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FootZone Dirty Half Marathon, SATURDAY, 1 June 2024

Unitarian Church 61980 Skyline Ranch Rd Bend, Oregon, USA

Event Website >> FootZone Dirty Half Marathon 

Description of the Event

“The start of the Dirty Half: The first ~1/2 mile leads runners out on pavement, allowing room to find their groove and the crowd to thin out. Soon they will leave the confines of pavement and head towards dirt and single track!”

Another Leith singlet on recent excursions to the USA 💙🤍

Cheers James Pemberton for taking the Leith colours along and competing in the FootZone Dirty Half Marathon 👏🏼

Finish Time, Gun Time 1:47:24.7, Net Time 1:47:22.2  Pace 8:09 mins/km

Placing: Overall 50/325,  M50-59  2/34,  Gender  37/190

James Pemberton Reviews the Event

“I can tell you a lot about trail running in Oregon. Bend is a small city in central Oregon. It’s a bit like Queenstown / Wanaka. Hot and sunny in the summer. Cold with amazing skiing in the winter. Locals live for being outside on the trails. FootZone is a great shop in Bend. They run various races during the year. I just happened to be there for the Dirty Half Marathon.
It’s set in the juniper / ponderosa pine forest on the east end of town, Bend being about 4000 feet above sea level. They say it’s ’gently undulating’ – it might be my age / lack of fitness or my clever training on the flat at sea level – it doesn’t feel that gentle.
However, the day was perfect. Free pre race coffee at the start for some fuel. Only 300 entrants so after 1-2 km, you feel like you on your own in the forest. Lots of twists / turns / ups and downs to keep it interesting. The finish is great. Lots of locals out cheering you on the final 500m up hill. Free burritos, more coffee and then, rather than a medal, you get a pint glass. Cascade Breweries are there with free beer. It’s a great way to rehydrate at 9am😁 The Leith top went down well. Turns out one of the FootZone assistants has a good friend in Dunedin!”


La Roche Posay Half Marathon, Saturday 18 May 2024

Marine Parade, Napier – to Elephant Hill Estate & Winery

Flat course, easy running. The course offers a mix of terrain, with 55% of the course on smooth, hard-packed, limestone Hawke’s Bay Cycle Trails and 45% on sealed roads and paths

Well done to Leith’s Bryan Staunton who continues to improve his consistency over the Half-Marathon distance with a 38th overall placing in a time of 01:23:58. He was 8th in the Male 30-34 grade and was 37th Male across the line. Hopefully we can access some photos of his lastest marathon achievement

TK COWAN HANDICAP RACES – Saturday 18 May 2024

Organised by Hill City-University Harriers, Tomahawk Domain Hall, Ocean Grove

Full results >> Multi Terrain Results 2024

Visit Event Website for full description of the race and course maps >> TK Cowan 2024

 Brief Race Description

The TK Cowan has various race options to cater for all. All events are handicapped, with the aim that all runners finish at the same time. This event is free to all participants. 8km event (run)- 2 × Long loops, 5.5km event (run)- 1 × Long loop followed by 1 × short loop, 1.5km event (run or walk)- 1 × Short loop

Leith Race Report

The Leith community turned out in their hordes put in some dominant performances on the new tough multi terrain course. This time we had to negotiate the beach and sand dunes twice in over the 2 x 3.9km = 7.8km course

Featuring strongly and determined to run to his handicap and win the race was Leith’s Danny Baillie.  He surged through the field being aware of some younger and faster runners behind him.  He did enough to keep them at bay and won the race in 0:47:16 delegating his team mate Sam Bradbury-Leather into second place out by just 5 seconds. His actual time was 0:32:36, whilst Sam’s time was 0:33:11.

Alice Cuthbert was the first Leith Female 0:49:29 finishing on handicap and with an actual time of 0:34:29 was also the second fastest female.  Fastest Leith runner and running magnificently on this course was Grayson Westgate with an actual actual of 0:29:22 but he was handicapped out of contention and had to settle for 28th place on handicap. Big ups to Hill City-Uni and supporters for putting on this event and to all the helpers with Leith’s Anouk Herrington being there to marshal his fellow runners. There were tons of Leith supporter too and thank you to them

Some photos to follow once we access them

Leith Results

About 7.8km (35 runners) Leith results in bold

Placed as per handicap finish order

Pos Name Total Actual Time Gender Place

1 Danny Baillie Male 0:47:16 0:32:36 8 8
2 Sam Bradbury-Leather Male 0:47:21 0:33:11 13 12
3 Cilla Dickinson Female 0:47:44 0:41:34 29 9
4 Esther Fogarty Female 0:48:16 0:36:36 24 7
7 Vic Artates Male 0:49:02 0:42:22 30 21
10 Stephen Johnson Male 0:49:26 0:30:16 3 3
11 Taryn McLean Female 0:49:27 0:32:47 11 1
12 Alice Cuthbert Female 0:49:29 0:34:29 16 2
14 Katie Smith Female 0:49:34 0:34:54 18 3
15 Tim Hodgson Male 0:49:48 0:36:08 23 17
16 Tess Molloy Female 0:50:00 0:35:20 20 4
18 Luke Geddes Male 0:50:17 0:31:27 6 6
20 Stephanie Wilson Female 0:50:25 0:35:25 21 5
21 Liam Turk Male 0:50:27 0:32:47 12 11
22 Ben Pigou Male 0:50:35 0:30:55 5 5
25 Sue O’Sullivan Female 0:52:09 0:52:09 33 12
25 Oliver O’Sullivan Male 0:52:09 0:52:09 33 22
27 David Liddell Male 0:52:38 0:37:38 27 20
28 Grayson Westgate Male 0:53:02 0:29:22 1 1
30 Colin McGinn Male 0:53:14 0:30:34 4 4
31 Timothy Dawbin Male 0:53:48 0:37:08 26 19
32 Fraser Bailey Male 0:54:28 0:36:48 25 18
35 Marc Boulle Male 0:57:54 0:53:14 35 23

About 7.8km (Personal Times)

Grayson Westgate (29:22)
Colin McGinn (30:35)
Ben Pigou (30:56)
Stephen Johnson (31:19)
Luke Geddes (31:29)
Danny Baillie (32:39)
Liam Turk (33:04)
Sam Leather (33:12)
Alice Cuthbert (34:25)
Katie Smith (34:59)
Tess Molloy (35:10)
Stephanie Wilson (35:26)
Tim Hodgeson (36:08)
Esther Fogarty (36:36)
Fraser Bailey (36:48)
David Liddell (37:38)
Vic Artates (42:22)
Marc Boulle (53:14)