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Tamaki steps 2023, Saturday 30 December 2023

Nelson, New Zealand

Results >> Tamaki Steps 2023 Results

Hilary Laurence and Simon Leaning competed in this event while in holiday in Nelson. Simon completed the 6.5km in 32:14.5 finishing 4th overall. Hilary opted to walk the distance in 1:04:24.1 finishing second in the women’s walk and third overall. Those stairs look steeper than any step section in Dunedin. We will have to get an assessment from Simon and Hilary once they are both back in Dunedin

New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty Queenstown Marathon, Saturday, 18 November 2023

Queenstown, New Zealand

For full results >> Queenstown Marathon Results

Leith had a number of runners competing in this event

Full marathon: NET TIME: 03:02:21
PLACE 34 OF 1836, Female 6 of  718, Female 30-39 grade 3 OF 191

Full marathon: NET TIME: 04:07:37
PLACE 633 OF 1838, Male 487 of 1118, Male 20-29 grade 182 of 362

Full marathon: NET TIME: 04:46:01
PLACE 1159 OF 1838, Female 360 of 720, Female 30-39 grade 113 of 191

1okm: NET TIME: 00:44:13, PLACE 36 of 2334, Female 9 OF 1613, Female 20-29 grade 3 of 306


Barfoot & Thompson Auckland Marathon, Sunday 29 October 2023
Auckland, New Zealand

For full results visit >> Auckland Marathon Results/Records

Leith had three athletes representing the club in the Marathon and Half-Marathon. Richard and Margie Campbell ran the Marathon, whilst Bryan Staunton ran the Half-Marathon.

Margie Campbell shone in the Full Marathon

Margie Campbell had a fantastic run, her net time of 02:57:52 placed her 2nd in the female M35-39 category (out of 63), 4th female overall (out of 443) and overall 61st out of 1765 runners

Richard Campbell also had a great run finishing in a net time of 03:03:03′ He placed 98th overall (out of 1765), 92nd male runner (out of 1322) and was 17th out of 145 in the male 40-44 category

Bryan Stauntion gets a PB in the Half-Marathon

Bryan Staunton ran a fantastic personal best of 01:27:06 (net time). He finished 13th out of 398 in the male 30-34 category, 72nd out of 2372 male runners, 82nd out of 4292 runners overall


CROSS RECREATION CENTRE BALCLUTHA HALF MARATHON & 10KM, Sat 14 October 2023 (Otago Half Marathon Champs)

Balclutha, Otago

Full Otago Half Marathon Results >> Road Results 2023

Leith Otago Half Marathon Champs Results

Agnetha Korevaar took line honours in the Women’s grade, winning the Women’s 35-49 grade Otago Half Marathon Champs title.  Her time was 1 hour 32 minutes 16 seconds. Alice Cuthbert finished first in the Open Women’s grade in 1 hour 41 minutes 28 seconds winning the Senior Women’s Half Marathon title

In the Men’s grades Nic Bathgate achieved line honours in winning the Master Men’s 35-49 Otago Half Marathon Title. His time was 1 hour 18 minutes 43 seconds. Liam Turk finished third overall and second in the Otago Half Marathon Champs Senior Men’s grade in 1 hour 23 minutes. Bryan Staunton finished sixth overall in finishing third in the Otago Half Marathon Champs Senior Men’s grade in 1 hour 29 miniutes 35 seconds .

Ashley Dustow finished third in the Men’s 60+ age grade. His excellent time of 1 hour 46 minutes 29 seconds earned him the MM65+ Otago Half Marathon Championship title

Leith 10km Results

Sue Hendry had an excellent win in the Women’s 45-59 grade.  Her time was 50 minutes 8 seconds

51st Leith Harbour Free 5/10km, 6pm, Thursday 6pm 28 September 2023

Course 1 – Start/Finish opposite Kayak Club, Neptune/Magnet Streets, Dunedin

It is a free monthly community time trial. Run the 10km or run/walk the 5km along along Te Aka Ōtākou shared path

This event has taken place

For more details results and reports >> Leith Harbour Free

Round Rarotonga 32km, Sat 23 Sep 2023


Sue Hendry excelled at this event.  She covered the 32km in 2 hours 50 minutes 45 seconds to finish first in the Women’s 55-64 age grade and 7th woman overall

Sue had this to say about her experience of the race

“For those of you lucky enough to have been to the beautiful Cook Islands will know that Rarotonga has a circumference of 32 kilometres. In the last weekend of September every year since 1977 the RRRR takes place and attracts runners from all around the world. The Men’s and Women’s CR are 1:38 and 2:07 (early years of Race Hx) respectively. The Italian winner completed the course in 1 hour 51 min and this was the fastest in the last 27 years. The winning woman from Hawaii ran 2 hours 34 min. Over recent years, a 10km has been added. An 8.5km Nutters across island event on another date, is mostly un-runnable (as we found out)!

The 32km race distance is interesting as it can’t be treated as a half marathon or a marathon. I chose to think of it as a marathon where you didn’t have to run the last 10km – perfect. The race starts early (5.30am) and right from the first “Kia orana” at briefing until being drummed into the finish line and being presented with a coconut, the event was amazing. The local girl guides have drink stations set up around every 3 km. There were plenty of high fives and kia oranas as you went through. There were many drums and ukeles as you went past certain spots, so it was hard to get into a bad place with so much happiness around you.

I thoroughly recommend this race to anyone who wants to complete an event then have a few days of R and R. Just don’t expect any live stream results. It’s island time. I did get the results a couple of days later, but still haven’t received the race photos. I was happy with my 2 hours 50 minutes to finish first in the over 50s and 7th woman overall. Training must be working. (Tuesday’s training)

Port Chalmers to Dunedin Road Race, Saturday 23 September 2023

Dunedin, New Zealand

Organised by Athletics Otago

For official AO Newfeed >> Port Road Race 2023

Results now available >> Road Results 2023

The Port Road Race is a handicap distance race of 10km that starts in Port Chalmers and ends in Magnet Street Dunedin. The race has long been popular with Dunedin Harrier Clubs since its inception in 1902. The installation of the The Te Aka Ōtākou Tānga: The Winding Vine Shared cycleway, has unleashed new life into this historic race and we are delighted that the race will go ahead in 2023.

Leith Report and Results

Weather: Cool, slight tailwind, light drizzle

The first Leith Athlete across the line was Simon Leaning leading the first of the Leith Blue Wave home.  Nina Batucan was the first Leith female to cross the line finishing in third place. Grayson Westgate achieved second fastest time overall of 33 minutes 50 seconds with MM35-49 runner Phil Petersen fifth fastest in  0:35:59 to finish as fastest MM35-49 runner. Liam Turk was ninth fastest in 0:36:43 while Simon Leaning (11th) was the fastest MM50-64 runner in 0:37:54  Claudia Sole was the fastest female in an excellent 0:41:03, with Alice Cuthbert second in 0:42:39 and Nina Batucan third 0:44:02 completing the Leith trifecta.

Check the full Leith results on handicap further below and the fastest times results can be viewed via the full results link above.  Leith also finished first and third in the teams placings. 

10km Run Team’s Race (first 6 from same club across the line)
1 Leith 1 8, 10, 13, 15, 16, 18 80 points
2 Caversham 1, 2, 12, 14, 26, 30 85 points
3 Leith 2 19, 21, 28, 31, 33, 39 171 points

Leith Results on handicap:

8 245 Simon Leaning LEIT 10km MM50-64 Male 1:07:54 +30:00
10 246 Bryan Staunton LEIT 10km SM Male 1:08:06 +30:00
13 254 Phil Petersen LEIT 10km MM35-49 Male 1:08:59 +33:00
15 231 Nina Batucan LEIT 10km SW Female 1:09:02 +25:00
16 237 Claudia Sole LEIT 10km SW Female 1:09:03 +28:00
18 236 David Liddell LEIT 10km SM Male 1:09:26 +28:00
19 252 Liam Turk LEIT 10km SM Male 1:09:43 +33:00
20 229 Caitlin O’Brien COM 10km SW Female 1:09:46 +25:00
21 260 Grayson Westgate LEIT 10km SM Male 1:09:50 +36:00
28 235 Harjinder Chander LEIT 10km SM Male 1:10:24 +27:30
31 249 Ryan Whitburn LEIT 10km SM Male 1:10:30 +32:00
33 240 Alice Cuthbert LEIT 10km SW Female 1:10:39 +28:00
39 225 VIc Artates LEIT 10km MM35-49 Male 1:11:35 +23:00
45 212 Maren Richter LEIT 10km SW Female 1:12:41 +15:00
47 232 Josue Munro LEIT 10km SM Male 1:13:51 +25:00
49 243 Florence Reynolds LEIT 10km SW Female 1:13:59 +28:00

A great group photo taken of many of the participants

Lar Winther took beautiful photos as the Blue Wave headed towards the finish



Emersons Dunedin Marathon, Sunday 10 Sept 2023


Organised by Caversham Harrier & Athletic Club

Event Website for full results >> Emersons Dunedin Marathon

See Road Results 2023 for the Otago Marathon Champion Results >> Road Results 2023


The Full Marathon also doubles as the Otago Marathon Championship. To be eligible, marathoners must be members of an Athletics Otago Club.

The Dunedin Marathon had been run annually starting from 1979 until being interrupted by Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, the event made a successful return with brand new courses and a new named sponsor, Emerson’s. In 2023, the event will be held with the courses introduced in 2022, finishing once again at the site of the named sponsor, Emerson’s

Leith Athletes Results

Photos by Tim Dawbin – Hill City-University + 3 by Leith

Well done to all Leith Athletes and Training Group Athletes

Full Marathon:

Margie Campbell, first in the Otago Marathon Champs 02:57:39 Master Women (35-49)
11 MARGIE CAMPBELL (#391) 02:57:39 Masters (35-49) (2) Female (2)

Lydia Pattillo, second in the Otago Marathon Champs 3:22:31 Master Master Women (35-49)
45 LYDIA PATTILLO (#228) 03:22:31 Masters (35-49) (6) Female (8) PB

Liam Turk, third in the Otago Marathon Champs 3:01:14 Senior Men
16 LIAM TURK (#110) 03:01:14 Senior (under 35) (12) Male (14) PB

Vic Artates, second in the Otago Marathon Champs 4:29:07 Master Men (35-49) 
244 VIC ARTATES (#214) 04:29:07 Masters (35-49) (38) Male (188)

Dave McLean, first in the Otago Marathon Champs 5:09:43, Master Men (65+)
315 DAVE MCLEAN (#381) 05:09:43 Masters 50 and over (33) Male (242)

Half Marathon

8 SIMON LEANING (#1000) 01:21:32 Masters 50 and over (2) Male (8)

20 BRYAN STAUNTON (#571) 01:24:16 Senior (under 35) (13) Male (18) PB

24 RYAN WHITBURN (#1391) 01:26:24 Senior (under 35) (17) Male (22) PB

25 HAMISH CARTER (#850) 01:26:29 Senior (under 35) (18) Male (23) PB

36 DAVID LIDDELL (#1355) 01:28:33 Senior (under 35) (26) Male (32) PB

55 MARK O’ NEILL (#1387) 01:31:16 Masters (35-49) (9) Male (49)

68 ALICE CUTHBERT (#1367) 01:33:27 Senior (under 35) (8) Female (9)

94 CHRIS CLARK (#411) 01:35:47 Masters (35-49) (16) Male (81)

97 HAYDEN SCORRINGE (#628) 01:36:00 Masters (35-49) (17) Male (84) 12min PB!

123 VICCI HOLDSWORTH (#943) 01:39:01 Senior (under 35) (13) Female (18)

207 SANDOR TOTH (#1379) 01:44:58 Senior (under 35) (113) Male (168)

212 ADELAIDE ROPER (#693) 01:45:22 Senior (under 35) (33) Female (41)

378 RACHAEL MCKINNEY (#1346) 01:56:26 Masters 50 and over (7) Female (117)

728 VALERIE CLEVERLEY (#531) 02:20:14 Masters 50 and over (27) Female (343)


12 NEALE MCLANACHAN (#2915) 00:38:40 Masters (35-49) (1) Male (11)

41 PITA FINCHAM (#2608) 00:46:13 Masters (35-49) (8) Male (32)

53 SUE HENDRY (#2780) 00:48:26 Masters 50 and over (4) Female (15)

64 HARRIE CHANDER (#2765) 00:49:57 Senior (under 35) (31) Male (48)

70 RACHEL OLSEN (#2729) 00:50:08 Masters (35-49) (7) Female (19)

93 KATE ROBERTS (#2653) 00:53:20 Senior (under 35) (15) Female (29)

227 IMOGEN HOLMSTEAD-SCOTT (#2545) 01:02:06 Senior (under 35) (67)Female (121)

10km Recreational Walk

1 DONALD BATE (#3599) 01:04:47 Masters 50 and over (1) Male (1) 01:04:47


50th Leith Harbour Free 5/10km, 9am, Sunday 27 August 2023

Course 2 – Start/Finish opposite Watercooled Sports, 9 Kitchener Street, Dunedin

It is a free monthly community time trial. Run the 10km or run/walk the 5km along along Te Aka Ōtākou shared path. Arrive 8.45am to collect bibs. Wheetchair and Pram friendly.  All wecome!

For more details results and reports >> Leith Harbour Free

Otago Road Champs, 1pm Saturday 19 August 2023

Te Aka Ōtākou shared path, corner Neptune/Magnet Street

Results >> Road Results 2023

Race Report

Janus Staufenberg was in a class of his own, winning the Senior Men’s title in 31:32 this year again. Olivia Thornbury again dominated the women’s field in winning the Senior Women grade in 36:46. The racers battled a strong head wind to the half point. Lucky the return path was easier.

Alex Witt from HCYU was second in the SM grade in 33:28. Third was Luke Geddes HCYU SM in 35:56

Liliana Braun from HCYU was second in the SW grade in 38:16. Third was Leith’s Margie Campbell in 39:21. Leith Athletic’s competing in this grade were 5th Alice Cuthbert in 42:51 and 6th Claudia Sole in 44:37

Leith’s Jamie Ward took out MM35-49 title champion’s in 42:05

Leith’s Ash Dustow prevailed in the MM65+ grade in 46:13. Philip Morris from
HCYU finished second in 52:09. Dave McLean from Leith finished in 58:05 

Simon Rhodes from HCYU won the MM50-64 grade in 38:05. Leith’s Simon Leaning finished second in 40:30. Brent Halley from ARIK finished third in 43:43

Also Corey Lewis was running in the 10km UNA (Community) colours in the SM grade finishing in 36:35. And Sandor Toth finished in the SM grade in 40:53 

In the 5km race Sue Hendry from Leith won the MW50-64 grade in 22:49

Leith’s Donald Bate won the MM50-64 walk 5km in 32:45

Sandor Toth this to say about the Otago Champs

Competing in the Otago Road Champs for the first time this Sunday was a great experience, and had all the makings of a memorable race. The temperature was cool, and a strong nor’easter was blowing down the harbour. Arriving early, I got to see the start/finish on Magnet Street begin to buzz with competitors arriving for warm up jogs/strides, and spectators/family/friends braving a beautiful Dunedin day, keeping warm, chatting and laughing in penguin huddles. When the race began, the pace was immediately hot, and I decided to reject my impulse to follow the mid-pack at sub 3:30/km pace, and settled into a pace that could see me home in around 40 minutes. By the middle of the race I was very glad for my strategy, despite paying the price of running solo into the headwind even though drafting behind others would have been advantageous. The tailwind home was a great morale boost. Overall it was a gutsy performance by everyone out there, and I was happy to put in a strong, consistent effort throughout the race without needing to ‘recover’ halfway into the race due to going out too hard. I highly recommend the Leith Harbour Free monthly event, which share the same course (Course 1), to anyone who would like to give this course a go. It’s fast, challenging, and a great way to push yourself. A big thank you to all the organisers, marshalls, and volunteers for putting on a terrific event. It was well organised and had a great atmosphere. Congratulations to everyone who competed!


The Winding Vine Relay, 12.30pm Sat 12 August 2023

Start at Portobello Township, Dunedin

Open to both club and community teams aged 12+. Club teams can be made up of competitive, social and community athletes and may contain members registered with another club.

Full results >> Result Road 2023

South Island Half Marathon, Sunday 6th August 2023

Lake Hood, Ashburton

For report and results >> South Island Half Marathon 2023

Leith report soon and photos

49th Leith Harbour Free 5/10km, 6pm, Thursday 6pm 27 July 2023

Course 1 – Start/Finish opposite Kayak Club, Neptune/Magnet Streets, Dunedin

It is a free monthly community time trial. Run the 10km or run/walk the 5km along along Te Aka Ōtākou shared path

For more details results and reports >> Leith Harbour Free

Cairns Marathon & Community Run Festival, 15-16 July 2023

Cairns, Australia

Our roving ambassador from Leith, Bryan Staunton, ran another half-marathon on the weekend. The conditions were hot as the sun wakened from it’s slumber.  Nevertheless, he kept on track with an excellent time of 1 hour 31 minutes 40 seconds and earning some crucial points to keep pace with the pack in the Leith Lads competition.  He had these words to say about his experience of the race

“I had a great time running this one with a couple of old friends from when I lived in Queensland back in 2013. This was similar to the Chch event with a lap course of two 10.5km laps, completely flat throughout in a very scenic course around the Cairns waterfront. Starting at 5.45am it was nice and cool initially but as the sun came out the heat kicked in. After running the first lap in 44 mins I fell away unfortunately on the second lap finishing overall in 1 hour 31 minutes 40 seconds. Still happy with this result though in hotter than normal conditions”


Gold Coast Marathon, Sunday 2 July 2023

Gold Coast, Australia

Full Results >> Gold Coast Marathon 2023 Results

Escaping the bitterly cold weather in Dunedin, Leith’s Ryan Whitburn ran the Gold Coast Full Marathon on Sunday. Competing in the SM 25-29 category, he ran the race in 3 hours 27 minutes 39 seconds.  His average pace was 04:55 mins/km. He finished 1,444 out of 5,957, he was the 1,275th male out of 4,384 and he finished 248 out of 739 in the SM25-29 category. This also earned him points in the Leith Lads competition

Leith’s Michael Walker also tackled the full marathon distance having an excellent run until the later stages when he had to slow down a tad.  His time of 4 hours 50 minutes 2 seconds at an average pace of 06:52 mins/km earned him 4,909th place out of 5,957 runners. An excellent effort for a someone who is making a comeback to running and running a marathon is one of the toughest endurance events a person can do.

Wellington Marathon, New Zealand Half Marathon Champs, Sunday 25 June 2023

Wellington Sky Stadium, 105 Waterloo Quay, Pipitea, Wellington

Range of distances from the Kids’ Magic Mile to the full Marathon.

For full details and results visit website >> Wellington Marathon 2023

For direct link to results index >> Road Results 2023

Bryan Staunton represented Leith in the Half Marathon Athletics NZ Championship event.  Although he admitted that he started out too fast and paid for it at the end, he nevertheless did a very good time of 1 hour 33 minutes 44 seconds.  He finished 122nd of 1,224 runners, 112th out of 725 males and 34th out of 199 in the M30-39 age grade. He maintained an average pace of 4:26mins/km

There doesn’t seem to be any results breakdown of the results in Half Marathon segment of the NZ Champs other than podium winners.  However, Bryan although not getting onto an age grade podium, can be proud of this effort.  He also scored some vital points for the Leith Lads competition 



Ocean Grove, Dunedin

The Leith Lads and Lasses, 12 in all, had a great time competing in the TK Cowan Handicap 8.3km Race in Ocean Grove this afternoon. We thank Hill City-University for inviting Leith to this event. It was tough competing against the weather elements, gusty cold winds, intermittent rain, muddy sections and of course the sand and sand dunes. Thanks to all those marshals out there for doing such a fantastic job in trying conditions

First across the line was Neil Broom in a time of 38 minutes 27 seconds (handicap time 53:42) with over three minutes to spare on the second placed and first female Esther Fogarty who ran it in a time of 41 minutes 43 seconds (handicap time 56:58)

Hill City-University’s Matthew Bolter was the fastest athlete running an awesome 31 minutes 45 seconds on a course that on the day was a lot tougher and longer than last year’s (about 300m longer).  Who will be the first to break 30 minutes on this course – maybe when there are firmer conditions on the sand and no muddy slippery sections through the golf course. The course suited the tough never say die Bolter who excells from track 800m to the longer distances, especially cross country, so it may be awhile.  How good is Leith’s Margie Campbell who was fastest woman in 36 minutes 7 seconds?  Leith Claudia Sole is going from strength to strength and seemingly running with ease and a smile on her face for an excellent 38 minutes 37 seconds (3rd on handicap). Fastest Leith man was Ryan Whitburn Male in 36 minutes 1 second, fresh from doing the Ponydale Challenge last week, where he finished second.  His handicap placing was 7th.  Leith’s David Liddell was the first Leith athlete to finish across the line.  He finished 4th on handicap with a time of 42 minutes 19 seconds

Leith’s Tessa Molloy ran a lap short so was not in the main 8.3km handicap results but her time can be seen further below as a separate result

Leith Results in bold

Full name Gender Start time Total time Finish Line Place Gender Line Place Elapsed Time Elapsed Time Place Gender Elapsed Place
8.3 km                
Neil Broom Male 15:15 0:53:42 1 1 38:27 11 9
Esther Fogarty Female 15:15 56:58 2 1 41:43 20 6
Richard Fogarty Male 16:00 0:57:28 3 2 41:28 19 14
David Liddell Male 15:15 0:57:34 4 3 42:19 21 15
Eric Scharpf Male 17:30 0:58:00 5 4 40:30 16 11
Jordyn Fogarty Female 14:30 58:02 6 2 43:32 23 7
Aaron Smith Male 14:45 0:58:55 7 5 44:10 24 17
Donald Bate Male 16:00 0:58:56 8 6 42:56 22 16
Ryan Whitburn Male 23:00 0:59:01 9 7 36:01 4 4
Claudia Sole Female 20:30 59:07 10 3 38:37 12 3
Simon Alexis Leaning Male 23:00 0:59:19 11 8 36:19 7 6
George Fisher Male 24:30 0:59:57 12 9 35:27 3 3
Aaron Porter Male 23:00 1:00:00 13 10 37:00 9 8
Margie Campbell Female 24:00 00:07 14 4 36:07 5 1
Aly Craigie Female 21:30 00:29 15 5 38:59 14 4
Emily Waters Female 21:30 00:32 16 6 39:02 15 5
Anita Geddes Female 14:30 00:38 17 7 46:08 25 8
Sandor Toth Male 24:30 1:00:49 18 11 36:19 6 5
Cilla Dickinson Female 14:30 00:56 19 8 46:26 26 9
Lee flowers Male 20:30 1:01:18 20 12 40:48 17 12
Matthew Bolter Male 29:45 01:30 21 13 31:45 1 1
Mark O’ Neill Male 23:00 1:01:42 22 14 38:42 13 10
Luke Geddes Male 28:30 02:17 23 15 33:47 2 2
Jamie Ward Male 21:30 1:02:34 24 16 41:04 18 13
Marc Boulle Male 13:30 1:02:55 25 17 49:25 27 18
Zara Geddes Female 26:00 03:12 26 9 37:12 10 2
Richard Campbell Male 27:00 1:03:37 27 18 36:37 8 7
David Mackle Male 00:00 05:24 28 19 05:24 28 19
8.3km (1 lap short)                
Tessa Molloy Female 14:00 53:19 1 1 39:19 1 1


Leith Athletes in the TK Cowan – photo collage

Hill City-University, Ariki and others – photo collage


Wings for Life, Monday 8 May 2023

Dunedin, New Zealand

Wings For Life: A Personal Story by Hamish McKinlay

“Running for those who can’t. Wings for Life is a global running race dating back to 2014. Its goal is a simple one: To raise awareness and find a cure for spinal cord injuries. Each year 250,000 to 500,000 people will suffer a spinal cord injury. The 10th edition included a record breaking 206,728 participants worldwide! In Dunedin, a humble crowd of 40 gathered, with morale high, ready to give it all and good company all round. 

The format is for everyone to try and outrun the moving finish line or “chaser car” as it’s popularly known. You get a head start of 30 minutes. Then the chase, starting at 14 km/hr and speeding up 1 km/hr every 30 minutes, is on until everyone is caught. 

Monitoring your relative position to the chaser car can be done via the Wings for Life app in a Strava-esque system or if you were at one of the larger events in the world check over your shoulder to see if the convoy of chaser cars were gaining on you. Every half a km you covered would set off a motivational message from the app stating how amazing you were to still be at it, almost to the extent of feeling like the app was worshipping the ground you ran on. It felt wholesome. 

Besides that, you bring along a couple friends, dress up, and have an absolute blast pushing yourself out on the course or cheering your support from the stands. Oh, and did I mention everyone starts at exactly the same time, everywhere in the world!! And so, it was a Eurocentric 11pm start for us along the 1km loop of the university campus. Starting tightly bunched, the field gradually spread over time. The first hour went by with a majority of the field hanging in there. Clapping and boosting each other to keep numbers on the course stable. Physical endurance and mental fortitude are the two big factors in how long people decide to continue. 

My personal goal had been 20km in 1 hour 50 minutes. A seemingly easy-going goal with an achievable 5.30 pace. BUT! We all know what happens on race day. You start out at a pace you feel comfortable with and before you know it, you’re running each kilometre sub 5 minutes. Brutal is a good description of how I felt at 20km. Destroyed was how I felt at 25km. I looked at the app and saw to my dismay I still had a 3km lead on the chaser car and I could see it was only gaining on me by about 500m for every lap I finished. By now I was one of less than five runners still going. I had a comfortable lead on the next person, but when you’re physically at your limit describing anything as “comfortable” seems a bit cheeky. I’d already surpassed my goal of 20km and now there was a question in my head. What about 30? It was certainly possible. I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I could see myself getting there. Right! Focus! 30 it is. This would be the furthest I’d ever carried my body in one go. I started to relish the idea of the chaser car sneaking up on me. The idea of finishing felt so welcome like a warm cup of cocoa. I kept on pushing through. With every lap my body felt exponentially more drained. 26km passed, then 27 and 28. By the time 29km approached I was overwhelmingly relieved that I still had a little over 1km on the chaser car. I could cruise over the final k. Both my physical and virtual finish line came into sight. My friends had stuck around for me. A couple of random circles run around some trees guaranteed my distance before I attempted a half sprint across the starting tape still on the ground. Finally! I could collapse and lie on the ground while a group gathered around my phone to watch the chaser car make up the final few hundred metres. 

The final message from the chaser car: I had been caught. My official distance was 30.1km in 2 hours and 26 minutes. A new record distance for me. Overall, the experience is one I will cherish, and I’ll be back at it next year to run for those who can’t.”


MT Outdoors Southern Lakes Half Marathon and 10km
Saturday 6th May 2023

Wanaka, Central Otago, New Zealand

For event website >> MT Outdoors Southern Lakes Half Marathon and 10km

Dan Hayman had a great run in the Half Marathon, finishing 10th overall  and 6th in the Male (19-39) category and was also 10th Male overall.  His finish time was 1 hour 19 minutes 23 seconds

Men’s 60+ runner Wayne Porteous ran amazingly to finish 2nd in the Male Vet3 (60+) category and was 42nd Male overall and 50th overall.  His time was 1 hour 30 minutes 59 seconds

Wayne Porteous reflects on his experience

“After a very foggy overcast wet Friday in Wanaka the weather for the race on Saturday was almost perfect conditions for running apart from a moderate westerly headwind. The buses left sharp at 8am up the Cardrona Valley Rd (20+km) and on to a wet/slightly muddy paddock, where we met Susan for a quick photo shoot with Rach, Georgy and Cheryl. Then we marched 400m down the paddock and on to the road where we began at 9am. For most of the race up until 16km I was in a group of 3 including Russ Pope (also a MM60+ Dunedin park-runner) and another younger guy (Carlo?) with a 50th park-run t-shirt on. We sort of worked together until after the final water station where there was a slight uphill (in a mostly downhill race) and I decided to push the pace hoping that I could keep Russ at bay. Fortunately, that decision paid off and around 19km I also passed the 1:30 pacer guy who had cramped up a little. I managed to hold Russ off by 49s at the finish. While I did not break the 1:30 mark this year I was very satisfied with my time of 1:30.59 and 2nd in Vet3 age category. A lot of the runners I spoke to at the finish thought the headwind cost them at least 3-4m. However, I found it quite refreshing as well.

The weather warmed nicely for the prize-giving in Pembroke Park. Apart from some pesky wind, there was an excellent atmosphere, fantastic people and thanks once again to Stephanie and Terry for organising and running a great event”.



Government Gardens, Rotorua, 9 Queens Drive, Rotorua 3010

For more on this event visit website >> Rotorua Marathon, NZ Masters Marathon Champs

We will have a report on any Leith or Leith friends athletes who took part in this event soon!

46th Leith Harbour Free 5/10km, 9am, Sunday, 30 April 2023

Course 2 – Start/Finish Kitchener St – Watercooled Sports, Dunedin

This monthly time trial is free. Run the 10km or run/walk the 5km along the Portobello Cycle/Walkway on an out and back course. Wheelchair and pram friendly

For more details results and report >> Leith Harbour Free

Frontrunner Christchurch Marathon, NZ Marathon Champs, Sunday 16 April 2023

Christchurch, New Zealand

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We have some Leith Athletes results available:

Full Marathon:

Leith’s Nic Bathgate finished an excellent 24th overall in 2 hours 46 minutes 8 seconds (net time 02:46:04) which was also a personal best. He was the 22nd Male and 15th in the M20-39 grade.  His average pace was 3:56 mins per km. He reached halfway in 01:20:13, so only slowed down by about 6 minutes from his first half time

Half Marathon:

Leith’s Bryan Staunton finished 118th overall in 1 hour 27 minutes 44 seconds (net time 01:27:33). He was the 105th male and 70th in the M20-39 grade.  His average pace was 4:04 mins per km.  He reached halfway in 00:43:19 which meant he maintained pretty much a steady pace throughout the race

Bryan’s tangle with an airplane door set him up nicely for the Half Marathon

The weekend didn’t get off to the best start as after flying up to Chch, I hit my head really hard on the top of the door when exiting the plane…. (Beware tall people when traveling on those ATR72 planes!)

Luckily I was feeling a lot better this morning and had a good warm up jog. The weather conditions were good, about 13 degrees and although windy it was a cold wind which helped. Starting off I set a quicker than normal pace of around 4.10 kms but felt good and confident I could maintain it – which I did up until the last two or three kms when I fell away slightly. I ran most of the race in close range to one of the Caversham runners (Jono Ryan?) until the last couple of kms when he pulled ahead and went on for another two laps with the full marathon! Overall really enjoyed it and liked the new course with the lap circuits, and also how all three events start at the same time. Hoping to back up today’s result at the next few events!

Nic’s first marathon PB since his first marathon in 2018, but also his most painful

After coming back from a 12 month struggle with achilles issues last year I had set my sights on Christchurch Marathon as the means to achieve my primary running goal – a fast road marathon. After running some practice marathons last year, Dunedin and Queenstown, I was ready for some hard training moving into 2023. The year started well, with 515km of base building in January, but towards the end of January I picked up a posterior tibialis tendinopathy.  It took quite a while to get an ultrasound to assuage fears of tibial stress fracture and direct my rehab. The rehab and return to running has been turbulent, and while I was able to rack up a few km on the bike (2700 since Jan) I wasn’t able to do much running and missed all of the key long runs that are needed to prepare the legs to handle the stress of a marathon. The smart decision would have been to skip Christchurch and give myself the necessary time to recover and prepare for a marathon later in the year (or give up and become a cyclist!), but having already booked flights I decided to run the marathon and hope for the best 😬.
Based on a couple of very short aerobic threshold test runs in the weeks leading up to the marathon (as much as the post tib would allow) I found the cycling had kept a lot of my aerobic fitness intact. Comparing my heart rate to previous marathons I think I was fit enough to run around 2hr 30-35min. Fortunately my coach advised me to aim 10-15mins slower than that to allow for the lack of marathon specific training! I set out at roughly 2hr 40min pace, heart rate comfortably below what I’d usually aim for in a marathon. The first 25km were great, ran with a bunch of friends, chatted to a few people, no worries. At 25km my legs started to hurt, and within a few km every step was torture (despite the panadol I had before the race to dull anticipated post tib tendon pain 🙈), the rest of the race was a battle to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Having missed all of the key marathon training long runs I also missed all of the fueling practice I had planned, so I stuck to minimal fueling for fear of repeating the nausea I experienced in the 2021 Christchurch marathon, this meant 25g carbs per hour when I should be aiming for 80g per hour – not ideal! In the end I stumbled over the finish line in 2hr 46mins. Three days later I still can’t walk properly, but my post tib tendon is feeling good, and I’ve learned a lot more about my limits and what I need to do to break through them. Christchurch 2023 was my first marathon PB since 2018, but it won’t be my last, on to the next one 🚀


45th Leith Harbour Free 5/10km, 6pm, Thursday 6pm 30 March 2023

Course 1 – Start/Finish opposite Kayak Club, Neptune/Magnet Streets, Dunedin

It is a free monthly community time trial. Run the 10km or run/walk the 5km along the West Harbour Cycle/Walkway on a there and back course.  Wheelchair and pram friendly

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Christchurch Motorway Half Marathon, Sunday 26 February 2023

Nga Puna Wai, Christchurch

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Leith’s Mandy Lowther had an excellent result in this event, running under 1 hour 30 minutes for the first time. She finished 19th overall and was second female across the line in a time of 1 hour 28 minutes 8 seconds

44th Leith Harbour Free 5/10km, 6pm, Thursday 6pm 23 February 2023

Course 1 – Start/Finish opposite Kayak Club, Neptune/Magnet Streets, Dunedin

It is a free monthly community time trial. Run the 10km or run/walk the 5km along the West Harbour Cycle/Walkway on a there and back course.  Wheelchair and pram friendly

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43rd Leith Harbour Free 5/10km, 9am, Sunday, 29 January 2023

Course 2 – Start/Finish Kitchener St – Watercooled Sports, Dunedin

This monthly time trial is free. Run the 10km or run/walk the 5km along the Portobello Cycle/Walkway on an out and back course. Wheelchair and pram friendly

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