Leith Lads 2023 Competition


In the hopes of continuing to enhance the male participation in our Leith community, Leith male athletes, whether registered for Leith or unaffiliated to a club, can opt into the 10-month competition where points will be awarded for specific running achievements.
Points can be awarded from 1 February to 3 December and come December’s end of year get-together, there will be an overall winner announced as well as second and third placing. ENTRY IS FREE, just let Marc know if you wish to participate Email Marc


Winner $200 Shoe Clinic Voucher
Second $150 Shoe Clinic Voucher
Third $100 Shoe Clinic Voucher

How the points will be awarded

Register as a Leith Athlete15Track & Field Event7
1st, 2nd or 3rd in age grade major competitive event or track & field meeting10Leith Cross Country Relays7
1st, 2nd or 3rd in age grade minor competitive event or track & field meeting2Otago Championship Event7
Three Peaks (any distance)9Any other major competitive event participation5
Leith Harbour Free 10km8First go at a half marathon, marathon or ultra4
Leith Harbour Free 5km7Any other minor competitive event participation1
Volunteer to assist in 3 Peaks, Leith XC Relays or Otago XC Champs7

Rules to Note!

A “competitive event” is any officially timed and measured running race where placings are taken into account. A major competitive event is normally held once a year and attracts many runners from other regions. A minor competitive event is normally run more than once a year and attracts mainly local runners

Fun-runs do not normally count as competitive events, but points tallying of some “fun-runs” can be at the discretion of the administrator

Parkruns do not count in this competition due to their number and frequency of events all year round

The monthly Leith Harbour Free is tallied separately as it is organised by Leith Harrier & Athletic Club

We will monitor local events, however events competed in outside of our region will require the participant to notify the competition administrator

Events must be completed, a DNF will not count

Age grade placings of 10 points apply to major competitive events and track & field meetings

Age grade placings of 2 points apply to minor competitive events

Age grade placings of 10 points in track & field meetings are only tallied for one best grade placing result per meeting

Points can be compiled, for example, a runner who runs the 3000m Otago Champs (7 points) on the track (7 points) as well as top three placing (10 points) would gain a total of 24 points

Point tallying is at the discretion of the administrator (Marc) and as such they cannot enter the competition. The tallying will be detailed in a spreadsheet so participants can query at any time and frequent updates of the leaderboard will be communicated in the Leith website, social media and email

Points table

Average Points across all 19 Leith Lads athletes = 109.79
Updated Monday 4 December 2023 14:00pm

NameTotal Points
Bryan Staunton293
Luke Geddes288
Don Bate215
Sandor Toth212
Mark O’Neill177
Richard Campbell133
Steve Tripp123
Lee Flowers89
Ryan Whitburn83
Chris Clark82
Dan Hayman69
Andrew Lonie62
Corey Lewis59
Glen Chisholm53
Gavin Chin37
Nic Bathgate32
Casey Pearce 16
Steve Stewart16