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Hoka Runaway Sydney Half Marathon, Sunday 5 May 2024

Sydney, Australia

Congratulations to Laura Bungard and her Mum who had a fantastic time at the Sydney Half Marathon on Sunday.  Where best to run a Half Marathon and in “perfect conditions” as she describes in her review below.  Her race stats: LAURA BUNGARD, NET TIME: 01:32:06, PLACE 715 OF 15155, FEMALE 73 OF 6649, Female (20-24) 13 OF 1265

Laura Bungard’s Review of her Half Marathon in Sydney

Here is my race review for the Runaway Sydney Half Marathon! I did 1:32.06 in the Half Marathon, and mum did 1:00.46 in the 10km

“Perfect conditions (17 degrees and rain) in Sydney for the Half! The course was stunning, running along some of the beautiful streets, darling harbour, and the Botanical Gardens, but it was definitely not flat (perfect course of course). Was the toughest half I’ve ever run due to the undulations and slippery surfaces, but a good morning out none the less and super stoked with my effort! The atmosphere was electric, with over 20000 runners completing either the 10km or the Half marathon. Superb organisation by the organisers and an awesome running community over the ditch.”


MT Outdoors Southern Lakes Half Marathon and 10km
Saturday 4th May 2024

Wanaka, Central Otago, New Zealand

For event website >> MT Outdoors Southern Lakes Half Marathon and 10km

For full results >> MT Outdoors Southern Lakes Half Marathon and 10km results

There were some magic results for the Leith and friends runners in this popular event.  PBs galore.

In the Half-Marathon, Dan Hayman had a fanstastic run. He finished second overall with a PB of 1:09:07.19. Finishing 12th was Aaron Eyles in 1:18:41.77 (not sure if this is his PB though). He was the first Veteran Male 40-49 across the line too. Bryan Staunton achieved a massive PB of 1:21:44.59, so he will pleased with his performance. Kristy Eyles finished as first Female and Veteran Female (40-49) in 1:22:41.76  for overall 24th place. Another to shine was 26th Mel Aitken, who finished 3rd in the Veteran Female (40-49) grade in 1:23:15.47 and was third Female to finish. See results further below for more Leith results in the Half-Marathon

In the 10km Leith also flourished getting some podium finishes. 4th Tadhg Ryan Charleton finished fourth overall in 35:56.51. Tess Molloy finished 8th overall and was the first Female to finish. Her time was 37:58.37  whilst Susan Graig who finished 9th in the Veteran (50-59) grade will be happy with her results having come back from lack of training due to illness. See the full Leith results further below:

Leith Results Half-Marathon

2nd Dan Hayman, Male Age 19, Gun Time 1:09:07.19 (Pace 18.2 km/h), Overall 2 of 361, Male Open (19-39) 2 of 96, Male 21km 2 of 3, Gender Place: 2
12th Aaron Eyles, Male Age 40, Gun Time 1:18:41.77 (Pace 16 km/h), Overall 12 of 361, Male Vet1 (40-49) 3 of 23, Gender Place: 12
21st Bryan Staunton, Male Age 33, Gun Time 1:21:44.59 (Pace 15.4 km/h), Overall 21 of 361, Male Open (19-39), 14 of 96, Gender Place: 21
24th Kristy Eyles, Female Age 40, Gun Time 1:22:41.76 (Pace 15.2 km/h), Overall 24 of 361, Female Vet1 (40-49) 1 of 34, Female 21km 1 of 3, Gender Place: 1
26th Mel Aitken
, Female Age 47, Gun Time 1:23:15.47 (Pace 15.1 km/h), Overall 26 of 361, Female Vet1 (40-49) 3 of 34, Female 21km 3 of 3, Gender Place:3
37th James Pemberton, Male Age 51, Gun Time 1:27:13.48 (Pace 14.4 km/h), Overall 37 of 361, Male Vet2 (50-59) 4 of 16, Gender Place: 30
170th Julia Devereux, Female Age 26, Gun Time 1:52:15.17 (Pace 11.2 km/h), Overall 170 of 361, Female Open (19-39) 44 of 156, Gender Place: 65
171st Emma Wylie, Female Age 26, Gun Time 1:52:15.58 (Pace 11.2 km/h), Overall 171 of 361, Female Open (19-39) 45 of 156, Gender Place: 66
179th Rachael McKinney, Female Age 56, Gun Time 1:52:55.59 (Pace 11.2 km/h), Overall 179 of 361, Female Vet2 (50-59) 9 of 22, Gender Place: 72
240th Claire Charleton, Female Age 29, Gun Time 2:02:13.84 (Pace 10.3 km/h), Overall 240 of 361, Female Open (19-39) 82 of 156, Gender Place: 115

Leith Results 10km

4th Tadhg Ryan Charleton, Male Age 32, Gun Time 35:56.51 (Pace 16.7 km/h), Overall 4 of 101, Male Open (19-39) 3 of 8, Gender Place: 4
8th Tess Molloy, Female Age 42, Gun Time 37:58.37 (Pace 15.8 km/h), Overall 8 of 101, Female Vet1 (40-49), 1 of 12, Gender Place: 1
70th Susan Craig,
Female Age 58, Gun Time 1:03:45.89 (Pace 9.4 km/h), Overall 70 of 101, Female Vet2 (50-59) 9 of 16, Gender Place: 47

TCS London Marathon, Sunday 21 April 2024

London, England

Bernie O’Leary ran the London Marathon and he ran 3 hours 42 minutes for the event. Here are his thoughts on the event

Bernie: Last Sunday I ran the London marathon and here are a few observations of the event:

– there were 50,000 runners on the day. Entry for overseas runners is either through a ballot (hugely in demand with a 3% probability of success), through a marathon tour company ($$) or as a charity runner.
– the marathon is the largest fundraising event on the planet. Charities are allocated a number of start places that are ‘sold’ to runners who need to raise money for that particular charity (typically at least £2,000 or NZ$4k as a minimum).
– the pre-event expo was massive with a lot of nutrition products and running gear on offer.
-uniquely, there are 3 different start lines, all at Greenwich park. The various start waves were smooth with little wait time to the start. The runners merge at about 4km. The course goes past the Cutty Sark (a British tea clipper ship), over Tower Bridge, through Canary Wharf, along the Thames embankment, past Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, and finishes in The Mall.
– there were numerous aid stations, all offering water in plastic bottles. A Lucozade energy drink was available at several stations, but the first one was not until the 13km mark. Most runners carried their own nutrition. The discarded plastic water bottles were an unsightly mess – and hardly environmentally friendly.
– a lot of runners wore super shoes. Notably, I could hear the loud noise of any Nike alphafly shoes nearby, a truly noisy and ungainly looking shoe (think Goofy!).
– the crowd support was amazing, in huge numbers and very, very raucous.
– there were a lot of costumed runners. I got passed by a dinosaur and a helicopter, and passed a banana, an ambulance and a giant rubix cube! The 10kg rubix cube was strapped to the runner’s chest and he was trying to break the record for the number of times solving it in a race (over 400).
– the great Ethiopian runner, Kenenisa Bekele was in the event. He finished a close second in just over 2:04 and at 41, set a world masters record. What an inspirational runner.
– running in such a large field was hard work. Lots of pushing, shoving, elbows, being cut off and hard to pass. This is a reality of a big city marathon but London was very bad in this respect.

If you’re lucky enough to gain a place someday, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the whole experience – it is so unlike any marathon in NZ



Christchurch, New Zealand

For full results >> Road Results 2024

Leith’s Nic Bathgate smacked a PB in the Marathon with a time of 02:37:27 finishing 6th in the SM grade and 9th overall. Also hitting a PB of 04:16:32 was Emily Thomas. Harjinder Singh Chander ran in gumboots and achieved a time of 04:34:10. Ben Pigou ran the Half in  01:14:12 having set a goal for the Half-Marathon which you can read about further below. Bryan Staunton came close to his PB of 01:24:16 which he ran in Dunedin last year by running this one in 01:24:33.  Check out all the Leith results below:

The Frontrunner Christchurch Marathon

Leith results highlighted

1 ANDY GOOD 02:21:38 02:21:36 M 1 M20-39 1

2 JONO WILKINS 02:23:38 02:22:08 M 2 M20-39 2

3 TROY LONERGAN 02:28:21 02:28:17 M 3 M20-39 3

9 NIC BATHGATE 02:37:33 02:37:27 M 9 M20-39 6 PB

19 INGRID CREE 02:46:43 02:46:39 F 1 VW40-49 1

27 MEL BRANDON 02:48:19 02:48:15 F 2 VW40-49 2

60 KUMIKO OTANI 02:58:03 02:57:59 F 3 W20-39 1

85 MEL AITKEN 03:00:26 03:00:22 F 7 VW40-49 4

112 GALLIEN CHANALET-QUERCY 03:07:11 03:06:52 M 103 VM40-49 25

502 EMILY THOMAS 04:20:24 04:16:32 F 104 W20-39 71 PB

573 HARJINDER SINGH CHANDER 04:37:13 04:34:10 M 451 M20-39 270 (in gumboots)

Nic Bathgate’s Marathon Journey 

Nic achieved his  Marathon PB of 02:37:27 – He swore during Sunday’s marathon that it would be his last one, but he said that he seems to have a very short memory when it comes to the pain of the marathon!

Here is his story….

“I ran my first marathon in Dunedin in 2018, 2 years after getting into running and finished 2nd overall in 2hr 47m. Almost six years later, last Sunday, I ran my 6th, the Christchurch marathon, in 2hr 37m.

They say the path to progress isn’t always straight, and this has certainly been the case in my marathon journey:
– Dunedin 2018 – 2hr 47m 👶
– Christchurch 2021 – 2hr 47m 🤮
– Dunedin 2022 – 2hr 53m 🐢
– Queenstown 2022 – 2hr 48m 🌳
– Christchurch 2023 – 2hr 46m 🚴‍♂️
– Christchurch 2024 – 2hr 37m ✅

There are many things that can go wrong in the marathon, for me, nausea/vomiting in Chch 2021, a year long achilles injury in 2021/22 and an eight month post tib injury in 2023 meant I fell well short of my goal each time.

Sunday’s race wasn’t perfect, but it was finally the step forward I’ve been looking for since 2021. My approach to most things in life is to analyze my failures and look for incremental adjustments to improve. Some of the adjustments I’ve made for marathon training have been:
– Realistic expectations. In 2021 my goal was sub 2hr 30m, this year I aimed for 2hr 35m
– Professional coaching. My coach Matt Ingram pushes me when I need it and holds me back when I want to bite off more than I can chew
– Learning to manage injuries. I’ve had injuries this year, but Matt has helped me train through these injuries without making them worse.
– Nutrition, both in and out of the race. Training my stomach to digest gels at marathon pace (this is a work in progress), and experimenting with body weight – I’ve found that while being lighter makes it easier to run fast, it also severely increases injury risk and slows injury recovery. Better to be a few kg heavier this year but not too injured to run
– Cross training. A third to a quarter of my training this year has been on Zwift (indoor cycling), this reduces the impact of running on my body while keeping aerobic training volume high
– Strength work. As we age our tendons become more susceptible to injury, to be able to complete the long fast marathon workouts needed to improve I’ve needed to build tension in my tendons with daily strength exercises

Christchurch marathon this year was more than the perfect weather, the lack of nausea and getting to the start line (relatively) fit and uninjured. It’s been years in the making. There are still some areas to improve, a faster time is possible, and while I swore during Sunday’s marathon that it would be my last one, I seem to have a very short memory when it comes to the pain of the marathon!”


New Zealand Half Marathon Championships

Leith results highlighted

1 MICHAEL VOSS 01:04:30 01:04:28 M 1 M20-39 1

2 CHRISTOPHER DRYDEN 01:05:10 01:05:08 M 2 M20-39 2

3 DANIEL BALCHIN 01:05:16 01:05:14 M 3 M20-39 3

28 BEN PIGOU 01:14:18 01:14:12 M 27 M20-39 25

57 STEPHEN JOHNSON 01:18:27 01:18:21 M 52 M20-39 46

67 LAR WINTHER 01:19:21 01:19:09 M 61 M20-39 52

75 COLIN MCGINN 01:20:25 01:20:20 M 67 M20-39 55

125 BRYAN STAUNTON 01:24:56 01:24:33 M 115 M20-39 89 

176 JAMES PEMBERTON 01:29:02 01:28:36 M 157 VM50-59 11

219 ALICE CUTHBERT 01:31:23 01:30:59 F 26 W20-39 21 PB

237 DAVID LIDDELL 01:32:40 01:32:16 M 211 M20-39 156

Leith’s Ben Pigou writes about his goal for the Half Marathon

 “A” goal Today was 1:12, B goal 1:13 flat. And C goal sub 1:15

Lining up on the start line I felt nervous on the pace I was needing to run to achieve any one of these goals. By the time I found my groove I was quite settled into the 3:30 or thereabouts pace and tried to hold that as best I could, a stitch hit me quite early on, but it seemed to disappear. Running through 10k in 35:06 I felt like I was going very well but knew I needed to hold on to the same pace to achieve the higher end of my goals.

Running the last 6k or so was quite tough with the number of walkers and runners about on the course. But nonetheless an awesome day out and a well-run event! Thanks Christchurch. I’ll be back for sure!”

Christchurch 10km

Leith results highlighted

1 OLI CHIGNELL 00:31:49 00:31:47 M 1 OM 1

21 SOPHIE HICKS 00:38:18 00:38:12 F 1 OW 1

103 SUE CUTHBERT 00:51:56 00:50:50 F 26 VW40-99 8

159 STEVE AITKEN 00:55:39 00:54:50 M 112 VM40-99 35


NZ Masters Games 5km, Wednesday 7 February 2024

Bayfield Park, Dunedin

Full Results >> NZ Masters Games 5km 2024 Results

Although the course was short, in fact it was only about 4.75km, hence the fast times, the main point was everyone had a great time running around the Bayfield Park course.

Leith had a number of athletes competing.  Wayne Porteous earning a Gold Medal in the M60-64 grade finishing 7th overall. Bryan Staunton earned a Silver Medal in the M30-34 grade finishing 11th overall. Ash Dustow had an amazing run winning a Gold Medal in the M65-69 grade finishing 17th overall. Dave McLean missed out on a medal in the M70-74 grade. Susan Craig won a Silver Medal in the M55-59 grade.

NZ Masters Games 10km, Sunday 4 February 2024

Port Chalmers to Dunedin, Te Aka Ōtākou shared path, Dunedin

Full Results >> NZ Masters Games 10km 2024 Results

Leith had several runners taking part in the event. James Pemberton won Gold in the M50-54 age grade in 41 minutes 10 seconds. Wayne Porteous ran a 42:43 achieving a Gold in the  M60-64 age grade. Susan Craig (seen in podium photo) making a comeback after a layoff from competitive running ran well to achieve a Bronze medal in the W55-59 age grade. Dave McLean narrowly missed out on a medal finishing 4th in the M70-74 grade in 54:33 

Leith Results in bold

1 354 Cameron McPhail 35-39 Run M 38:11 3:49

2 358 James Pemberton 50-54 Run M 41:10 4:07 (1st M50-54)

3 335 Shaun Fauth 35-39 Run M 41:38 4:10

4 372 Gerry Spencer 50-54 Run M 41:47 4:11

5 337 Scott Gilkison 45-49 Run M 42:06 4:13

6 360 Wayne Porteous 60-64 Run M 42:43 4:16 (1st M60-64)

10 332 Cilla Dickinson 65-69 Run F 48:09 4:49 (1st W65-69)

23 351 Dave McLean 70-74 Run M 54:33 5:27 (4th M70-74)

28 356 Anna Ory 45-49 Run F 56:35 5:39

43 329 Susan Craig 55-59 Run F 1:08:45 6:52 (3rd W55-59)

44 1130 Roger Leslie 65-69 Walk M 1:09:28 6:57

55th Leith Harbour Free 5/10km, 6pm, Thursday 6pm 25 January 2024

Course 1 – Start/Finish opposite Kayak Club, Neptune/Magnet Streets, Dunedin

It is a free monthly community time trial. Run the 10km or run/walk the 5km along along Te Aka Ōtākou shared path

This event has taken place

For more details results and reports >> Leith Harbour Free