The Training 

Chris Sole
Coaching & Social Runs
5 Monro Street
Maori Hill, Dunedin 9010
Tel: 03 467 6527
Cell: 021 118 8693
Email: Chris Sole


Club coach and President Chris Sole organises training and social runs on a weekly basis.  If you are interested in taking part in these runs please email Chris.  Runners of all abilities are welcome.

Also see our Coaching Section for information on our current coaches 

We will be delighted to see you out there with us on these training and social runs, so if you are interested please visit the Leith Harriers join and contact page for more information about the club.  Check Club Runs for information on our Sunday Long Run, normally led by Marc Boullé (slower runners) or Danny Baillie (faster runners), which starts at 8am on Sundays from the corner of George St/Willowbank St opposite the entrance to Woodhaugh Gardens.


Day of WeekTime/VenueDescription
MondaySuggested training during your own timeRest or Easy Recovery Steady run 30 to 60min
TuesdayVenue: Logan Park, Caledonian Track. Start warmups 5.00pm for start at 5.30pm. For updates on the training sessions check the Leith Facebook Group
WednesdaySuggested training during your own timeRest or Easy Recovery Steady run 20 to 90min or Pubrun (ask John, Steve, Sandor)
ThursdayMeet at 5.15pm. Starts at 5.30pm, For full details see descriptionPopular meeting place are the Tomahawk Fields adjacent to the Beach car park at 5.20-5.30. Run laps while waiting for people to arrive. We normally do a sustained 10 or 12x Sandune session on Tomahawk beach. You can choose to alternate, leave some out, work as you feel. technique, driving arms, working hip, knees, ankles, feet. Note that the venue may change depending on circumstances, so contact Chris Sole if unsure.
FridaySuggested training during your own timeRest or Easy run 20 to 40min + Rhythm and Drills/Strides grass fields
Saturday9am Dunedin Botanical Gardens Leith Athletics members take part in the weekly Dunedin Park Run 5km. We meet there for the run, social gathering and some have refreshments at the Dunedin Botanical Gardens Cafe.
Sunday Morning RunnersRun starts at 8am. Corner of George St and Willowbank St - entrance to Woodhaugh GardensOn Sundays some of our runners meet with the Sunday Morning Running group (club members and non-affiliated club members). This is about a 1 to 2 hour run social in nature (all abilities catered for and shorter run options are available). From about 10am onwards we then gather at the Croque-O-Dile In The Garden for a coffee and muffins and a chat which lasts until about 11.30am. All are welcome on these runs. Regular runners from our club are Mandy Lowther, Danny Baillie, Don Bate and Marc Boullé
SundayVariousOther than races/Dunedin Parkruns: should you wish to be informed of other runs, please provide email or cell phone contact information. These runs frequently are based on weather, tides, Chris Sole's availablity, and decisions are made rapidly. You may have 30 to 60min notice whether you wish to join the run or not. Transport may be available. These tend to be longer challenging exciting varied places to run.

Training Tales

Tuesday Night, Logan Park, 10 May 2022

Tuesday night’s training 36 people turned up!

Croydon Paton’s Story

What a sterling turn out.

Getting off the couch is the hardest part, closely followed by getting out of zoom meetings on time.

I love to get lost in my headlamp on a night like this. Revel inside the warm cocoon of a seam sealed jacket, watch the hyperdrive effect of raindrops outside the peak of my cap, thinking about everything and nothing, off in a galaxy far far away.

Equally as good is running on the fringe of a group of dedicated exponents of self-mobility out expanding their lungs, their muscles and most importantly the top two inches. There’s a lot to be said for mental toughness; for learning to be comfortable in your discomfort; for learning that you can get wet and cold; and, for ultimately learning that the discomfort is fleeting and, like hyperdrive raindrops, shall pass.

Tonight is about those two inches. Respect. I nearly didn’t come. I’m glad I did, even to lurk on the fringe and revel in your mental fortitude.

Thank you all!