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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Macandrew Bay, New Zealand

Organized by: Dunedin Triathlon and Multisport Club

Sunday, September 17, 2023 Results

Leith had fantastic representation on Sunday, with impressive results and overall winner Grayson Westgate fresh from a hit out at the Track Challenge 3000m a few days before


1st  Grayson Westgate Junior (16-23) M 1:04:51.1

2nd Tim Hodgson Masters (40+) M 1:09:27.6

3rd Dan Kelleher Under 16 M 1:10:27.6

4th Eliza Rothery Junior (16-23) F 1:14:19.0

5th Lee Flowers Masters (40+) M 1:16:54.9

6th Mark O Neill Masters (40+) M 1:17:09.6


Iron Man NZ, 4 March 2023

Taupo, New Zealand

For full results >> Iron Man NZ 2023 Results

Leith’s Richard Campbell competed in this event.  Racing solo, he finished in 9 hours 57 minutes 52 seconds.  He was placed 40th (out of 703 total athletes), 35th (of 536 males) and 3rd (of 63 in the 40-44 category).  

Leith’s Harrier Captain Richard Campbell says it was brutal and definitely humbling

“Just a quick note on my Ironman NZ race in Taupo on the weekend.

It was pretty brutal, and definitely a humbling experience as the race crushed my expectations and just getting across the finish line became the goal. However, in saying that, I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel immense gratitude for being out there. Getting to do what I do is unquestionably a privilege.

Taupo really gets behind the event and there was a good buzz in the town and awesome support all around the run course (and bits of the bike too) with people yelling and cheering which was great. I also had Margie and four other family members there to cheer me on which made it super special.

I had a solid swim (3.8km), didn’t feel great, but rolled through ok. The bike (180km) was two 90km laps, the first lap I felt good and kept it pretty controlled. I was feeling so good I thought I’d push it a bit on the second lap. Bad mistake, I should have known better. I blew up a bit at about 130km then it was a grovel for the remainder of the race.

Getting off the bike my legs felt knackered, and I wasn’t too sure how the run (42.2km) would go. I ran really slowly, however managed to keep moving forward and ran less slow than most people. The run was four laps which wasn’t too bad mentally, I just broke it down one lap at a time and soaked up the positive support vibes. It was also interesting seeing everyone else on the run course, including the Pros (Men and Women) crushing it at ridiculous pace, and almost everyone else just surviving. An Ironman run course is definitely a scene of carnage as the people’s wheels start to fall off following the ride.

So all and all it was a great experience and I was thoroughly pleased to cross that finish line. An awesome feeling indeed (and still feeling the buzz now).

Thanks to all the Leith running whanau for all the support and positive vibes sent my way.”