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If you love road running, track athletics, cross country running, mountain running and trail running, then Leith is the club for you. Since 1925 Leith has welcomed people from Otago and further afield to share their passion. The benefits of joining our club are many. You can take advantage of excellent coaching, at no extra charge, and a variety of training sessions to meet your needs. Leith prides itself on being extremely supportive to all its athletes and enjoys a great social aspect too.

Athletics New Zealand Year is from 1 April – 31 March the following year.
(Example 1 April 2021- 31 March 2022)
Reason for this is this period encompasses a winter and summer seasons.
(Winter season 1 April – 30 September. Summer Season 1 October – 31 March)
Competitive Membership must be via a club. Subscription is for the full Athletics Year.
Competitive Members can compete in all Athletics Otago, Athletics New Zealand events and
are exempt from levies for Athletics New Zealand sanctioned events.
Please email The Treasurer >> Greg Johnson << for more information on registration concerns and options

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Registration Fees for the year 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022
Most of the registration fee goes to Athletics Otago and Athletics NZ levies as shown on the table below
The club keeps the balance

Registration TypeAthletics Otago LevyAthletics NZ LevyTotal Registration Fee
Competitive 20+ years$34$66$115
Competitive 15 to 19 years$34$51$90
Competitive 7 to 14 years $26$35$70
Club Only (social) 15+ years $10$36$60
Club Only 7 to 14 years $6$35$45
Volunteer (not a participant) $0$0$0

Age on 31 December 2021

Competitive: Member who is participating in competitive activities including Athletics Otago winter races, Inter-Club Events, Centre Championships, or Saturday morning children’s athletics competitions.

Club Only: Member who is only participating in club nights and/or club runs and other Leith only activities.

PLEASE NOTE: If for any reason you find your subscription fee difficult to pay, please contact the treasurer Greg Johnston

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CLUB UNIFORMS: Club uniforms are available from our uniform steward
Siobhan McKinlay
Email: Uniform Steward


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