Completed Events:

New Zealand Club Road Relay Championships, Takahe – Akaroa, Sat 6 October 2018

Takehe to Akaroa, Christchurch

report by Marc Boullé
Leith sent one team to the New Zealand Road Relay Championships which were held on Saturday over the tough but scenic Takahe to Akaroa course near Christchurch. The Leith team acquitted itself well in finishing third in the popular Corporate/Social grade. Team members were: Luke McKinlay, Hamish McKinlay, Nathan Hill, Josh Munro, Michael Walker, Siobhan McKinlay, Andrew Lonie and Glenn Thompson. Andrew Lonie achieved second fastest time in the Master Men’s grade. Siobhan McKinlay tackled the tough uphill sixth leg finishing with fifth fastest time in the Master Women’s grade. Congratulations to the team in putting in such a fantastic effort and thanks to those who organised the trip.

Leith finished third in the Corporate/Social grade. Final Time: 5:24:11

Team Member Time Grade Place Overall Place
Luke McKinlay 38:49 14 MM 45
Hamish McKinlay 40:37 24 SM 40
Nathan Hill 35:01 11 JM 20
Josue Munro 46:24 19 JM 102
Michael Walker 44:34 7 MM 43
Siobhan McKinlay 43:18 5 MW 71
Andrew Lonie 33:07 2 MM 18
Glenn Thompson 42:21 10 MM 45

Cromwell Half Marathon, 10km , Sunday 21 October 2018

Cromwell, Central Otago, New Zealand

For full details of this event >> Cromwell Half Marathon

Shoe Clinic Hill Free Half Marathon (Otago Half Marathon Champs), Sunday 14 October 2018

Outram, New Zealand

Leith athletes enjoyed great results over the weekend. Sophie Smith won the Open Women’s Otago Half-Marathon title in 1hr 30min 30.5sec. Sharon Lequeux finished second in 1hr 33min 19.7sec. Danny Baillie took out the Master Men’s 35-49 title in 1hr 22min 57.3sec.

Dunedin Marathon, Sunday, 9 September 2018

Dunedin, New Zealand

Incorporated the New Zealand Half Marathon Champs and the Otago Marathon Champs

Leith Athletics athletes featured in many of the events of the day. 
See below further below for the Leith Athletics results:

report by Marc Boullé

Leith Harriers members competed well in the various races incorporated in the Dunedin Marathon held in Dunedin on Sunday.

Andrew Lonie and Susan Craig competed in the New Zealand Half Marathon Championships section of the Half Marathon, both winning their grades. Lonie won the Men’s 45-49 grade title in 1 hour 21 minutes 35 seconds finishing 20th overall and 19th male. Craig won the Women’s 50-54 grade title in 2 hours 20 minutes 14 seconds finishing 58th overall and 17th female.

Steve Tripp finished second in the Men’s 50+ grade in the full marathon in 3 hours 28 minutes 27 seconds. He was 24th overall and 22nd male. In the 10km race, Hamish McKinlay was the first Leith Harrier, finishing in 5th position overall in 37 minutes 8 seconds. He finished 5th in both the SM grade and the male category. Michael Walker was the next Leith runner to finish, winning the Men’s 35-49 grade in 39 minutes 7 seconds. He was 11th overall and 11th male across the line. Olivia Thornbury won the SW grade in 41 minutes 11 seconds. She finished 16th overall and was the second female across the line. 

Pos. Name Age Grade Time Grade Pos. Gender Pos.
24 Steve Tripp 53 M50+ 3:28:27  2  22 Male
152 Dave McLean 64 M50+ 5:32:28  24  113 Male

New Zealand Half Marathon Champs
Pos. Name Age Grade Time Grade Pos. Gender Pos.
20 Andrew Lonie 45 M45-49 1:21:35  1  19 Male
58 Susan Craig 52 W50-54 2:20:14  1  17 Female

Half Marathon
Pos. Name Age Grade Time Grade Pos. Gender Pos.
58 Mark O’Donnell 45 M35-49 1:33:19  18  53 Male

Pos. Name Age Grade Time Grade Pos. Gen Pos.
5 Hamish McKinlay 18 SM 37:08  5  5
11 Michael Walker 38 M35-49 39:07  1  11
16 Olivia Thornbury 20 SW 41:11  1  2
39 Clifford Kelway-Pope 28 SM 45:54  28  28

Peninsula Relay, Saturday 25 August 2018

John Wilson Drive to MacAndrew Bay, Dunedin

report by Marc Boullé

Leith had two teams competing in the Peninsula Relay on Saturday. Although our teams did not get any podium finishes on handicap, our Leith Blue team consisting of Nathan Hill JM, Caitlin O’Donnell WU18, Neil McLanachan MM35, Andrew Lonie MM35 and Rebekah Hill WU18 achieved third fastest time of 1 hour 18 minutes 27 seconds, with Nathan Hill getting fastest time of 14 minutes 1 second on Leg 1 and Neil McLanachan getting second fastest time of 16 minutes 41 seconds on leg 3 and Andrew Lonie second fastest time of 11 minutes 31 seconds on leg 4. The Leith White team of Michael Walker MM35, Siobhan McKinlay MW35, Hamish McKinlay JM, Luke McKinlay MM35 and Mark O’Donnell MM35 finished one place back on handicap in 13th place. Here Mark O’Donnell achieved fastest time of 15 minutes 13 seconds for the last leg.

Otago Road Championships, Saturday, 18 August 2018

Forbury Park (sidewalk course), Dunedin

report by Marc Boullé

The small Leith Harriers contingent put up a great show achieving podium finishes at the Otago Road Championships which were held around the outer sidewalk perimeter of the Forbury Park Raceway complex in Dunedin on Saturday. Christine Montgomery won the Master Women’s 50+ grade 5km title in 21 mins 11 secs. Caitlin O’Donnell won the Women Under 18 grade 5km in 22 mins 34 secs while Nathan Hill took out the Men Under 20 grade 8km title in 26 mins 29 secs. In the competitive Senior Women’s 10km race, Sophie Smith finished second in 40 mins 45 secs with Sharon Lequeux just seconds behind in third place in 40 mins 53 secs. Mark O’Donnell finished fourth in 40 mins 1 sec in the Master Men’s 10km race. Well done to these athletes. The club is proud of your achievements.

Leith Harrier Athletes Results

Senior Women 10km

2 Sophie Smith 0:40:45
3 Sharon Lequeux 0:40:53

Masters Women 50+ 5km

1 Christine Montgomery 0:21:11

Women Under 18 5km

1 Caitlin O’Donnell 0:22:34

Men Under 20 8km

1 Nathan Hill 0:26:29

Masters Men 35-49 10km

4 Mark O’Donnell 0:40:01

50th Clyde to Alexandra Road Races, Alexandra, Saturday 11 August 2018

Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand

For full results and more on this iconic race visit Alexandra Harriers & Walkers Club

report by Marc Boullé
Leith athletes competed in the Clyde to Alexandra Road Races on Saturday. Neale McLanachan won the Masters Men 35+ grade 10km in a fast time of 34 minutes 58 seconds winning comfortably by just over three minutes. Glenn Thompson Dunedin finished fourth in 39 minutes 9 seconds. Sharon Lequeux finished fourth in the Senior Female grade 10km race in 40 minutes 42 seconds. Susan Craig finished 11th in the Masters Female 50+ grade 10km in 1 hour 44 seconds. Well done to all these runners.

ASB Christchurch Marathon, Sunday, 3 June 2018

Christchurch, New Zealand

Full Marathon:
Mel Aitken 2:53:42, second female, first W40-49, 22nd overall
Sharon Lequeux 03:16:04, seventh female, fifth W20-39, 62nd overall

Half Marathon:
Danny Baillie 01:18:13, 28th Male, third M40-49, 29th overall

Joe Cowie Memorial 5km Handicap run,  Sat 26 May 2018

Forbury Park Raceway, Dunedin

report by Marc Boullé

It was a fine overcast but very cool day for the running of the Joe Cowie Memorial 5000m race held at Forbury Park on 26 May 2018. The Forbury Park track was relatively dry which meant that the runners had reasonably good conditions to run in despite the soft sand underfoot. Janet Rhodes, starting off “Go” with Siobhan McKinlay, ran steadily throughout the five laps to score a comfortable win and in the process ran the fastest MW35 time of 22 mins 58 secs. Finishing in second place was Janus Staufenberg, who started off scratch, and worked his way steadily through the field. He recorded the fastest time of 16 mins 14 secs. A fast finishing Hamish McKinlay managed to pip Danny Baillie on the line in the race for third and fourth with both runners recording 17 mins 32secs for second equal fastest time, with Baillie’s time also the fastest MM35 time. Next to finish was Siobhan McKinlay, and she was followed in quick succession by Steve Tripp, Andrew Lonie, Christine Montgomery (fastest MW50 22mins 8 secs), Mark O’Donnell and John Bayne (fastest MM50 time 19mins 21 secs). Sophie Smith, with the fastest female time for the day of 20 mins 2 secs was next to finish, with Glenn Thompson close behind her. Newcomer Nic Wooliscroft finished next, just in front of Chris Sole, Cecilia Crooks (fastest WU20 20mins 22secs), Nolan Hill, and Caitlin O’Donnell (fastest WU18 22mins 13secs). Jim Flynn completed two laps in 19mins 16secs, Ryan O’Donnell ran one lap in 4mins 35secs and Alexia White enjoyed completing a 400m run.

Gore Marathon, Sunday 29 April 2018

Gore, New Zealand

Conditions were near to perfect for the 2018 Gore Half Marathon, 12km and 6km events which were held on Sunday, April 29th. Only one Leith runner took part this year. Susan Craig ran the 12km event. It was not a very big field this year. Only 16 women and 11 men ran the 12km and Susan was 9th woman overall but 2nd woman 50+. Her time was 1:17:14.

Hamburg Marathon, Germany, 28 April 2018

Competing even further afield was Michael Walker who ran the Hamburg Marathon, finishing with the time of 3 hours and 29 minutes.

Southern Lakes Half Marathon, 24 March 2018

Queenstown, New Zealand

Leith Harriers Report by Marc Boullé

The Leith club members who participated in the Southern Lakes Half Marathon held on a course starting in the Cardrona Valley and finishing on the Lake Wanaka waterfront were very successful. Leading the way was Glen Ferguson who ran 1 hour 13 minutes and 57 seconds to finish fourth overall and first in the Masters Men 50-59 age group. He was followed home by Mel Aitken who completed the course in 1 hour 18 mins and 54 seconds to be 6th overall, and first Masters Woman 40-49. Sharon Lequeux finished 17th overall in a time of 1 hour 27 mins and 20 seconds and placed 2nd Open Woman. Susan Craig was 12th in the Masters Women 50-59 age grade and 197th overall, running a time of 2 hours 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


Port Chalmers to Dunedin, New Zealand

Leith Harriers Report by Marc Boullé:
Leith’s Sharon Lequeux achieved a second placed finish overall on handicap at the Port Chalmers to Dunedin Road Race held on Sunday. She also won the Women’s grade on handicap and third fastest time with her actual time being 52 minutes 50 seconds. Her overall time placing was ninth which is very impressive. Andrew Lonie was also impressive finishing with second fastest time of 47 minutes 22 seconds and fourteenth on handicap. Not far behind him was Hamish McKinlay with third fastest time of 49 minutes 18 seconds and eighth on handicap. Susan Craig started off go and finished 25th on handicap in an actual time of 1 min 24.06 seconds.

Leith Results

Port Road Race By Handicap
2 Sharon Lequeux LEIT Female 1:14:50 52:50 +22:00
8 Hamish McKinlay LEIT Male 1:16:18 49:18 +27:00
14 Andrew Lonie LEIT Male 1:17:22 47:22 +30:00
25 Susan Craig LEIT Female 1:24:06 1:24:06 +0:00

Port Road Race by Time
2 Andrew Lonie LEIT Male 47:22
3 Hamish McKinlay LEIT Male 49:18
9 Sharon Lequeux LEIT Female 52:50
28 Susan Craig LEIT Female 1:24:06