Mitchell 98 Leith 1:20.09 

Leith Heat Results:
Event 2C Women 12+ 100 Metre Sprint Open
Section 1 Wind: -0.6
6 Yvonne Mitchell 98 Leith 15.81

Event 4B Women 12+ 400 Metre Sprint Open
Section 2
1 Yvonne Mitchell 98 Leith 1:20.09
2 Evelyn Armstrong 70 Caversham 1:30.88
3 Dalise Sanderson 55 Ariki 1:34.20

Athletics Otago, Senior Track & Field Champs, Steeplechase Champs, 11 & 12 February 2023

Caledonian Ground, Logan Park, Dunedin

Click on the link below to see the full details for this event

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

Unfortunately, Leith Athletics had no members competing in this event

Senior Interclub Twilight Meeting, 6pm Thursday 2 February 2023

Caledonian Ground, Dunedin

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

Highlights in the middle distance on the track was the Men’s 800m Race.  In almost perfect very warm humid conditions, with no wind to speak of, there were some keen matchups amongst the athletes.  Hill City-University’s Nicolas Alvarez (1:58.59) and Josh Hou (1:58.64 personal best) went toe to toe in the battle for line honours with Alvarez winning it and Hou going under 2 minutes for the first time.  The battle for third place also went to the wire with three main contenders.  In the end, less than a second separated each runner. Oliver Young (Caversham) prevailed in a time of 2:04.74 with Hill City-University’s Matthew Bolter in a massive PB of 2:05.42 finishing fourth with club mate George Fisher fifth in 2:06.25. See the full results for the age grade placings. In the mixed 3000m race, Hill City-University’s Ollie O’Sullivan dominated with a fast 8:51.21

Senior Interclub, 1pm – 4:30pm, Saturday 28 January 2023

Caledonian Ground, Dunedin

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

Leith had one athlete competing at the meeting today in the 5000m.  Bryan Staunton fronted up having running the 5km Dunedin Park Run earlier in the day.  He still had the legs though in the small field of 3.  He was unlikely to beat top junior runner George Hamilton from Hill City-University but thought he had a chance against the talented Men’s 50+ runner Mark Lokman also from Hill City-University.  In the end, with a stiff breeze in the home straight to battle against, it was a procession of three with Hamilton blitzing around the 12 and a half laps in a personal best of 15 minutes 6.31 seconds having lapped both Staunton and Lokman.  Hamilton put in a very fast last 400m but unfortunately no one got his time for that last lap.  Staunton kept plenty of space between himself and Lokman finishing second in a personal best of 18 minutes 59.4 seconds.  Lokman finished in 20 minutes 3.07 seconds.

Leith Grade Results:

Event 8 Mixed 15+ 5000 Metre Run Open
1 # 599 George Hamilton M05 Hill City Un 15:06.31
2 # 612 Bryan Staunton M91 Leith 18:59.40
3 # 541 Mark Lokman M66 Hill City Un 20:03.07

Leith Heat Results:

Event 8 Men 20-34 5000 Metre Run Open
1 # 612 Bryan Staunton 91 Leith 18:59.40

Senior Interclub, Saturday 21 January 2023

Caledonian Ground, Dunedin

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

There were no Leith Athletes who took part in the meeting.  Leith had one official Marc Boullé assisting.

Lovelock Classic, Saturday 7 January 2023

Trust Aoraki All Weather Track, Aorangi Park,
Morgans Rd, Timaru

For full details and results >> Lovelock Classic Jan 2023

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

Senior Interclub, Saturday 17 December 2022

Caledonian Ground, Dunedin

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

Senior Interclub, Modified Meeting, Saturday 10 December 2022

Caledonian Ground, Dunedin

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

Senior Interclub, Saturday 3 December 2022

Caledonian Ground, Dunedin

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

Leith’s Christine Montgomery entered two events: the 1500m followed by the 400m.  The weather was ideal, cool and with a light southerly breeze. Christine is once more getting into the form from a few seasons ago.  She came close to breaking the 6 minute barrier for the 1500m, running it in 6:09.77 to finish first in the Women’s 50+ grade.  With about a 40 minute break she had to trot out the spikes again for the 400m.  She ran well here too finishing it in 1:24.94  to win the Women’s 50+ grade

Leith Grade Results:

Event 6B Women 50+ 1500 Metre Run Open
1 # 627 Christine Montgomery 56 Leith 6:09.77

Event 4B Women 50+ 400 Metre Sprint Open
1 # 627 Christine Montgomery 56 Leith 1:24.94

Leith Heat Results:

Event 4B Women 12+ 400 Metre Sprint Open
4 # 627 Christine Montgomery 66 Leith 1:24.94

Event 6B Women 12+ 1500 Metre Run Open
5 # 627 Christine Montgomery 66 Leith 6:09.77

Otago 3000m Champs, Senior Interclub, 9am – 12pm, Saturday 26 November 2022

Caledonian Ground, Dunedin

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

The Open Men’s 3000m Championships raced with a starting field of 12 athletes was on first with the Open Women’s race with a starting field of 7 athletes following soon after. There was a stiff cold southerly breeze throughout the race, making the back straight a tough one to negotiate without a runner just in front of you.  Youth runner from Hill City-University George Hamilton took the bull by the horns and decided (as he usually does) to take the lead from the get go.  A lead he never relinquished despite the admirable efforts of Joshua Gill and Ollie O’Sullivan. Hamilton put in a 67sec final lap to finish in 8min 39.02sec, within 5 sec of Caversham’s Blair Martin’s 1991 junior record of 8min 34.67sec. See more on this race below

George Hamilton (HCU) won the 3000m race convincingly taking the Otago Championship Men 16-17 title in a personal best of 8 minutes 39.02 seconds having pulled away from his main opposition Joshua Gill (unregistered) and Ollie O’Sullivan (HCU).  Joshua Gill (non-registered) had a tough tussle with O’Sullivan to finish second across the line in 8 minutes 43.83 seconds just shading O’Sullivan who finished third and won the Senior Men’s Otago Championship title in an Otago Record (MM35-49) of 8 minutes 44.65 seconds. Jonah Smith from Caversham with 9:39.22 and 6th overall got silver, and Nathan Shanks also of Caversham with 9:41.10 and 7th overall got bronze to complete the Senior Men’s podium. Matt Dawson (unregistered) 9:02.07 in 4th place also had a great run. Youth runner Jake Owen (HCU) who finished fifth in a personal best of 9:09.98 got silver in the Men 16-17 grade. Also having a good run young Josh Siloy of Taieri footed with the big boys and finished 8th overall in 10:26.59 to take the Men 14-15 championship title.  Leith’s Richard Campbell finished in 9th place and won the Master Men’s 35-49 Otago title and was first in the Master Men’s 40-44 age grade in 10:32.13. Tenth placed Mark Lokman (HCU) won the Master Men’s 50+ title in 11:32.02 with 11th placed Geoff Anderson of Caversham in 11:54.06 getting silver in the Men’s 50-+ grade


In the Open Women’s race, Ariki’s Catherine Lund pulled away eventually from her main opposition Zara Geddes (HCU) to win the 3000m race outright and the Otago 3000m Championship Women 16-17 title in a personal best of 9 minutes 54 seconds. Geddes who had initially taken the lead finished second in 10 minutes 5.8 seconds to get silver in the Women 16-17 grade. Taryn McLean (HCU) who was third across the line in 11 minutes 31.25 seconds won the Otago Master Women’s 35-49 title. Georgina Pakeho (HCU) 5th overall in 12:06.71 won the silver in the 35-49 grades while Leia Silby (HCU), 6th overall, won bronze in the 35-49 grade in 12:28.11   Leith’s Lydia Pattillo, who was an Otago record breaking runner in her youth and junior days at the Caledonian, made a welcome return to the track finishing fourth across the line in 11:44.28 and won the Otago 3000m Championship Senior Women’s title. Ariki’s Dalise Sanderson won the Master Women’s 50+ Otago Championship title in 15:03.75

See the full results for a full breakdown of grade results

Thanks to Chris Sole and the bunch of supporters who cheered the runners on and of course to the track officials too

Track 2
9.30am 2km/3km Steeples
10.00am Long Hurdles
10.20am 800m
10.40am 200m
11.10am OTAGO 3000M CHAMPS
11.30am 100m
11:50 am Relays
Field 4
9.15am Triple Jump
9.15am Javelin
10.15am Pole Vault (8)
10.15am Shot Put
11.15am Long Jump
11.15am Hammer

Athletics New Zealand 10,000m Championships, Saturday 19 November 2022

Newtown Park, Wellington

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

Senior Interclub, Saturday 19 November 2022

Caledonian Ground, Logan Park, Dunedin

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

It was a grey drizzly day out there at the Caledonian but that did not deter the athletes from putting in some impressive performances with records and personal bests.  We will have a short report here on Sunday on some of the action. Leith did not have any athletes participating.  Leith had one official Marc Boullé on the jumps. There was no pole vault due to the excessive wetness from the rain.

Track 1
1.30pm Short Hurdles
1.55pm 1500m
2.15pm 100m
2:35pm 400m
2.45pm 60m
3.00pm 5000m/walks
3.45pm Relays
Field 3
1:15pm High Jump
1:15pm Javelin
2:15pm Triple Jump
2:15pm Discus
3:15pm Pole Vault
3:15pm Hammer

OTAGO 5000M CHAMPS, Dame Yvette Williams Meeting, South Island Combined Events, South Island Champs, (Including Ness Cup), Sat 12, Sun 13 November 2022

Caledonian Ground, Logan Park, Dunedin

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

See all the action photo collages and athletes’ personal accounts further below

Photo by Mark O’Neill

Otago 5000m Champs Report

On Sunday midday the 5000m Otago Champs was the scene of some very competitive running with a field of 16 athletes.  The weather was ideal with a stiff southerly headwind in the back straight. Hill City University’s marquee female middle and long distance track athlete Rebekah Greene took the lead from the outset in a bid to get under the magic 16 minute barrier.  In close attendance for most of the way were the young 15-17 grade fellow club athlete Jake Owen and Leith’s M20-34 runner Corey Lewis. These three were together for most of the race.  With a few laps to go, Jake Owen took the lead from Rebekah Greene as he made a dash for overall line honours and the Men 15-17 title.  After having dropped back a bit, and with encouragement from Chris Sole and co, Corey Lewis found new energy as he made a bid for overall line honours and the Senior Men’s title.  He passed a faltering Rebekah Greene and set his sights on overhauling the young Jake Owen.  He came close, oh so close, finishing second overall and under 3 seconds adrift in a personal best of 16 minutes 10.35 seconds to Jake Owen’s 16 minutes 7.84 seconds.  Jake Owen (HCU) won the Men 15-17 Otago 5000m Title and the race outright. Corey Lewis finished second to take the Senior Men’s titleRebekah Greene (HCU) came in third overall to take the Senior Women’s Otago 5000m title in 16 minutes 19.7 seconds. Charlie Light (HCU) finished finished 13th overall in 17:47.26 to win silver in the Men 15-17 grade

Leith’s Nic Bathgate won the M35-49 Otago 5000m title holding off fellow club runner Glen Chisholm who took the silver in this grade. Nic Bathgate finished in fourth place overall in 16 minutes 48.52 seconds with Glen Chisholm just over 3 seconds back in fifth place overall in 16 minutes 52.09 seconds.  Leith’s Steve Morrison had a great run winning bronze in this grade finishing sixth overall in 17 minutes 2.73 seconds.

Leith’s Lars Winther was unable to challenge Caversham’s impressively fast finishing Ben Pigou for the Senior Men’s silver medal and finished 8th overall and settled for the bronze in the SM20-34 grade in 17 minutes 11.46 to Ben Pigou’s 17 minutes 3.32 seconds. Tenth placed Leith club mate Casey Pearce SM20-34 was not not far back in 17 minutes 16.02 seconds

Ariki’s Glen McSkimming won the M50+ Otago 5000m title in 18 minutes 2.93 seconds. Mark Howard ran a fine race finishing in 20 minutes 23.73 seconds finishing as second M50+ athlete, but due to not being registered was unable to claim a silver in this grade

It was great to see so many Leith athletes out there competing in this prestigious event.  We hope that once more this will be an important fixture on the Athletics Otago Summer Track & Field season. Down the years this event has attracted Otago’s fastest long distance athletes with some memorable races, but has sort of fallen off the radar over the last 15 years or so

Thank you to spectators, athletes, officials and lap counters: Chris Sole, Lydia Pattillo, Mark O’Neill, Marc Boullé & (Pole Vault official), Margaret Knox (official), Riley Homan, Family Pearce, Nic Chisholm and family, Wayne Porteous, Mark O’Donnell, Aly Craig, Kirsty, Ollie and family O’Sullivan’s….

Here are some accounts from athletes of their experience during the 5000m Champs

Glen Chisholm: “Only 10 secs slower than my pb from 2015 of 16.42, big thanks for pulling everyone together Chris (Sole), shared energy makes a faster pace seem easy!”

Nic Bathgate: ” Thanks Chris (Sole) for the encouragement today and for challenging me to enter!
My race experience: It was great to see such a big and competitive turnout, a lot of people running PBs and some high quality racing. I wasn’t initially planning to enter but I’m glad I did, now I’ve got a fitness marker to move forward from in my mission to get back to PB shape 🙂
15:48 is my PB from almost 2 years ago (track season before the Achilles).”

Otago 5000m Champs Results

1 Jake Owen 15-17yrs (2005) HCU 16:07:84 (First Men 15-17 title)
2 Corey Lewis SM20-34 (1997) Leith 16:10.35 (3.10/km) PB (First Senior Men’s title)
3 Rebekah Greene SW20-34 (1993) HCU 16:19.70 (First Senior Women’s Title)
4 Nic Bathgate MM35-39 (1985) Leith 16:48.52 (3.15/km) (First Men’s 35-49 Title)
5 Glen Chisholm MM35-39 (1983) Leith 16:52.09 (3.19/km) (Second Men’s 35-49)
6 Steven Morrison MM40-44 (1982) Leith 17:02.73 (Third Men’s 35-49)
7 Ben Pigou SM20-34 (1988) Caversham 17:03.32 (Second Senior Men’s)
8 Lars Winther SM20-34 (1990) Leith 17:11.46 (Third Senior Men’s)
9 Simon Rhodes MM50-54 (1972) HCU 17:13.63 (3.24/km) 
10 Casey Pearce SM20-34 (1991) Leith 17:16.02
11 Dan Hayman MU18-19 (2004) 17:19.19 (unregistered)
12 Elliot O’Sullivan MM35-39 (1984) HCU 17:32.37
13 Charlie Light MU15-17 (2006) HCU 17:47.26 PB
14 Jono Ryan MM40-44 (1979) Caversham 17:56.85
15 Glen McSkimming MM50-54 (1969) Arik 18:02.93 (First Men’s 50+ Title)
16 Mark Howard MM50-54 (1969) 20:23.73 (unregistered)

Ness Cup Handicap Mile

On Saturday, Christine Montgomery represented Leith in the Annual Ness Cup Handicap Mile. The weather was fine and sunny with a stiff north easterly breeze. She was the second athlete to start and was 40 seconds back from the off go athlete, Ariki’s Dalise Sanderson.  Christine Montgomery set about reducing the gap between herself and Dalise Sanderson in a bid to win the prestigious trophy and although faltering at one stage, found some extra energy to overhaul Dalise Sanderson and put another 20 seconds or so on her.  However, other fast finishing runners had other ideas and she was passed by many of them. She finished 13th across the line but posted a good time of 6 minutes 48.02 seconds.  Winner of the 4-lapper race on handicap was Sophie Shallard of Caversham, second was  Ben Rowley also of Caversham and third was Josh Siloy of Athletics Taieri. Fastest runner was Grayson Westgate  of Ariki with 4 minutes 51.26 seconds, second fastest was Ben Rowley of Caversham with 4 minutes 52.21 seconds and third fastest was Jonah Smith of Caversham with 4 minutes 53.84 seconds

Senior Interclub, 1.30pm, Saturday 5 November 2022

Caledonian Ground, Dunedin

This was a combined Senior meet with Grade 12-14 year old athletes. 

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

Christine Montgomery represented Leith at the interclub meeting held at the Caledonian on Saturday afternoon.  She chose to run both the 800m and the 200m.  She won the Women’s 50+ grade in the 800m running a time of 3 minutes 7 seconds.  In the 200m she ran a time of 39.10 seconds.

Leith Grade Results

Event 3B Women 50+ 200 Metre Sprint Open
1 Christine Montgomery 56 Leith  39.10 (wind 8.3)

Event 5B Women 50+ 800 Metre Run Open
1 Christine Montgomery 56 Leith 3:07.69

Leith Heat Results

Event 3B Women 12+ 200 Metre Sprint Open
Section 2 Wind: 8.3
2 Christine Montgomery 66 Leith 39.10

Event 5B Women 12+ 800 Metre Run Open
7 Christine Montgomery 66 Leith  3:07.69

Track 2:
1.30pm 2km/3km Steeples
2.00pm Long Hurdles
2.20pm 800m
2.40pm 200m
3.10pm 3000m
3.30pm 100m
3.50pm Relays
Field 2:
1.15pm Long Jump
1.15pm Discus
2.15pm High Jump (8)
2.15pm Shot Put
3.15pm Triple Jump
3.15pm Javelin

Otago Secondary School Champs, Friday 28 – Saturday 29 October 2022

Caledonian Ground, Logan Park, Dunedin

This event has taken place

Otago 10,000m Championships, Interclub Modified Track & Field, Sat 29 October 2022

Caledonian Ground, Logan Park, Dunedin

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

Otago 10,000m Champs

Glen Chisholm represented Leith in the Otago 10,000m Champs and put in a fine performance on a very hot and humid day.  He never gave up trying for an overall win in this prestigious event, with early leaders Caversham’s Senior Men’s runner Jonah Smith and non-club member Men 18-19 grade runner Dan Hayman setting the early pace. Glen Chisholm and Hill City University’s Simon Rhodes were going toe to toe in the chasing group.  With about 6 laps to go Glen made a break and had a go at winning this race leaving Hill City University’s Simon Rhodes behind.  Meanwhile Dan Hayman had dropped off the pace leaving Jonah Smith alone in the lead.  By the last three laps Glen Chisholm had overtaken Dan Hayman and was just 60-70m metres adrift of Jonah.  Hill City University’s Simon Rhodes meanwhile had kept up a good pace and overtook Dan Hayman who had fallen off somewhat.  Jonah apparently aware that Glen was making up ground, found an extra gear to keep the 60-70m lead until the end.  Jonah Smith won the race in 36:30.43 and the Otago Senior Men’s title.  Glen Chisholm finished second overall and won the Master Men’s 35-49 title in 36:43.07 with third place overall going to Simon Rhodes who crossed the finish line in 37:10.55 to take the silver in the Master Men’s 35-49 grade.  Dan Hayman scooted in only 5 seconds behind Simon Rhodes in overall 4th in a personal best of 37:15.02. However he was unable to claim a podium because he ran as an unregistered athlete. Glen McSkimming, 5th overall, from Ariki won the Master Men’s 50+ title in 38:19.66.  The sole female in the field was Hill City University’s Master Women’s 35-49 runner Margie Campbell who set a steady pace throughout to finish in 40:24.79 thus winning the grade title.

Leith Results

Leith Results Grade
Event 9 Men 35-49 10000 Metre Run Otago Championships Open
1 Glen Chisholm 83 Leith Harriers 36:43.07

Leith Results Heat
Event 9 Mixed 18+ 10000 Metre Run Otago Championships Open
2 Glen Chisholm M83 Leith Harriers 36:43.07

Leith support group – Chris Sole at 200m mark encouraging the athletes and giving times during the 10,000m Champs with Mark O’Donnell providing much appreciated support too.

Leith Officials – Margaret Knox and Marc Boullé helping out at the Interclub and the Otago Secondary Schools Champs.

Interclub – Modified Meet, Children’s 12-14 included, 5.30pm, Thursday 20 October 2022

Caledonian Ground, Logan Park, Dunedin

Results >> Track & Field Results 2022/23

Christine Montgomery was Leith’s sole representative in this event. She ran the 1500m at 6pm then ran the 400m at 6.30pm. Unfortunately no time was available for the 1500m.

See the results below:

Event 6 Women 12+ 1500 Metre Run Open  6pm
Section 1
8th Christine Montgomery 56 Leith Harriers NT

Event 4 Women 12+ 400 Metre Sprint Open  6.30pm
Section 2
3rd Christine Montgomery 56 Leith Harriers 1:28.4 handtimed

Hurring Relays, 1pm Saturday 15 October

Caledonian Ground, Logan Park, Dunedin

For full details and program >> Hurring Relays 2022 Athletics Otago

Teams that took part:

Combined Hill City/North Otago 
Combined Ariki/Leith/Caversham/Civil Service
Combined Taieri/Country Clubs 

Full results and full report will be available once the results have been made available

It was a sunny but windy day (stiff easterly breeze) out at the Caledonian on Saturday at the Hurring Relays. Leith’s Christine Montgomery was the only Leith representative in the Combined Teams (Caversham, Leith, Ariki, Civil Service).  She ran in the 2000m mixed mass race which had a staggered start (see further below).  She did 8 minutes 23 seconds for the 2000m which was a good time for so early in the track and field season. We will have a further update on the team’s placing once we have the full results.  Immediately below the photos shows her at the start with fellow team members Rob Homan (Civil Service), Dave Sharp (Caversham) and Phil Napper (Ariki) in close attendance

Below is the mass staggered start of the 2000m mixed teams race

Below is the large field for the sprint and middle distance relay event
Photo by Tim Dawbin


Senior Opening Day, Points Meeting, 1:30pm, Saturday 8 October 2022

Caledonian Ground, Logan Park, Dunedin

Leith Results

Event 5B Men 20-34 800 Metre Run Open
1 Bryan Staunton 31 Leith 2:35.53

Event 8 Men 20-34 5000 Metre Run Open
1 Corey Lewis 25 Leith 16:33.88
3 Bryan Staunton 31 Leith 19:24.24

Leith Athletes Report

It was a cool and bright sunny day at the Cale on Saturday afternoon.  The wind was a light to moderate North Easterly. Corey Lewis started the ball rolling for Leith by winning the 5000m at the Caledonian Ground on Saturday.  His time of 16 minutes 33.88 seconds was enough to beat young and upcoming U18 runner Catherine Lund from Ariki Harriers & Athletics Club, who finished second in 16 minutes 51.14 seconds.  Lund smashed multiple Otago records. The Otago Girls’ High School pupil started conservatively before finding another gear to break the 17-, 18- and 19-year age group records by 25sec.

Bryan Staunton finished fourth (3rd Senior Man) in a personal best 19 minutes 24.24 seconds.  Christine Montgomery also ran in the 5000m race, but opted to do 3000m running an unofficial 13 minutes 21 seconds

Bryan then tackled the 800m and still feeling the effects of the 5000m he nonetheless posted a respectable as personal best time of 2 minutes 35.53 seconds.

Chris Sole was out there supporting the athletes and calling times at the 200m mark 
Marc Boulle was there officiating in the high jump and the long jump 

Note: If anyone is keen on officiating or helping out on the track or field, then Email Marc, you never know, it may be a path to officiating at the Olympics, World Champs or the Commonwealth Games 

Senior Program

1.30pm 100m, Long Jump
1.40pm 5000m (note: changed from the 3000m)
2.00pm 400m
2.15pm Short Hurdles
2.30pm 800m
2.15pm High Jump

Weight Throw Pentathlon

Commencing 1.00pm
Hammer Throw, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Heavy Weight

Otago Spring 3000m Track Challenge, Friday 23 September 2022

Caledonian Ground, Logan Park, Dunedin

The weather was sublime, cool with a light breeze with just a few clouds hovering around the setting sun. In the Women’s 3000m Leith’s Olivia Thornbury immediately stamped her authority on the field by leading the field out on the 7 and a half lap race.  She had stiff competition from Liliana Braun from Hill City University, but she eventually put about 40 metres on Liliana and gradually drew away to win convincingly by about 90 metres and take the $180 first prize. Olivia’s time was 10 minutes 3.24 seconds. Liliana finished second in 10 minutes 20.37 seconds to take the $75 prize. Third was Caversham’s Becky de la Harpe who finished in 10 minutes 47.74 seconds winning $25.   Leith’s Christine Montgomery was also in the field and put in a good solid run to finish in 13 minutes 12.69 seconds. She was always going to struggle in a quality field of young up and coming runners. 

In the second race, the Men’s 3000m Challenge, Leith’s Janus Staufenberg did not have an easy time in his pursuit of a third consecutive title.  He led a breakaway group of four runners, which included Benjamin Wall, a non-affiliated runner who looked like he was full of running, Sam Idiens (Papanui TOCH) and Liam Chesney (Wellington).  By the beginning of the last lap there were just two in contention.  Benjamin Wall took the lead from Janus and it appeared as if he would be the one to win this. However, Janus surged to the lead around the last bend, leaving Benjamin in his wake.  This was Janus’s third win in succession and he finished in 8 minutes 23.52 seconds to take home first prize of $150. This was his best time in this event. His previous two wins were in 8:30 and 8:29 so it can be seen that he is improving with every outing. Benjamin had faded somewhat and finished second in 8 minutes 26.58 seconds to win $75. Hill City University’s Reuben Beard had sat back off the lead pack biding his time. Surprising everyone, he put in a tremendous surge in the last lap catching the runners ahead of him to finish third in 8 minutes 38.87 seconds and earn third prize of $25.  Leith’s Corey Lewis, who admitted to the shock of adapting to the pace of the track after a season of trail and road running over longer distances, achieved a personal best time of around 9 minutes 14.58 seconds. 

Thanks to the organisers and the sponsors and the meeting officials and to Russel Lund who provided the fantastic after race refreshments.  Also to the runners who were a happy bunch of keen competitors.  Also thanks to Chris Sole who supported every athlete out there and called out the lap times for both races.  Thanks also to Mark O’Donnell who was out there supporting the runners.  The photos and videos were taken by Marc Boullé who also provided encouragement to the runners.